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084 Territory Development1


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There are hundreds of applicants to Count Brutois, many of whom are children of nobles.

The one being ridiculous was being put to black list, and would never again being let to get close to me.

While within, there’s 2 amusing person appeared.


The first one is a second son of a fallen Baron family named Oud Silves.

He seems to be alienated from his family, but I think that he’s a capable wizard, I decided to hire him because of his amusing character.

He had Advanced grade Earth attribute and Junior grade water attribute, while he said it himself that his specialty is digging a hole.

While the other one is the 6th son of a Knight family, Ben Azcas.

Azcas family is a family of Knighthood peerage governing a territory within Bryutzels frontier, and has been served the house for generations.

Because he’s the 6th son, he, as expected can’t stay in the family so he became a staff in the adventurer guild.


Other than these 2, I also hired several military and civilian officers, which respectively being left to Federer and Clara – Peron combo.

Due to the trouble of Count ascendance, Peron was delegated into a civilian, not a freeman anymore.

Due to  this the farmland within Bryut Island will be delegated fully towards the slaves, but since this is something intended to do, it’s just being push faster.

Still, because the plan being pushed too early the slaves became confused, so I tasked Carla with the follow up.






The 3rd month came, and a report came to his majesty. The Bossam Imperial army which are attacking the Fort Verdes from the west retreating.

In this battle, the soldiers passed away within the Holy Kingdon Van damme was 30 thousand, while the opposing Bossam Empire was 20 thousand.

The battle which resulting in mote than 50 thousand people left a mark on both country.

However, General Sevan Pursued the enemy’s retreating army and received 4000 War prisoner.

While in terms of damage Bossam empire is the winner of the war, but the one successfully defend the fort is the kingdom, so the Kingdom is the one declares their victory.

But, it’s still fully known that the price of this victory is over 30 thousand soldiers.

In such case, there’s a need to put someone to blame, while the one blamed will be the commanding officer.

Thus, in this case, there are 2 commanding officer, General Sevan as the commanding officer of the Black army, and Marquis Brennan, the western Governor.

Originally, when putting on the scale which one to blame, between the western Governor and the center of Nobles party, and General Sevan, the latter would be put in charge. However, because of the punishment, the western governor received, and the way to cancel it at least to conquer a territory of Bossam Empire, it’s being judged that the ambitious Marquis Brennan, which being in charge of destroying a Kingdom’s magic item, was put in charge of the blame.






Although we should put the remote region Brutois development as soon as possible, to develop the remote region, there’s a need to establish the territory first.

While it’s good to expand the existing village, I thought of building a town first and foremost.


But first, before talking about the town I want to create let me explain more of the territory.

Brutois Territory is an isolated region surrounded by large forest and lakes, along with the mountainous region Runes and Mountain Felk.

The north, mountainous region Runes is a mountainous path which is hard to traverse on with several thousand meters in distance between each mountains, while on the south there’s a lake, and further down on the south there’s Mountain Felk down to the large forest surrounding the lake covering the surrounding path from human to pass on.

Even as a county, you can’t go to the south since it’s large enough to swallow the region, which is wider than a standard territory.

Furthermore, there’s many monsters adjacent to the lake and forest.

Which is the reason why there’s no way to connect the territory towards the other side of the Felk mountain in the west.

Not to mention the road is too steep.

Although mountain Felk that exceed 1000 meter in height had a road, it’s only an animal’s path which seems to be rude to trespass.

Because there’s only a beast road, it’s impossible for a merchant to pass through the territory, which leaves the settler had a hard time in migrating and building a settlement.


Even though it’s a land like this, there’s plenty of are that can be cleared and cultivate.

The territory I set as the town is the shore of the lake.

Except for the northern side which is closer towards the large forest, it’s located more to the western side, so I’ll make the place the center of the Brutois region.

In addition, there’s also another thing that I need to prioritize on, which is, maintaining the safe mountain path on the west side of mountain Felk, and secure a lifeline between Brutois county and Bryutzels frontier.

Although this place isn’t as vast as the Bryutzels frontier, Brutois county is a vast enough land, that, if we’re focusing on its development onto the East it’d had a close distance towards the frontier.

Which is why father thought of building a new territory near Bryutzels frontier, mount felk is near the border Bryutzels, and it’d be better to have the territory near the lake.

Which is why, when he heard about my idea. Father asked me to reconsider.

Even though I consider it the place as a good one, I reconsider it because of father’s opinion.


Which is why, right now, I’m in the Brutoise county, to prepare the planned territory.

Thus, as planned. I’ll make the lake and its surrounding ground to be a dungeon, where I’d make the dungeon under my management to migrate it here.


Ah, by the way. The dungeon I had has been transferred from Sijac mine towards the Rune mountain.

Um? How could the dungeon get transferred?

Well, its normally impossible but you’ve got to remember that I’m a half-god (Demigod), and I’m very good with time-space magic.

Which is why I can transfer the dungeon.

While it’s hard to find a place like the previous one with underground water vine, but I did find one and do my best in transporting the dungeon.


For now, to protect the dungeon I make a quadruple layered barrier in order to make the best use of the terrain and protecting it from the beast.

I think that the resident will be able to live peacefully with these barriers.

I don’t really intend to bring the monster close from the wall, and the resident will feel more secure with strong protection.




Let’s go back to our main topic, if I build a wall around the territory, I can build a castle in the best place to see the lake.

While creating the castle, I even thought that this castle is more like a palace rather than a castle. But, even if the castle become more like a palace since there’s an additional barrier surrounding the wall, it can easily bounce any attack, so there’d be no problem.

In addition, since the castle is a place where you od politics, it also has basement storage to store a large amount of supply which can be used in case of emergencies.

The reason why I build underground storage is because building a warehouse above the ground will look bad, not to mention that there’s a possibility that it can be burned or poisoned by an enemy.

While doing so, the underground storage imbued with a space-time magic which stopped the passage of time to prevent the spoiling of the supplies.


Outside the wall that surrounds the castle, there’s an area where the vassals’ residence built, and further, by another wall, there’s also a residence where the industrial area and residential area or commercial area for commoners. And if you cross the 3rd wall there’s farmland area and the 4th and last wall where it’d be the outermost circumference.

When you include the outermost wall, the scale became humongous, but this by itself is quite charming.

While working around the palace and vassals’ area, I asked Peron and Ud to divide the city and improve the road.


「I won’t be surprised!」


Peron-kun, you don’t need to say so while holding back your tears.


「My lord is a genius・・・no, it’s as the rumour said. You are a prodigy. To make these in a day・・・」


Ud-kun, I’m a god you see, though it’s a half-god(Demigod).


「more importantly, I want to create a temple for the god of magic, a simple yet strict structure. It’s because what I had today is all because of the god of magic, which is why I also want to make the road towards the temple smooth. So, I’ll leave the rest to Peron and Ud」


「I know」


「I heartfully understood! Leave everything to this Ud Sylves!」


「it’s good to be dashing, but don’t make a fool out of yourself」




Which part you’re born in.

Ud had the ability but, his answers all jumbled, I wish he had a solid personality like Peron.

Still, I can’t judge another, since it’s not like I hate this kind of person.


「he had a weird character but he also had the ability, I’m counting on you」


Peron was hanging down realizing the trouble he’d burden in the future.


Ud has an advanced grade Earth aptitude, which means civil engineering and architecture are his specialities.

Ud’s mana exceeds 500, which is comparable to an elf. But, creating a city alone is impossible even for him, so I gave him wizards and magicians as his subordinates to proceed with this project. His majesty (the raccoon) and father’s craftsmen were also given to Ud’s control.

While Peron is the one managing Ud and the other.


We’ve doing such a large-scale project, but so far there’s no dire need of manpower.

It’s mainly because I’m doing many parts of the construction project, but, since it’d hindering the economic development, father and his majesty (the racoon) refrained me from doing so in the early project.

I don’t care about such a thing! Is what I want to say, but the development of economic revitalization is also important.

That’s why father and his majesty(the raccoon) say that they will arrange for the personnel related to the construction along with the fund from the royal family and bryutzel margrave’s house.

Well. Since it’s already decided that I will have a morganatic marriage (a marriage which comes from the imperial family to a subject) their purpose is to show that the royal family are supporting me along with the margrave family, as count Brutois.


My next job is building a fort atop mountain Felk, while maintaining the roads towards the fort.

This isn’t only to monitor the path towards the mountain while maintaining the monsters and exterminating them, but also to intending to put stationing troops there, along with allowing the traveller a safe place to rest.

It’s the responsibility of the stationed troops to maintain safety on the road, and above all, the road is another way to revitalize the economy