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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 60

060 Dungeon Master



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Today is the last day of Vacation in Lake Luigi.

Tomorrow we’d be on our way back home.

The city administrator Gillias should already report that a powerful monster had appeared in the mine, and successfully exterminated, furthermore there’s still a mineral deposit inside along with a possibility that the innermost of mine had become a dungeon, which he informs the citizen to stay away from the place.


Then, he instructed Gillias to dig 500m away from the northeastern part of Lake Luigi.

I’ve received certain information from God’s wisdom, so I instructed him to dig.

With that being said, I don’t have the authority to give an order so I let my father know for him to decide.

You already know what is right? Anyhow, if father gives the permission then we’d know.


Now then, I should go to the innermost of the dungeon.

Why should I go to that place again you ask?

Because there’s something I’m looking for in that place.

With that, I’m going there secretly.

After all, it’s not like I’d be allowed to go there again.


Yes, the place I want to go to is the innermost area of the abandoned mine.

Like always the shining walls created a mysterious atmosphere completed with the underground lake and waterfalls.

How did I get here?

Well~ I’m using space transfer you see.

This space transfer is awesome magic that can instantly transfer you to the place you once see, or within your visibility range.

It’s your template fantasy setting.


My purpose for this visit lies at the bottom of this underground lake.

What is it you ask?

If you remember my purpose in visiting this abandoned mine, you’d immediately know it.


Now then, using clairvoyance to see the item, and take it using aport.

As expected, using aport on a huge thing uses a lot of mana, but now that I’m a demigod my mana is almost infinite, so there’s no problem.

The surface of the lake rippled and rumbling noise like bang, buzz, and *gogogo* sound reverberated in the surrounding, and the object appeared to the surfaces little by little creating waves on the lake.

I slightly fascinated by the shining lustrous color of white silver emanated by the metal.



「So this is the God’s Silver・・・」


It’s that Nine-headed serpent’s (Yamata no Orochi) Treasure.

That thing seems to have a habit to gather shiny things like gems, gold, and silver, and store them in his home.

Those silvers, after being in a range of his divinity for a long time evolved into God’s Silver. (TN: You’ve killed your ancestors’ savior then… lol)

By the way, it seems that it’s purely a coincidence that they’ve found the god’s Silver in the past on the abandoned mine of silver, and what I’m seeing now is a mass of high purity  God’s Silver.


In addition, since I’d defeat it I’ve become the Dungeon master.

Thus, if the Dungeon master didn’t manage their dungeon, it’ll run amok.

Which is the reason, I can’t leave this Dungeon unless I appoint administrative right to another person.


Dungeon master has authority over his Dungeon, they can place the traps and monster anywhere along with expanding the dungeon size, let’s expand the dungeon a little.

It seems accumulated a good amount of DP (Dungeon Point) so there plenty of composure to spent it.


Next, I’d spent some DP to summon a monster!

Summoning a monster is easy, all you need to do is pick a monster from the list that appeared in your head.

Thus, I choose the Blue elemental Dragon.

Since this place had a beautiful underground lake, I chose a water-based monster to manage the Dungeon and worked as a Guardian of the deepest area.

Since this Blue elemental Dragon is a rank EX, although it’s not as strong as the Water God, Yamata no Orochi, as a monster it boasts the highest level.

Moreover, there’s an additional Intelligence in the option so it can manage the Dungeon on behalf of the master.


With those reasons above, I choose to summon the Blue elemental Dragon.

Although this monster had an option of additional Intelligence, it’s still a normal monster, I’m lost whether to decide on quantity or quality.

Alright! I’ve made my decision to summon 10-A class Monster.

Let’s summon a different attribute each so they can complement each other.


Let’s add the thickness of this door so that no one can enter.

There’s also plenty of traps surrounding the door, so there’s no one can open it.

Afterward, let’s ask Father to Forbid Gilles to forbid entry.


Why Ban it?

Because I don’t want to make it public yet.

That’s why I ban them using authority and forbid them to enter through the traps.

Well, it’d be troublesome if peoples die here.

Then, wouldn’t it be better to seal it! It’s easier said than done.

To be honest, after being a god I wonder what should I do from now on and to take care of dungeon from hereon.


「Your name from now on is Bluel. Your job is to keep intruders’ away but, in case of intruder entered, the first thing to do is asking them to leave, in case there’s hostile intention it’s allowed to fight. Be sure to contact me if that happens 」(TN: (Buruere – ブルエレ) – The name he used is an abbreviation of Blue elemental I presume… lol)


I am already aware that I’ve no naming sense!


「I shall Guard this area even with this Bluel’s life in stake」


「Bluel’s priority is his safety and perseverance of his own strength. Feel free to use DP if necessary, I’ll allow it up to 50.000 DP. If you wish to have more, feel free to contact me, but I forbid you to interfere anything beyond that door.」


「Yes! As master order!」


When choosing the monster, there’s an option to pick on their character but, this one seems too stiff because of the commanding ability it had.

Well, this can’t be helped.

After leaving everything else to Bluel, I decided to return