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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 82

082 Rampaging Raccoon 2


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At his majesty’s request, we moved to the training ground of the court magicians.


His majesty was saying・・・


「I’ve heard that you’ve to advance to the advanced Dungeon, which means you can fight with a C rank monster right?」


Not to mention Rank C, I can even fight against Rank A and higher monster. But I’ve seen about Roma’s gladiator fight, so it’d be like seeing them fighting against a lion.


「The dungeon rank through a party, I can break through them because of my comrades」


「Still, it’s still possible by thine self, right?」


He seems to want to see it.

Dorothy-sama was glaring at his majesty.

The Prime minister also looks at him.

Well, the prime minister’s obstruction isn’t for my good but because of his fear of causing Bryutzels house turning their swords towards the royals.


By the way, my rank in the guild is B.

I’ve been certified as Rank B after passing the advanced Dungeon.

This is because most of the monster inside the advanced dungeon is Rank B, so that my Guild ranks also risen to B.


There’s a large wall between rank D and Rank C in monster’s rank, while the former can be defeated by a party of rank D, the latter can only be defeated by parties of rank C or more.


Since our party can defeat a Rank B monster alone, it’s believed that we’re closer to Rank A than B since we’ve actually had yet to defeat a Rank A monster, so we’re still a Rank B adventurer.


Well, even if I’m not there, Carla and Peron can defeat a Rank B monster on their own.


「If it’s your majesty’s order・・・」


I’m avoiding a clear answer.

If there’s anything wrong with me, it’s his majesty’s fault! Is what I answer said.


「Umu, then show me thine power」




Which is the reason why we’ve moved to court magician’s training ground.

Most of the important nobles attending the ceremony now watching.

Then, as if being prepared for it, the monster already there.

He seems to be fully prepared to deny my refusal.


The monster was bounded with magic in the centre of the field.

From 4 side of the field, you can see the court magicians supplying mana towards the binding magic circle.


「The monster in the centre is a Big Grizzly. It’s an easy target for Viscount Bryutois isn’t it?」


「I won’t dare presume as so」


「Do not be so humble. ・・・I do have a little request though?」


I don’t want to answer his majesty’s advance but I can’t do so.


「Can you beat him without damaging his torso」


Ho, you want to do some tie play huh.

In other words, the Kingdom can put the monster under restraining but they can’t defeat the monster・・・or at least, they can’t defeat the monster without damaging the body.

I understand what’s his majesty done this farce for.

In front, his majesty asked me to take care of this big Grizzly without injuring its body, which is impossible for the court magicians within the royal court magician.

By letting me done that and letting his majesty takes the hide、・・・then what shall it gave me?


「I can’t guarantee it, but I shall do my best to not betray your expectation」


Now then, doing it successfully alone isn’t enough, I need to show off my power while withholding them to some extent, and suppress them so as to not bring me trouble・・・


Sending a glance toward my father.

I feel that my father sent me a gaze that’s it is unavoidable, so do it as to not make you hurt.

Dorothy-sama looks at me with tear-filled eyes.

The nobles look towards me varied, there’s some that look sympathetic, some that look like being shown interesting things, while some are hostile towards me.

His majesty is・・・is looking happy.


「Viscount Bryutoise, Are you ready?」


「・・・Yes, your majesty. Whenever」


Being prepared or whatnot, it’s not like I need to be prepared or anything.

In addition, although a big grizzly is a C ranked monster, the big guy restrained in front of me is obviously a mutated one.

Many mutants are stronger than their original, which make the big Grizzly in front of me is an upper B rank, which is close to A rank.

That racoon didn’t prepare a C rank monster in the first place.

Ah, heck, I will call that Racoon from now on・・・


「Umu, then begin!」


The mana that restrained the big Grizzly is vanishing.

・・・I think it’s better to decapitate it while having it restrained.



The liberated big Grizzly showcasing its hostility towards the nobels’ surrounding the field more than I do.

The big Grizzly must feel the hostility given from the spectator.

Well, those hostilities were sent towards me.




The big Grizzly suddenly roared.

The action is something that called an action blocking effect, but it’s not working for me.

The spectator that receives the direct roar clattered, while some of the nobles fainted, the knight? Or is it the soldiers? Also, do.

The racoon is laughing towards those nobles and soldiers.

It’s okay to appreciate those that can’t endure the roar but・・・you sure had a bad habit.


A normal big grizzly that stands on two feet had a height of 3 m, but this mutated one is 4m tall.

Big Grizzly has characterized its 8 legs.

There’s a debate of which is the front legs and the hinds legs.

One of the scholars even said that the 2 it used to stand is the hind legs, while the other is the front legs.

For now, that theory is the one mostly believed by the mass.

On the other hand, there’s also a theory of the 4 below and above are the hind and front legs respectively, and the 4 in the middle are the hind, and two on the ground and above are the front legs.

・・・Who cares.

The Big Grizzly rushed towards the spectating nobles.

It rushed agilely while using all of its 8 legs.



The nobles that try to escapes and those that have weak knees are scattering behind the undamaged wall.

It’s natural to have a barrier for the spectator, even so, it’s such an embarrassment to see the nobles acts like so~。

Well, since there’s plenty of guys showering me hostile gaze, it’s alright