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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 61

061 God of Magic’s Divine Protection


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Becoming the God of Magic I can make a magic tool, it’s the so-called magic item from a scratch.

Until now, I need to buy a bracelet or a ring then inscribe the magic circle there but, making them from nothing is the so-called advantage of a Magic God.


There’s grade for a magic item, which can broadly divide to general, crafter, and Sacred. There’s also subclass within.



Rank 1・2(Low)

Rank 3・4(Normal)

Rank 5・6(High)



Rank 7・8



Rank 9・10


The ones that is distributed in the market are mostly items of Rank 1 to 4, there’s a few within 5 and 6, but it’s Rank 7 is rarely seen.

I can make a magic item out of nothing in case of General grade.

To make it simpler, I can converge the mana into an item from my imagination.

Conversely, to create the so-called Sacred Grade item, there’s a need of material, a good quality one.


After that, the eye of Judgement has evolved to Divine Eye but, there’s not really any difference between both of them in checking a status.

However, there’s an addition of lifespan in the status bar.

I don’t really want to see a person’s lifespan so, I make it occasionally OFF.

In addition the clairvoyance range became 10 times better, so I can mostly see anywhere.

It used to take a lot of effort to focus, but now it’s easier.

In other words, it’s easy to see the big picture but hard to see the fine details.

Now it feels like I have the autofocus function imbued, so it’s easier to see girls skirt・・cough, cough・・・it’s more convenient in a lot of ways.


We’ll put Kamui on hold since it’s not something we can nonchalantly test on.

That’s why I train Clairvoyance in the carriage in order to get used to it.


「Christoph-kun・・・Have somewhat different?」


Peron-kun, you’ve observed well.


「What’s different, his clothes?」


Carla-kun, you shouldn’t talk!


「Well, it may be the air I mean・・・I feel that there’s something changed with him・・・」


「Who cares. Rather than that, it’s already close to the capital, it’s been a while~」


Pritz and Clara is the same as always huh.


「you 4, is it alright to bother you for a while?」


「「「「What(is it)」」」」


「I want you to promise me to not tell anyone about what I’d tell you from now on」


Because I put a serious face everyone nod obediently.

At this time, I want to tell these 4 about the fact I became a God of Magic.

If it’s these guys, I can believe them. I’m worried about Carla and Clara will talk about it though.



「I don’t know what’ll you tell us, but we won’t do anything to betray Christoph!」




「Thank you」


I start my story about becoming a god.

I didn’t talk about the complicated things like meeting with the God of Creation, the story about Evil God, and my ability but I tell them the summary of it all.




「It’d be impossible to believe it now, but it’s true」


I let them see my status plate.

I need to disclose my status plate in order to make them believe it.




Since the race, status, and occupation all listed as a god, they can only believe it.


「A real God・・・」


All of them are quiescent but, the first one to awake is Carla.


「If it’s alright I want to give my Divine protection to everyone, what do you think?」




「Christoph-kun, no, I should call you Christoph-sama now huh」


「I’ll ask you to call me the same as before, calling me using -sama only make my ears itch」


「Th, then, Christoph-kun, will you really gave us your Divine Protection?」


「it’s my intention to do so if you’re okay with it」


「There’s no way we’d refuse it! Now Bless me!」


「「「(nod, nod)」」」」


Apparently they want to accept my divine protection.

Heck, Clara-kun, what do you mean by『Bless me!』. (TN: Divine protection and Divine blessing is the same, in case you’re being confused or something)

It’s not like there’s a need for someone’s consent in order to give my Divine Protection, but, it’s my first time giving one, so I want to put my feelings into it.


Now then, since everyone consented to it, I shall give them my blessing.

First is Carla, holding my hand and put my concentration there.

After receiving the feeling of it had done, my hand slightly shined.

This seems to be over.


I check Carla’s status just in case and see the 『God of Magic’s Divine Protection』written in the Gift section.

It’s a success.



God of Magic’s Divine Protection

・Magic circle creation correction (Large)

・Magic tool Creation correction (Medium)

・Dexterity, Intelligence, Wisdom correction (small)

・Mana correction (small)

・Magic attack resistance (small)

・Breast enhancement(small)(TN: damn… I’m flabbergasted)


He~ so it’s this kind of Divine protection.

It’s a blessing I give but I didn’t know.



The last『Breast enhancement(small)』the heck!

No way・・・

My desire is leaking・・・

This・・・ (TN: Lol)


I continue to bless Peron, Pritz, and Clara.

Thank go that there’s no『Breast enhancement(small)』for the guy・・・it won’t be funny if Pritz suddenly had a bigger chest than a female when he’s already prettier than one. (TN: I’ll drop this if you dare to include BL here… seriously… ;D)


I’d safely blessed 4 people without any noteworthy fatigue.

Because there’s no problem with blessing, let’s think about vassal more carefully, I wonder if there’s any demerit coming from a vassal.

I think that I’ll try Kamui after everything settles down.


While I’m thinking about these and that, Carla and Clara seem restless.

What did the 2 of them talk about sneakily?

They seem to realize mine, Peron, and Pritz stare and opened their mouth.


「I’ve had some pain in my chest area though・・・」


「A, are you alright? It’d be dangerous if it’s an illness!」


「(nod, nod)」


Peron-kun, please calm down.

Pritz is reticence as always.


「I think it’s alright・・・you know?」


「How could you know about it-gasp!」


「Peron, calm down.・・・That pain in the chest is all thanks to the blessing・・・I’m sure」


The 4 of them stares at me while having「???」atop their head.


「It’s my blessing which is limited to woman, which named『Breast enhancement(small)』」




Carla and Clara stood up suddenly and bang their head to the carriage, struggling with unheard kind of pain.

When I say, the pain will go off in a while they ask「Really?」Which

I can only answer with「We’d know it when we reach the manor」.

After that, they all look joyous and smiled all the way.


Like that, we’ve arrived in the capital and returned to the nostalgic Bryutzel margrave’s manor.

Before returning to the mansion, I’ve spent some time to send the guys to their respective home and safely reach the manor before evening.


The servants greet me at the entrance, and I went to my father’s office first to greet him.

There’s not only my father in the office, but there’s also mother sat there enjoying her tea.


「Welcome home, Christoph. Gale too, you’ve worked hard」


「Father, Mother. I’ve returned safely」


Gale answer mothers’ word with a silent bow.


「Christoph and Gale might be tired, but I want you to tell me the story first」(TN: Gale is the escort team captain if you forgot, the one above Levis and Primera)


It seems that the event in Sijac mine has been reported, and he’s asking me and Gale for the report.

Mother said it can be asked later, but since it’s an important matter father ignore mother.

Father is deeply in love with mother but, he’s someone that can distinguish between private and public matter.

Although he had 2 concubines, it’s something that can’t be declined as a nobleman.

Still, father takes care of both of his concubines and doesn’t despise them.


I and Gale gave a detailed report to father.

Usually, Levis and Primera need to present also, but Gale as the one in charge tackle them.


「Does this abandoned mine still had iron deposit?」


After hearing Gale’s report about the danger, Father asks about the deposit.


「Mostly iron deposit but there’s few of mithril. However, there isn’t enough of iron inside」


「Is that so・・・then, have you seal the dungeon? And it’s no problem to start mining the mine?」


「Yes, I’ve confirmed that there’s no one who can enter it. In addition, I’ve sealed tightly so that no monster can get out, there’d be no problem as long as the seal is intact. I’ve fortified the seal as much as possible so it won’t break to anyone unless the hero or the demon lord. Still, if it possible I recommend prohibiting entry to the mine. We won’t know any trigger that can break the seal」


Father nod and place his chin on his palm.


「Alright.・・・Now then, about the northern part of Luigi lake, there’s a hot spring you dig, we’ll keep that part as a private area. Hot spring is said to be a bad tourist spot」


There’s no Bathing custom in this world.

There’s bathing place in some nobles and wealthy person residence but not often used since it’s a like a symbol of wealth to them.

It’s inevitable that everyone thinks so.


「Is that so, Understood.・・・Father, can we talk just the 2 of us?」


Seeing my serious eyes, he told Gale to head back.

I think to tell my parents about me becoming a God.

That’s why I gave father my status plate.


「This is?・・・Mu-gasp!」


「That status plate isn’t broken, it seems I gained it after defeating the water god, Yamata no Orochi」


「・・・It really is hard to believe・・・but, seeing this I have no choice but to・・・」


He seems to organize his mind in full rotation with the fact that his son became a god, as expected he blinking and trying to see every little detail.


「I’d tell it to mother after picking a nice day after she gave birth」


「Do so・・・No, please do so・・・What kind of response should I give a god I wonder・・・」


「Please do it like always. Even so, I’m still father and mother’s son after all but, I can’t be too involved in this world. Since the non-interference is a fundamental thing within gods, it can be said that they’d not interfere in the transient world else there’d be irreversible flaw」


「Is that so・・・Then you won’t be able to participate in politics?」


「It’s impossible to participate in Nation’s Politic. There’s already the Great temple in Capital, so it can’t be designated as my sanctuary」


「・・・What does Sanctuary meant?」



「Well・・・To make it simpler, in the area designated I can control the epidemic, harvest, and outbreak. I can do a lot more if there’s those devoted to my religion」


「What a wonderful thing」


「It’s impossible for the whole region of Sacred Kingdom Van damme, but for some areas it’s possible」


「Is that so・・・Then is it possible to designate Bryutzel Frontier and Brunhil as a sanctuary ?」


「It’s possible in the territory and Brunhil, but I don’t intend to do so. … as the reason, to specify a sanctuary need divine power, and the more population it had the more I need to spend. Divine power can’t be replenished unless the citizen believes in me. There are too many populations to drive them to believe in me」


Unfortunately, I’d refrain to make a sanctuary from a metropolis area since I can’t replenish my Divine power. As I’d be weakened if I couldn’t recover the Divine power consumed.


「I see・・・I understand・・・Do anyone else know of this?」


「Carla, Peron, Clara, and Pritz. Just those 4, They’ve receives my Divine protection」


「Divine Protection・・・huh・・・」


「It’s mainly magic item creation correction. However, since there’s also a slight increase in magic protection, I’d like to give it to Father, mother, and the other family members」


「Is that sp・・・Um, please do」


My father wanted to think alone for a while, so I left the office.

I think it’s natural for him to bewildered(upset) hearing his son became a god, being able to have a normal conversation by itself is already wonderful, I think that father really had an amazing mind

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