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085 Territory Development 2


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it’s been 3 month since the development of Brutois count’s territory.

Recently the influx of people increased.

The first one is the engineer, they proceed to create the resident’s house and workshop.

The next one is the farmer, those that live there are already planting the wheat and rice, and also vegetables.

For convenience’s sake, the place where the castle located is called inner citadel, where the area where the retainer lives in are called outer citadel, and the place where the commoner lives are called Castletown. In addition, the land where the agriculture held are called as is.


「how many migrants reside in the agriculture area?」


「well according to the statistic, 2 days ago there’s about 25 people, and then it flew to become 4 thousand」


Peron then opened the bundle of rolls and answered my question chattily.


「Ud, how about the construction of the castletown?」


「it’s going well-yan su. Thanks to the『Rune Labyrinth』there’s many immigrants that come here for the sake of the material inside. Besides, there’s also the merchants from the royal capital and Bryunhill that opened their shop there with the addition of the blacksmith and the other engineer that set their workshop-yan su!」


Where the heck are you coming from in the first place to add -yan su prefix!

Your way of speeches were always changing from time to time, so I say something about this?

When I glance toward Peron, he only shakes his head, so it’s useless.


「 do you think the flow of the city are circulating well?」


「of course-de yansu! For that purpose were we here- de yansu!」


Ud which in charge of the Castle town construction is snorting in excitement.


「you’ve got a great confidence. Well, if Ud lose that confidence there nothing else will remain of him」


「Boss! How could you say that!」


He’s a person that go with the flow as usual.

Peron I’ll back off from your subordinate.


「 we shall continue with leaving the thing for the east wood to Peron and Ud. Peron I leave the management of Ud to you. Is there anything else you need?」




「People huh. I think so as well, just wait for a while」




Ud’s way always the same.


This territory of the Brutois territory shall be named Eastwood.

Eastwood had the same name as it called which mean『Eastern side of the forest』.

Most of the territories are adjacent to the forest, and the lake of the territory is surrounded by the forest.

Isn’t it a good name? when I thought so, Clara suddenly「there’s no twist within?」when heard so, Carla answered with「well, it’s Christoph after all」 which makes me depressed for several days.


Also, although originally I was supposed to be a viscount, the only territory I had is the Bryut Island, and it was a place which had no reason to had more manpower. Because of his majesty (the raccoon), making me a count, the lack of manpower became a problem.

While I did feel sorry for my current subordinate, it’s impossible to search and raise a new one so fast.


「the next one should be Federer」


「Yes, Eastwood’s security has been left towards Levis and Primera as his assistant. There’s some fight happened in Eastwood but none that large enough to be noted. The forest vicinity’s monster has been exterminated, also. There’s few wander around the Rune Mountain in the north, but there’s almost none in the surrounding of the Rune Labyrinth, so the situation currently stable」


「Umu, did Levis did his job without skipping?」


「if he skip too much he’d not be able to move his neck」


「I see, it’s just right for him. fufufu」


Federer had the same opinion as he nods his head, and continue the report about the Felk Fort.


「Felk fort is entrusted to Wick, and he has his own assistant. Everyday, we sent troops to take care of the wandering monsters, and ensuring the safety of the road in both Felk fort and Eastwood. Felk fort also had a lack of personnel 」


「I’ve issued the decree all over the kingdom which we’re hiring more personnel. Please bear with it for a while. If there’s nothing else I’ll end the meeting here, and head back to the capital. I shall leave the military matter to Federer and internal affair to Ud and Peron. In addition, if there’s a case where you need to have an urgent problem. Please proceed with the decision after arriving a consensus of you three」




I’m also working hard as an emerging new noble.

When would I have a relaxed life・・・







The firm’s employee dorm were remodeled into a large store, and the main store was relocated towards the bigger store.

The main store has 3 floor, and other than that there’s also a business meeting room, and a warehouse as well as a lift to carry the heavy luggage installed. There’s also an escalator to make it easier to move between store.

It’s an of course that there’s neither escalator not elevator in this world, as the first one installed is the one in the Bryut firm which make it a hot topic.

The opening period of the main store is 3 days, even so, it might be because of how rare the escalator is there’s an occurrence which the citizen that doesn’t shop were also entered the store to try the escalator, and even after the opening days end, the influx of customer wasn’t interrupted.

There’s also a café in the 1st floor that serve a tea and sweets which not only popular within the women, but also the men.

The 2nd floor had many foods and miscellaneous goods for the housewives to buy, also preserved food for the adventurer.

While the 3rd floor filled with the magic tools and accessories along with weapons, with the main feature of mythril full plate armor showcased that only the main store sold.

Since the mithril plate armor was priced as 60 million S, it’s positioned there to showcase the buyer like a panda to attract customer, can be seen but can’ be bought kind of thing.

The reason is, while mithril is expensive the high purity one is even more so, not to mention their rarity, there’s a few craftsmen that can deal with it even with a design in their hands.


「well, it took less than a minute since I’m the one who made it」


I thought that no one will bought them but unexpectedly the Margrave Seidmir bought one・・・Thank you for the patronage!

While you might ask why would there be no one to bought it, it’s because, even if it’s a pure mithril, only a large noble house can buy one  with a  large sum of 60 million S, but, since it’s a product for adventurers and commoner’s household, it’s unlikely that a big named noble would buy one from the store.

It’s surprising that Margrave Seidmir bought one.


There’s also a branch of Bryut firm in Bryunhil and Eastwood.

The manager of the capital branch is Prietta, while the one managing the Bryuhnhil ones is Clara, and Penneth in Eastwood.

They’ve been trained by Fillia for more than a year since they’ve became my slaves to have a perfect customer service and inventory management, and there’d be no problem if I leave the store for them.


The security trio Clamp, Bekkena, and Benezetta each had their own subordinate. While Clamp stationed in the main store in the Royal capital, Bekkena leading the slaves subordinate in the side branch of Bryunhil, and Benezetta is the chief on Eastwood.

Clamp is also a head security manager but, but he basically still a security in the main store.

I once thought that they will be lonely when the 3 of them can’t drink every night like always but, they actually still drank every night with their subordinate slaves.

I was relieved that these trio are the same as always.


Giulietta, Lock, Jamon, and Selka from the R&D team are already moved to Bryut Island.

There’s plenty of mineral and others material there, in addition of a large workshop and servants there. They’d be taken care of, and won’t worry about anything aside from their research. Which should improve their environment.


There’s also marine products workshop in Eastwood which I gave to Marmel the Fishman.

She was the only fisherman in the group that’s familiar with the marine product, using the seasonings such as Shouyu, soy sauce, and miso that I made she’s happy to create processed food.


In addition, I’ve released them from slavery.

Because they had yet to repay twice the amount I spent on them. I decided to deduct the amount from their salary.

Still, my slaves were treated so well that they don’t want to be released from their slavery. (A/N: you shall never release them from your psychological slavery… an evil person indeed… as expected of MC…)


In addition, the Adventurer guild’s Ben Azkas also employed in Eastwood.

There’s also a slight miscalculation that Ben Azkas’ connection allow me to have a great civilian subordinate, what a godly miscalculation.

I also gave a man named Victor, who was introduced by Ben Azkas, the position of the second vice-chairman of Bryut Firm, and entrusted the management on my behalf.

Similarly, Fillia also being entrusted as the audit officer of the firm and had her own subordinate.

I don’t think that there’d be any fraud in the Bryut firm that being audited, and it’s not like I won’t notice if Ben wants to betray bryut firm’s trust