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089 Bandit Extermination 2


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there’s a forest in front of the Bandits’ cave hideout, which guarded on the mouth of the cave.

I was surprised that there’s a hideout in such a place with such a size, but I was more shocked with their mean of concealment that not caught by my detection magic.


「My lord, I think that we should ask for reinforcement」


While waiting for a reinforcement might let the enemy to scatter, so I decided to barge in right now.


「it should be done now, since the enemies are gathered here. We had a limited amount of time, it’s our best chance. moreover――――――」


There’re 5 guards on the outside and 40 on the inside, so it’s normal that the soldiers requesting for reinforcement before commencing the raid.

It’s normal to think that we’re in disadvantage even counting me and Fillia, there’s only 12 of us.

However, after telling Javan that Fillia alone can annihilate more than 50 bandits, even Javan started to riled up.

Aspiration became a stimulation.

Thus, that Fillia is stood beside me holding her beloved spear and wait for my order.


「I won’t mind if you cut the Bandits limbs, but do your best in keeping them alive」


「I’ll do my best, but, I’d gives more priority towards subordinates’ safety」


「aa, just do your best」


Javan really did grown up, a year ago he’d gives my order his priority no matter what.

It’d be his sense of responsibilities on having a subordinate.


First, neutralizing the Bandits’ lookout.

Heck, these guys almost forget my order and killed the lookout.

right~、if left alive they might scream and warn their colleagues・・・


still, it’s truly marvelous, while one using a bow and shot a person in the chest and penetrating the heart, another sneak behind the bandit and hold the mouth while slashing the neck, while the other throw a knife on their neck with pinpoint accuration.

Looking at their handiwork, they seem to do some special training.

It’s true that I ordered Federer to train them so that they can withstand any kind of situation, but it’s surprising that they can move like a special force.


After disabling the lookout, we’ve come inside and face a problem on the hostage.

The hostages located inside a cage, with 2 people guarding the outside.

Fortunately, the bandits’ living area and the cages was far apart.


「when you entered the cave around 30 meters there’d be a junction. There’s 3 people before the junction, while the left junction will have 2 guards captivating 63 hostages inside a cage. The right junction will have about 30 people within a large space, and it seems there’d be 11 people sleeping within their own private spaces connected to the large space」


「as expected my lords’ investigation is amazing」


「I’m being useful with this alone right?」


Javan smiled wryly while scratching his cheeks.


「the main priority shall be the safety of the captives. Then you can incapacitate as much as bandits as possible」


I simplified the goal and ordered it to Javan.

I and Fillia alone can do the work, but doing so will make Javan had nothing to do.

Javan enters the cave, leaving a soldier with me and my escort Fillia.

Which is why, I am spectating the progress with my clairvoyant.

The three before the junction was dealt with immediately without making a noise, and when they reach the junction, 3 goes to the cage.

Those 3 consist of 2 beastman and 1 elf.

Those 3 entered the cage’s area without any source of light and take care of the 2 bandits by choking them until the passed out.

By the way, in Javan’s dictionary it seems that incapacitate had the same meaning as “death”.

I’m telling you to capture them alive.


Those 3 came near the cage and put their fingers on the mouth while signalling hostage with [Shhh].

It’s still within human’s instinct to get startled, so they got a bit noisy for an instant.

Fortunately, that instant commotion didn’t reach the bandit in the large space as they still busy themselves with drinking.

After that, it’s looks like dealing with ants with Javan cutting the bandits like a weed.

It’s Javan’s behaviour that shown he’s not willing to catch them alive.

Well, there’s no real damage so I’d close my eyes on this.








A statue in the shape of an unfamiliar woman gave off a strange light, it surrounded the surrounding place.

It had affected the area 200m meters around it on a concealment.


「what’s this statue?」




Since there’s a leader within the small amount of the apprehended Bandits, I ask the person but receives no answer.

All he did to answer me was to smile fearlessly.

Let’s follow along that thought of his that thinks of me as a child which being smug in the spur of moment.

Do you think I’ll only take the Bandits and head back?

You’re all too green!  just think about my position and standing!


「you all seems to misunderstood, I’m not asking you to answer me you know, I’m ordering you to answer. ・・・you all seems to not understand humans’ language・・・Curse Spirit」


Curse spirit, 『cursing their soul』, was an advanced grade enslavement magic that rarely used.

Curse spirit is an enslavement magic that affect the soul and mind of the target, it’s an ability to extract an information out of the target from the connection of their soul, whether it’s something he’s aware of or not, everything can be known. There’s a side effect that can affect the mind of the target, even destroy them.

However, it’s not something I care about.

I’ve got no sympathy towards a cold-blooded Bandits that don’t know their standing.

Now then, let’s uncover the mastermind.


「what’s this statue?」


「it’s the main god Orion-sama’s statue」


The head of the Bandits answered the question with a lost of vitality in his eyes.

I didn’t budge even after seeing the pain he felt from seeing the saliva drips from his mouth.

The Bandits in his surrounding seems to be angry, but Javan threat them to shut their mouth.

Don’t ask me about how he did to silence them.


「 what’s the effect of this statue?」


「it’d hide the mana and repel the surrounding monster」


I knew about it, it’s my way of telling Javan about it.


「Where and from whom do you get this statue?」


「I’ve received the statue from Priest Belzyme of Saint Orion Nation」


It was the expected answer which grant more trouble.

Saint Orion’s Nation is one of the 4 super power that glared towards each other adjacent of the small countries of the southern side of Bryutzels frontier territory.

In other words, it’s an enemy country of Sacred Kingdom Vandamme.

Margrave Bryutzels hold the position of Southern governor in anticipation to control the religion of Saint Orion.

In other words, the Southern governor is a position to restraint Saint Orion Nation, and had given full authority of military power within the southern region of the kingdom to control the situation smoothly in case sudden conflicts arise.


「are you guys from the Nation? Or from the religion? 」


「we’re not someone from the nation, but those who held the religion」


Although he’s a bandit, he worshipped the god.

N? would that mean・・・


「 what kind of relationship you have with the religion and what purpose did the priest sent you to this island?」


「we were ordered by priest Belzyme to wreck a havoc within the territory of Count Brutoise and collect some slaves. We came here with the money and statue as the advanced payment」


「what do you do with the collected slaves?」


「we planned to take them to the Saint Orion’s Nation to either make them a combat slave, or sex slave」


It’s the worst.

Their needs of Sex slaves and combat slaves meant that they will move a large sized of soldiers for a long period of times.

In other words, there’d be a large possibility of war.

The problem is, which war will they started in. their surrounding countries all are within the information of the Kingdom, while it’s hard to believe they’d want to wage a war with the kingdom, the fact that they targeting my territory bring proves that need not questioned.

I sighed and turned my gaze towards Javan.


「which country will the nation wage war against?」


「it’s Sacred Kingdom Vandamme」


「how do you intend to come back with the slaves?」


「it’d be instructed at a later date」


Sigh, what’s the reason a useless war happen・・・I don’t know.

I can’t understand fanatics’ way of thinking.

After that, I continue to examine what I wanted to hear and dispel the Curse Spirit.

Because it was just only a short one, there’s none mental damage occurred, however he’d still fatigued and nightmares will interfere his sleep.


The bandits’ survivor was 13.

Those 13 was all in the brink of death, but I healed them.

It’s easy to kill them, but I wanted to make them face hell alive, so I intend to make them a criminal slave in Eastwood.

There’s plenty of ways to use a criminal slave, there’s an option to make them cannon fodder in war, making them searching for traps within a dungeon, work in dangerous places like the mines, and even luring monsters away.

I don’t want to treat slaves harshly just because they’re slaves, but I don’t want to have someone think of using another as sex slaves by kidnapping have an easy and comfortable life.


The current situation had said all that needed to be known, it was already confirmed that a priest named Belzyme of the Saint Orion Nation had interfered in the development of Sacred Kingdom Vandamme, and since the location they choose is mine, I will personally retaliate.

I will make them regret hurting the innocent