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062 Vassal


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Holy calendar year 513 9th month 13th day, it’s been 3 days since I’ve returned from Lake Luigi.

I heal my tiredness(not) and try to not go out as my mother wished for.

Since mother said that I’d be back to the dorm after a month, she wanted to be close to me.

I wish to have those relaxed times but, now I’m still working as the president of Bryut firm.

It’s because Bryut firm will be closed for a week from tomorrow’s 9th-month 20th day.


「We’d have a week break just like the schedule for the harvest festival tomorrow. You can do what you want, but don’t make trouble with the guards… especially you three, understand? 」


I turned my head to the trio combat slave Clamp, Beckner, and Benezetta to remind them.


「Boss, even we all know that much」


「「(Nod, nod)」」


This trio always visiting tavern every night until they’ve become famed drunkards.

They are given a bonus of several gold coins as a bonus, which makes them drinking without saving.

It seems that these trio thinks that they’d be my slaves for a lifetime.


「Well, alright. Fillia, fill me in later」




Standing in front of me is Fillia, which then looks towards the slaves.


「With this, everyone will be given a special bonus from a harvest festival of 3 gold coins each. Please think this as Christoph-sama’s feeling to thank for your hard work」


「We got a bonus in addition to our salary. To get even this ・・・」


The one being grateful is Prietta.

Prietta’s father is sick, to cover her debt in buying his father’s medicine she’s enslaved.

However, even after becoming a slave, she’s still get paid and bonus on top, She can buy medicine. In addition, Christoph recently introduces a pharmacist that comes from the Bryutzels’ territory which makes her father recover faster. (TN: Dream boss, I want one…)

If it’s me, I can heal her father at once. But, if I do that, Prietta will be obliged and like Fillia, became my lifetime follower needlessly.

It’d be alright for me since I’d get a devoted follower, still, it could deprive Prietta’s happiness, so I’m not doing anything myself.


「I said so at first but, Christoph-sama said he can only do this much. Even though it’s not mine to say, but, please don’t hesitate to take this 」


Fillia gave the gold coins, and remind them to come back to work safely on the 21st day of the 9th month.

Still, to have Fillia which is the youngest being the most reliable makes some sense of discomfort.


「I’ve troubled Fillia plenty. Take a rest for a week」


I’m struggling to hold myself back in patting Fillia.


「What’d Christoph-sama do in this break?」


「Me? I’ll check Bryut firm’s account book tomorrow, and there’s a ball in 15th, there’s no special plan other than that. Since the next month, I’d be back to the dorm, I’ll spend my time with my mother on the break.」


「Then, I want to take care of Christoph-sama」


Fillia has no relatives.

She’d no close friend too, so she heavily relying on me.

When the store opened, she’d firmly do her job as he manager but, she had nothing to do when the shop closed.


「Is that so, then I should ask your help」




Fillia is waving her tails happily.


The next day, I’ve checked the account book as planned and done with it before noon, so now, I’m having a tea.

Now then, for me, Fillia is my cute subordinate that already pledged her absolute loyalty.

If it this Fillia, she won’t say anything even if she knows that I’ve become a god.

Our first encounter is a place where I save her life.

For that reason, she won’t hesitate to die when I ordered her to.

However, I want Fillia to be happy.

While I might save her life, I want the Fillia that working so hard for me, to have a happy life.

So, I’ve thought to give my blessing to Fillia and tell her about it.


「If it possible I want to be your vassal」


Vassal huh・・・

If one became a vassal once can gain higher benefit than blessings, but they have disadvantages.

In case I had a fight with the other gods, the first on targeted will be my vassal.

The reason why vassals would be the first one targeted is that their existence increases my Divine power.

The more vassal you had, the stronger you’d be.

However, once I die the vassals would also die with me.

If you think about it normally, it’d be unlikely for me to die, but since there’s always in case, I can’t easily increase my vassal.


「A vassal means that my and their life will be the same. When I die, they would also do. Even with that, will you still choose to be one?」


「If it’s not because Christoph-sama I’d already be dead. So, I’d like to be of help to Christoph-sama even if it’s meant to sacrifice my life」


I’ve expected her to say so・・・

I had also known that Fillia would choose to be my vassal.

I also wish for Fillia to be my first vassal.

This loyalty will become faith.

Furthermore, she had the strongest faith in me.

The stronger the faith, the greater my divine power would be, so Fillia will be my first and strongest vassal I had.


However, if I die Fillia will also do.

Only this, I can’t say it’s alright・・・


「・・・If I die, Fillia would also die you know. Are you really alright with it?」


「For Christoph-sama my body, and heart, even my life would be given!」


I think there’s something wrong in there・・・


「・・・Thank you, Fillia」



I hug Fillia and make her my vassal.

・・・It somehow sounds like a sacrifice, but she’s just normally becoming a vassal.



The evening after Fillia became a vassal, my father came back from the castle and call me to his office.

I knock the door and given permission to enter. There stood the Bryutzel margrave’s knight commander Kettor von Veil (ケットール・フォン・ベール) and magician’s commander Rosalia von excel (ロザリア・フォン・エクセル).


These two are the heavyweight of Bryutzel’s frontier military.

Bryutzels frontier territory had knight corps which protect the territory along with the present head of the family, not only in the military, even the internal affair of Bryutzels frontier being held by the magician corps, even in the city hearts there’s a private army of Bryutzels’ family.

There are 5000 knights, a 100 magician, while there are 30.000 Private army and 70.000 reserves. (TN: what the… you want to take over the kingdom or something?)


「Christoph is it」


「Father, Welcome back」




The three of them had a bitter face.


「Is there some trouble?」


I stare towards Commander Bell, Rosalia, and towards my father, he prompted me to sat beside Commander Rosalia.

Right now, in the reception seat, there are 6 seats,  father is in the main seat, in his left is commander Bell, and on his right is Commander Rosalia, while I sat beside her.

Of course, Commander Rosalia tries to give me her seat but I decline and sat down.

Father sat in the main seat of the sofa set, there’s a knock as if waiting for the perfect chance, Hannah comes in bringing tea and quickly leaves the room.


「Christoph, there’s an important talk」


What is it, I wonder?


「Yesterday, since last month. Western nobles’ alliance clashed with Bossam empire in Fort Verdez, did you know about it?」


「Yes, as it is」


I lied.

I can see it perfectly with Clairvoyance, so I took a sneak peek at it.

Still, to talk about the battle of Fort Verdez, it’s becoming somewhat troublesome.


Now that Bossam Empire advancing towards the western part of the Sacred kingdom Vandamme, the Western aristocracy gathering their forces at the Fort Verdez.

This Fort Verdez is a robust stronghold created in the border between the Bossam Empire and the western part of Sacred kingdom Vandamme.


「His majesty said the situation isn’t good. So, he decided to send reinforcement there. 」


Fu~mu, with this flow of reason, the options are limited.


First, would be the reinforcement, if it about the reinforcement from Bryutzel territory.

It will be unlikely.

Bryutzel frontier is responsible to defend the southern side of the kingdom, so if you move the army to the west, it’d possibly attracted another country, and there’s no need to gather the minor to be a soldier.


The next option is more probable, which is supplying a large amount of my magic item to the vanguard.

This gives the reason why Father called me.


The last is, using my magic talent for military purpose.

However, the situation isn’t so dire as the need to let a yet to graduate minor to cooperate.

There’s no way they’d put me in the vanguard anyway.


「That’s the reason his majesty asked me to prepare a large amount of magic item from Bryut company.」


It falls on to a safe place