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088 Bandit Extermination 1


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Eastwood can be said as an artificial island build in the lake.

Because there’s only a lake within the city, it’s designed with a big moat and aqueduct created in all directions so that ships can be moved in all directions.


On the 515th year of the sacred calendar, there’s suddenly another country’s delegation appeared in the city.

It’s said that the delegation came from a country called Belm Principality.

These delegations from Belm principality asked to board on the port of Eastwood, let alone the undisclosed port, they even wanted to have a direct trade.


In fact, there’re 2 rivers connected to Lake Eastwood (the name of the unnamed Lake), one which flows across the great Forest into the eastern sea.

Moreover, the lake is big and deep enough to have a big ship pass sufficiently, one which capable of navigating in the open sea, so the Principality’s ship went from there and came upon Eastwood.

This water route hasn’t been made to the public yet, how could they found it? Where they came up or bought the route here isn’t something comes from a gap or carelessness.


Regarding the trade, it doesn’t matter if it’s a private trade or somewhere close to it, however, once it comes to a scale of national trade, we can’t just say “Yes, please”.

So, I first talked to father, the Southern general of the kingdom and he instructed me to take the delegation to Brynhild.

Sigh, if you just went to Alsum there’d be no need for me to send an army for an escort mission… what a waste of personnel.

Alsum is the only port town within the sacred Kingdom Vandamme located in the east by the way, it’s the only one until Eastwood is officially open at least.

Belm Principality is a small country that governs a small part of Genbals peninsula, located northeast of the Saint Orion Nation, one of the major powers that are hostile towards the Kingdom, and are not within the border of the Kingdom.

In other words, it had a strong influence on the Nation’s ideology, I can’t say that it’s a vassal state but, since they’re allies if you make a diplomatic relationship with the sacred Kingdom Vandamme, Saint Orion religion won’t stay silent, and I think it’d be bad for the principally. I wonder whether they’d be alright with it?

In any case, the delegations shall be escorted by the count of Brutois so the team leader shall be Federer.

And, from Brynhild Marquis Brytzels will be the one responsible to escort them to the royal capital.

Originally, count Brutoise should be the one responsible to escort them towards the Royal capital. Since it’s impossible to move a large number of the needed workforce from territory in development for a long period of time, I was asked to left them on Brynhild.

A noble usually care more about their name and honor, so they’d still escort the delegations to the Royal capital even if he’d be tattered by the lack of personnel.

Besides, the lack of personnel is due to the King (that raccoon), so let’s manage the territory for a while.







The escort team successfully delivered the delegations to Brynhild.

Still, there’s a report about the bandit siege towards the villages in the surrounding area that Federer reported to me later.

My territory was too wide and free so that there was too little manpower, which makes the patrols were even fewer.

If Federer had enough manpower something like that won’t happen, but the reality isn’t that sweet.


How could the information about the bandit and the delegation come so fast even though I’m not there?

It’s pretty simple actually, I just need to make a communication magic item and gave it to my trusted person in each Bryut Island, Eastwood, and Royal capital.

I also gave one to my father.


With that, I fly towards Fort Felk in a flash to get rid of the bandits.

As the words say, I flew there in an instant.

I don’t want to let the bandits have a big head in my territory, I intend to punish them heavily.

I’ll show them what hell is!


「I don’t think It’s alright for the lord to lead the expedition himself」


「Federer needs to come back to Eastwood and command over there right? Since Wick shouldn’t get out of the fort too long, won’t it be my turn to do things. Moreover, for a lord to take a lead to take care of the Bandits will make me earn more trust from the citizens.」


「oh, to think that my lord is thinking about earning the citizens’ trust」


Damn it, Federer, it’d be weirder if I’m not to care of my people!

Even me, as it’s already happening so I’d use my previous life’s knowledge to enrich the people.

Besides, if the citizens’ life is prosperous because of the advances of the god of Magic, won’t they become more religious towards me.

Isn’t alright for me to have such a calculation?






Hundreds of km in the surrounding of the northwest of Eastwood, the damage should be concentrated in the surrounding village but I’ve found no reactions like a bandit.

Is it because they’ve got enough supplies that can get them live for a while?

No, that’s not a reason they aren’t getting caught in my search.

Are they leave the lands already?

Either way, there’s still a way to do it.

Just you wait, bandits, ! I’ll catch you even if you ran away to the edge of the world!


That’s why I unleash my clairvoyance in all directions.

Then, I’ve found a cave near Rune mountain 170km away from here.

Wait, if it’s still around 170km around here it should still be within my range of radar, why’d it failed?

Did they have a magic item to hide?

Fumu, what’s・・・this・・・

Hmm, how interesting, what’s the reason you harm my land.


「it’s 170km to northeast」


「understood. Let’s move!」


I’ll bring the platoon with 10 people under the command of the mission’s escort team, and lead the platoon along with Fillia to the cave that seems to be the hideout of the bandits.

The platoon is led by Javan, which already promoted to warrant officer.

This Javan is the apprentice knight that’s once my escort and a man with talent, and excellent swords skill.

He transferred to me when I’ve received my title. At first, he’s a master sergeant, but due to his talent, he was promoted to warrant officer early.


「around 500m ahead. There’re 30 kobolds」


「Ha!  Armies, all ready to combat! Arrowhead formation!」


Javan that heard my information immediately gave instructions to form the formation.

Arrowhead formation is a formation that imitated the shape of an arrowhead.

At the pointed part of the arrow, Javan stood there and the shape continues diagonally on each side behind him, while Fillia and the other soldier stood in each side of him diagonally while I stood behind him, which makes it form an arrowhead with a person in the middle which is me.

In terms of ranks, Fillia is above Javan, and can command the troops if she asks for it, but, since she acts as my escort, she’d never do so.

Of course, Fillia would act if I was harmed still, until then, she won’t take a part in any situation.


We aren’t riding a horse but a monster-like horse called battlehorse that lives in the middle of the great forest.

Battlehorse is a D rank monster that had 6 legs, and superior in terms of speed, endurance, and strength to an ordinary warhorse.

All the warhorses within the count Brutois territory are this Battlehorse which being bred in a ranch, but of course, the number is still lacking, so, the group that is given this warhorse is the best of the bunch.


「I see it, it’s the kobolds」


Kobold a template fantasy monster that always appeared in the story, a dog-faced humanoid monster.

A 160cm monster that’s slightly taller than a goblin but stronger and faster than an orc, it’d a balanced posture?

Although it’s individually an E ranked monster, there are also those that lived as a group, equipped with weapon and armor peculiar to human, and using a small amount of magic.

They’d higher intellect than goblins, and act in a group and cooperating to hunt, and even be able to hunt a monster ranked higher than them.

Such monsters hindering our path with 30 of them flocking together.


「pull your swords! Don’t let them get near the lord!」




They apparently will charge as it is.

Still, they’re able to form such a formation so fast thanks to Javan’s leadership.

Since the number of soldiers in the form is lesser than the enemy, many are armed with magic items for improving the quality supplementing the quantity. Furthermore, I think that even a platoon will scatter on the might of 30 kobolds fully equipped, but they’d had different cooperation. You won’t be able to this if you weren’t trained.

Javan at the forefront slashing towards the flocking Kobolds or trampling them with his horse.

We tore them through the middle and run them through without looking back.

Since today’s purpose is bandit extermination, Javan focused on the bandits than the herd’s extermination.

Even so, Kobolds might cause more than a dozen damages resulting from disaster if left unattended.


The Kobolds were decimated by the soldiers under Javan, so we passed the Kobolds without me coming in contact with them, even so, Fillia which was in front of me occasionally pushed Kobolds’ spear and sent the shockwave towards the flock while some were crushed by the shockwave.

As expected from 『the annihilator』Fillia-chan.

Even in the house of Brutois Fillia’s still outstanding, and she’s received the title when my grandfather described her way of fighting “her annihilating force exceeds even mine”.

I think that her title unfitting for her either in her age or appearance, but I still am worried about Fillia’s future since she’s still looks unsatisfied with it.