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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 86

086 Human Resource 1


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the development of the territory is proceeding smoothly.

I’m busy going back and forth between the Royal capital and Eastwood.

It normally took 35 days going back and forth towards the Royal Capital and Eastwood via carriage bypassing Bryunhil, but I can do it in an instant with Space transfer.

Space transfer is a troublesome magic to make into public, so I’m doing it in secret, but since my sighting at the same day between both places can be seen, it won’t take too long until it became known.

Well, even if I got caught, I can make some good excuses.


Hm? Why did being caught is bad, you ask?

That’s because Space transfer is a great spell technically.

In other words, using this magic to backstab you enemy from behind would make an immeasurable outcome, won’t it?

Or, what about sending a thug or assassin towards the kings’ chamber?

Those rulers won’t be able to sleep peacefully.

I won’t accept being able to do so, so as an excuse, I’d just say that I can only bring a few to transfer with me.

If they still headstrong with my excuse I’ll just throw a word saying「do you want to make me your enemy?」.

Even if I was alone, I can be a nuclear head that even his majesty (that racoon) unable to belittle.

Ah, I won’t forgive anyone that became hostile towards me.

No matter who it was.

Of course, there’d be some countermeasure to not make more enemies, but it only a case whether the person can be my enemy or not.


Alright then・・・


「sorry to make you wait」




「・・・is there anything wrong?」


I look towards the 30-year old woman’s face and try to grasp the situation.

But she shook her head upon realizing my gaze.

It left me no way, I wish to let it to be known later but, it can’t be helped.




Noticing the sullen look she had I became more relaxed.

When I gaze her again, she nods.


「it’s my prove of apology that I can’t visit Dorothy-sama all this time, because I was too busy」


「this, you want to give it to me?」


「there won’t be any jewel that can match Dorothy-sama’s beauty but I believe this necklace can bring out more of Dorothy-sama’s beauty」


The woman that looks the in her 30s is Dorothy’s personal maid, nod her head.

In addition, Dorothy-sama’s in a good mood, looking at her necklace which I gave her.

So, I took the necklace and wear it around her neck.

At the time, I can her nape when I lift her back hair, just by seeing sexy nape alone make me feel that all that staying up all night to make the necklace worth it.


「it suits you well」


「Thank you very much. I can’t see you very much lately, make me thought that I’ve being forgotten」


She avoids her gaze until recently but now, she stares at me happily.

If you look at this this way, it can be seen that little girl has turn into a lovely woman.


「I’m sorry・・・」


「I don’t mind. It’s not like count Brutois can play around int the Brutois Territory」


Dorothy-sama called 『Count Brutois』 because I didn’t call her 『Dorothy』 like she expect me to do.

It can’t be helped to call a princess by her name in public is rude, but that comeback is actually quite cute.

Dorothy-sama’s pouting face is so cute that even her maid turning her head and hid her face within her fingers.

Really, Dorothy-sama is so cute.


Dorothy-sama lift the teacup with her white and thin pinky finger swam around like a white fish, and move it towards her thin lips.

That’s a very cute gesture.

Ah, the necklace I presented to her is an artifact that I created, imbued within are a strengthened barrier, poison resistance, and improved recovery, it had an instruction manual which I hand it over to the maid.


The time flews over when I spent my time with Dorothy-sama.

It already the time for me to go home.


「let’s leave the castle and have a date next time」


「is that for real -gasp?!」


「Princess, that’s unbecoming」


Dorothy-sama which stood up vigorously and knock the chair down was reprimanded by the maid.

Her gesture which letting out her tongue at the maid lashing without the maid noticing is also cute.


「for Dorothy-sama that had yet to come out since her graduation, it’d a great change of pace I think」


「yes, I’m also going to look forward toward it」





After meet Dorothy-sama, although I don’t feel like it, I still need to report the progress of Eastwood toward his majesty (the raccoon).

The progress of the places was developed as planned, so everything is great and peaceful.

While doing so I cut the report to tell something.


「there’s something I want to request, your majesty」


「 what request do you have?」


「the other day, the god of magic stood at my bedside, and when I turned to that place, I found something」


It’s a self-made performance, but I think it’s good enough.

His majesty (Raccoon) met his eyes with mine for a while and adjusted his gaze while sent me a suspicion filled expression.


「I’ve heard about the god of magic from Dorothy, but at the bedside of Count brutoise・・・ was the god of magic standing?」




His majesty(Racoon) pretend to think about something and looks at me again. (A/N : Can I just call him raccoon? Adding suffix every time is annoying… comment below if you whether you disagree or not)


「the god of magic ordered me to make a temple within the Eastwood territory」


「the introduction is good. But what did you find?」


「yes, it’s a plate」


「what plate?・・・no way-gasp!」


Uho, it was so satisfying to see that raccoon’s impatient face.


「yes, it’s almost the same thing as in the great temple」




The stone plate within the temple is the same stone plate that create my status plate.

Since I became a god, I thought that I should be able to create one, and I do.

When you think about it, my dominion encompassing to create all kind of magic item which should be natural for me to be able to create one.

However, there’s still a need for material to create the stone plate such as the mithril and gods’ silver along with a core of an A rank or higher monster.

There’s also another material listed, but let it be.


The raccoon meditated for a while and surprisingly gave me an OK.


「it’s count’s belonging. So, although count’s words are important, it’s all come back to Count’s wish to do anything with it」


His majesty (Raccoon) might surprisingly be a good guy.

When he said that he allowed the possession of the plate to me, he wrote a note on the document and stamped.

I don’t think that it’s possible to allow a possession of something such as a precious stone plate like the one in the great temple as a noble’s possession, but his majesty (the raccoon) might think of something.


「then, do count know what else a temple needed?」


「yes, since there’s a predecessor」


「had you choose who the priests yet?」


「since I’m the only one that can hear the voice of the god of magic, I shall be the chief priest for the time being. In the near future, when the god of magic gave me his revelation, I shall let the temple to the person’s hand」


「fumu, that’s an important things that need screening to do」


After the report was over, I ask for his permission to ask Dorothy gone out for a date before leaving the room.

His majesty (Raccoon) has also reminded me about Dorothy’s personal safety as his father. Even if he’s not saying anything, I’d do my best to do so.







I visited the Royal Knight academy.

I came to scout a soon to graduate 3rd year students.

The development of Eastwood was proceeding smoothly as the population grew fast, so Peron, Ud, and Federer always telling me everyday that they lacked the personnel.

Because I’m a newly ennobled aristocrat, it’s not a question that I lack employee.

Although it’s good to have a good person that already had their own CV, it’ll be hard to get some, which is why Ud and Federer told me to poach a fresh one.


For a staff, I’ve found an interesting one while heading to the drawing room.

In the training ground he held off again 3 other students while holding a sword, he don’t have a good physique but it’s compensated by his skillful technique to overwhelm the other 3 students.

In addition, his aptitude is Hero class.

A non-attribute aptitude that can use a purely strengthened body, but, there’s lesser people that can bring out their aptitude even if they had one.

Although it’s generally known that a non-attribute can be used for casting a strengthening magic, there’s less people that can use the so-called magic.

Even so, the person himself can cast a strengthening magic to himself that close to advanced grade while still being a student, be that as it may, it’s still impossible to defeat 3 people for him.

Also, he’s smelled something that not appear in status・・・I was thinking that he’s such an interesting person.


「who’s he?」


「aa, he’s Dragan von Gajes, the 5th child of Baron Gajes. He’s a very good 3rd year student」


「can I have an interview with him?」


「he wish to join the kingdom’s knight division・・・I understand, let’s have him show up for the interview」


「I thank you for the consideration」


Gale catch up to me when I was sent to the reception room by the staff.


「 I also took a liking to the person you mentioned earlier, but he was very eager to join the Kingdom’s knight division, which is why I’m not entering him to the interview list. He won’t move easily you know?」


「he’s an interesting person. I wish he can enter our house」


「it’s true that his swords skill is interesting but・・・it shouldn’t be so much that my lord think that it’s interesting?」


You understand me well.

I answered Gale with a smile.


After a while, the scheduled students entered the room and started the interview.

It’s the so-called group interview.

Dragan isn’t come, but we still will continue with the interview.

If you think about it, they’re about the same age as me.

They either are the children viscount, baron, or even Count.

Because I don’t really understand about knight and the other, I leave almost everything to Gale, I don’t forget to check their abilities and gift though.


The group interview completed successfully, and the next one should be my private interview with Dragan.

Since as a hyuman he fell to the smaller side, he prioritizes speed over strength.


「I’m Christoph von Brutois, and the person beside me is Gale cud Fubis, he’s my house’ deputy army commander. First of all, I thank you for responding, despite the sudden call」


「my name is Dragan von Gajes. I’m honored to be able to meet you, Count Brutois」


Fumu, his reply is a bit bland.

However, my intuition calling it!

This guy is an interesting one!

So, I need to find out what kind of interesting thing he hid!


「lord Gajes is great, he competes with Ignacio over the top position. I saw your training earlier against 3 people, but the rumor seems to fall short on your real skill」


Ignacio is the Ignacio von Desirijem.

He’s the same aged knight as me that attend my birthday.

Ignacio’s already confirmed to join my house as my vassal, and if Dragan also joined we can welcome 2 top contender in this year’s Royal knights’ academy as my vassal.

By the way, Ignacio didn’t attend today’s private interview.

Because Ignacio was a royal faction’s noble and the children of Baron Desirijem, a southern noble, he was recruited by using father’s extended tentacle.

A noble use that kind of connection as a weapon.


「it’s embarrassing, I still am green」


What a japanese-like humility.

There’re few people that have japanese humility, which make he became better than before.

After that I talked more about the community with him to make him cozier.

Yep, I did my best to find out what he likes!


「frankly, I want lord Gajes to come to my house」


「・・・it’s a shame but, I wish to join the knights of the kingdom」


「is that so. It’s a shame, that I even though to make lord Gajes to became a tester for Bryut firm’s prototype」


「gasp!? tester・・・of・・・prototype・・・」