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083 Rampaging Raccoon 3


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Please do know this chapter have some bit of gruesome detail! YOU’VE BEEN WARNED! Our MC is somehow ruthless… no, it should be MC-sama…

No animals being abused here, just some monster…





It hit several times using its feets、6 of the front legs?the Big Grizzly punched, Hit, scratch, even clawed the barrier.

It’s not like the barrier would be broken if I leave it alone but, unfortunately, I can’t wait that long.


First, let’s try Stun.

There’s the handicap to not damages its body, so I’ll try an attack that won’t leave any scratch.

However, the Big Grizzly that receives my stun is only stopped for a while before glared at me with bloodshot eyes of it.


「I want to finish it soon. So come here」


A magician normally would have a wand and a magic book within his hands to improve their ability and assist the spell activation, but right now, as the main character I held none of it, and not to mention I’m still wearing a hard to move ceremonial suit for my peerage ceremony.

In the first place, I’m not the type of magician that used additional equipment in the first place, but I don’t want to get attacked so I choose to bring them.




The Big Grizzly rushed towards me.

Dododododo sound of it rushing towards me normally will bring fear towards the target, but I don’t remember ever being scare by such a play.


I avoid the Big Grizzly by moving to left and released a rock needle towards its head, but it got smashed with a headbutt.

Are you for real-gasp! Or so I thought I’d shout out, but good job me for stopping myself from saying it.

Still, although I know that it’s excel in close quarters, I never thought that it can ignore the rock needle with its head.

A normal grizzly will have its head pierced and died on the spot.


「A mutant sure is strong」




The handicap to not injure its body.

In addition, since there are too many nobles gathered, it’s bad to uncover too many attributes at once.

In other words, my way to attack it is limited.

How troublesome, not to mention that majesty(racoon) watching me while grinning, it’s a little bit irritating.


「Dark Bind」


When the mana being gathered into a large amount and release towards the monster, the Big Grizzly react towards it and evaded it.

But, that kind of reaction has been perceived.

The Dark bind reacts to the reaction Big Grizzly made and entangle its legs.

It tries to tear the magic off, but the magic imbued with my magic can’t be dispelled as easy as that, not long after its’ struggle, the magic shrouded the monster’s body.



The Big Grizzly tries to escape the dark bind desperately, but there’s no way I’ll let it do so.

Then, I aim an Iron needle towards its head.

What Hardness! Although the Iron needle damaged the Big grizzly where I aimed it, it still broke without penetrating the skull.

The big Grizzly making use of the multiple non-attributed magic strengthening along with Earth attributed strengthening.

What a troublesome fellow.



Iron Needle Drill!

The Iron drill dug through the restrained big Grizzly’s forehead.

When the tip is damaged, I immediately repaired it.

I repaired the drill again and again in the same part when it’s broken.




The scream of the Big Grizzly slashes through the field echoes around it.

I’m alright since I’ve got the abnormal status resistance but, the nobles surrounding the field don’t have it, so some were stunned out of the roar which is stronger than the first one.

As expected that the racoon’s face tightened.

However, the scream stopped suddenly.

My Iron drill penetrated the Big Grizzly’s skull.

The brain matter splashes around, while the eyes popped out and there’s a lot of blood splattered.

Those that unfamiliar with the smell of blood will faint at the sight, while those that able to endure the roar might not, they still have an unexplained expression.


「The order has been done」


I gave a bow towards majesty (racoon) and gave him a grin.


「U, Umu, You’ve done a great job. As expected of the Progidy!」




His majesty(Racoon) grinned back.


「As the rewards to gave me this Big Grizzly’s skin intact, I shall raise your peerage unto a Count!」



This majesty(Racoon) try to do this play because he wanted to do this!

Sigh, What a playful majesty(Racoon).

The prime minister, Father, and the other nobles that conscious stunned at his remark.

Receiving a peerage by donating the skin of a mutant Big Grizzly, it isn’t possible right?

Well, for his majesty(Racoon) as long as he had the reason to, he can do anything he wants and give me the Count peerage.

That’s right, he can do as he wishes as long as he had a reason to do so, there’s no need for me to go along with such a farce!








The tea brewed by Luna sure is delicious and fragrant.

A time to relax like this sure is Important.

I want to live as relaxed as this.


「Wait a, why would you laze around here!」


I can’t hear anything.

I fell like I’m in heaven.

If this time is『thwack』




「Do not try to ignore me!」


「What are you doing Clara?」


「Thanks to you receiving a territory and became a Count there’s people hounding in-line in front of the mansion, go and deal with it quickly!」


Uuh, after I’ve been in my own world・・・After I’ve trying to escape from the reality・・・

The Demon Clara brought me back to reality so as to work my ass off・・・


「Okay, okay・・・Federer and Clara come along」


I called to Federer that laughed bitterly at my interaction with Clara.


「Clara-sama, it’s not admirable to wack the lords head」


「Then, Commander Federer can make Christoph do his work」


「Uuh,・・・I shall leave that to Clara-dono・・・」


After the exhibition against that Big Grizzly, as expected there’re complains sent towards his majesty in granting me the title of Count after Viscount too soon, which is shut by the racoon which saying that I’ve made more than enough achievement along with the military supplies.

Well, since giving the country 1 million S in exchange with an island that no one can enter, a territory which is a frontier within a frontier, and a title which is already granted to me even without making any achievement because as a Marquis’s 2nd son, a viscount title is a given, along with the subjugation of the mutate Big Grizzly, giving me a Count title isn’t that weird.

In addition, along with my personal and financial power plus the backing of the royal family, the nobles can’t indiscriminately attack me.


Though I’ll eventually become an Earl and receive Dorothy-sama’s hand in marriage, things are progressing rapidly so much that I can’t respond to it immediately, my heart is being confused so much that I swear to have my revenge towards that racoon.


The area around Cerbes in commemoration towards my inauguration renamed to Brutois area.

There’re small settlements in the surrounding of the remote region near Bryutzels frontier, so we can develop the territory and increase the population, but it won’t grow so easily!

A~h, when can I live relaxed.


Federer and Gale became a Knight peerage, Carla’s too.

It’s had the meaning to put a foil under me, while also a farce of that racoon to put me under his debt.

Since Federer and Gale had their achievement while in Bryutzles house, and Clara’s also someone from nobles background, it’s not weird for them to receive a title, but as expected he didn’t give Peron and Clara a title.While Pritz will inherit the title so there’s no need for that.