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After getting revenge on the Thulcaan Empire, Jack Valantier took his last breath. But just when he thinks it’s all over, he finds himself transported back to when he was 14! From his negligent and wicked family to his loyal servant and caring sister, it’s all just as he had remembered. But this time, Jack…

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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 75


075 Christoph’s feeling and the pitiful last boss


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After parting in the library, Dorothy-sama started to avoid me.

Even in the classroom, whenever she sees me, she always avoids me by leaving the room.

Even if we passed each other on the corridor, she always pretends to not see me.


Why’d my graduation be the reason she’s mad at me, I’m also a victim you know.


「Christoph, what have you done to her highness Dorothy? Have the of you quarrelled? There’s a rumour about you make Dorothy-sama cried」


「I also hear that Dorothy-sama is crying」


「I also don’t understand. Not long after you guys left, I met with Dorothy-sama, after some conversation she’s angry at me and left・・・」


I told them about what happened in detail.

Would Dorothy-sama envied our graduation?


「You of all thing, haaa」(TLN: haaa, a dense japanese MC after a long time. For a non-virgin Reincarnator, he sure is dense)


「It’s Christoph’s fault」



Why am I at fault?

Shouldn’t the one at fault is father?

Eh~, is father’s sin is son’s sin?!

Ah, it’s parent’s fault so the child the one need to pay huh.

In addition, whereas you’re a noble, your parents’ sin is something you need to pay for・・・but, it isn’t so in this case right?


「What’s the mistake I did?」


「Carla, the monster is the left! Can you take care of it?」


「Fire arrow! Are you really don’t know?」


「Air slash! Christoph-kun didn’t understand a woman’s heart」


「Lightning Bolt! There’s no other choice, let me tell you」


It’s dangerous to fight monsters while walking and listening to my problem, it’s better to stop for a while.

But, while talking about this in a dungeon is bad, I feel worse to make someone out of a royal lineage mad at me, so, please tell me~.


「We’ll do so after collecting the corpse okay」




「Okay, I’ll go now」






Is it a priority to do the dungeon rather than completing my problem?


「Don’t make that kind of face! What Christoph think of her highness Dorothy?」


「what I think huh・・・beautiful and smart ・・・Royalty?」


「The heck is that? Are you really don’t know what her highness Dorothy felt?」




「Carla, even if you ask Christoph a girl’s mind・・・」


What is that pity filled eyes.

I also seriously worried you know!


「Okay Christoph. Open your ear widely, scoop it and listen to this」


Okay, now go and say it!

Heck, I can’t use a scoop to pick my ears!


「Monster in the left!」


「Shine lance! Later okay」


「Air slash!」

「Lightning bolt!」

「Iron arrowー!」


「Okay, collect them!」




Heck, the monster is annoying!

You bastard better not disturbing me!


「hey you, why were you release the magic power!」


「Eh, ah. I thought of the monster being annoyingss・・・」


「don’t ss me. our prey became smaller!」


「Just tell him already, Carla」


That’s right, that’s right, just tell me already, Carla!

If you don’t hurry up and tell me, I’d cry!


「okay okay, then, let’s start from the beginning. Christoph thinks of her highness Dorothy as a smart and beautiful royalty, but her highness Dorothy isn’t familiar with the nobleman Christoph. Do you already understand ?」


She’s my cousin, after all, my classmate at the royal magic academy, and my rival・・・


「Carla. He might not understand it・・・」


「A~hhh! Her highness Dorothy is in love with Christoph! That’s why she always greets you and appealing to you whenever you’re near!」




Wait for a minute!

Dorothy sama is le、la、li、lo、love・・・Mehh!

Nonono, it’s impossible right, after all, ・・・ah, Tsundere・・・

I, aren’t I always calling her tsundere・・・

For real・・・





「Carla, Christoph-kun frozen!」


「That’s right, it’s amusing to see Christoph being awkward like this. For now, let’s rest in the rock over there, and wait for Christoph’s revival. Peron, carry Christoph over there」


「Eh! I alone?」


「Of course you do! you want this fragile me to help?」







Why didn’t I notice it?

Aren’t there plenty enough hint?

When you look calmly, Dorothy-sama is head over heels towards me?

Then, why didn’t I notice it until now?

Did I avoid Dorothy-sama unconsciously?

No, that isn’t it・・・it should be not.

If I did, I’d ignore her and eliminate her presence since the start.

Then, why?

Because I’m not calm when I see her so I can’t understand it・・・?

I’m not calm?

Something like that is・・・




Calm down, if I’m not calm, then why am I not calm?

Is it because Dorothy-sama is better than me?・・・Wrong.

Is it because Dorothy-sama is younger than me?・・・Wrong.

Do I hate Dorothy-sama?・・・Wrong.

Do I envy Dorothy-sama?・・・Wrong.

Do I want Dorothy-sama’s status?・・・Wrong.

Do I Dislike Dorothy-sama?・・・Wrong.

Do I Like Dorothy-sama?・・・

Do I Like Dorothy-sama?・・・

Do I Like Dorothy-sama?・・・


Do I Like Dorothy-sama?・・・that’s right!


I like Dorothy-sama!

That’s why I’m pretending to be calm・・・Which is the reason why, even though I do know that she liked me, I pretend to not・・・

I’m a coward・・・

I was afraid to say that I love her, that I want her to say she likes me.

Christoph you cowards!



What do I do-h?

No matter what I do, the answer isn’t coming!

Still, Dorothy-sama is a royal!

It’s normal for a nobles and royalty’s children to be used as a political tool !

Even if I say that I like her, Dorothy-sama may still be engaged and married to another man!

What should I do-h!

What I should do is already fixed!

Whether it’s the royal family nor it’s the god, the only thing needed is to hit them with my feelings!

What happens after should be thought after-hah!






「I’ve decided!」


「Wa, wait for a minute・・・What have you decided? Heck, don’t suddenly shout out of nothing」


「Un, I’m surprised」


「I’ll meet Dorothy-sama now!」


「Ha?W, what do you mean by now, we’re inside a dungeon you know? What’d you do with the last boss?」


「It’s a massacre! Let’s go!」(TLN: YAY! Slaughter them!)


I slaughter every monster appeared before me and proceed.

I won’t do anything if it didn’t appear, but I’d slaughter anything that appeared.

I won’t forgive anyone that block my path!








「Take this, Roar of the fiery hell-hah!」


「Wai, kyah」「Uwah」


The last boss is also defeated with a  spell, so when I thought that I’d return to the ground immediately, Carla Struck my head with full power.

Heck, don’t hit me with your fist!

It’s hurt like hell you know!


「It hurt, why’d you hit me?」


「Christoph, calm down! I mean, even your character is changed you see!」


「T, that’s right. Please back to the everyday Christoph」




「Rather, to kill the last boss with a hit・・・Even though it’s the first time we reach here and it lost its role, the last boss is pitiful・・・」


That’s true, why am I so impatient?

Hahaha, that’s right, isn’t it.

I was a little too hot-blooded about it・・・

Wrong, my identity isn’t that hot-blooded!

Calm down, calm down me!


「I understand, I seem to be in a hurry. I think that I’d already calmed down. Carla, please give the instruction」


「good grief. Peron investigate the dent before and check if there’s any monster inside, and Christoph can collect that blackened waste」






「I don’t see a monster in that dent, but there’s something in it, so I better check it」


「Understood, let’s go. Don’t lower your guard!」


Then, without lowering our guard we went deeper and peek at the dent.

There lies a treasure box for a person.


「What do you think it is?」


「Treasure chest?」


「it’s Treasure box isn’t it?」


I know the feeling that Carla has when she reconfirms the sight with us.

We’ve cleared the beginner through the elementary and middle -lass dungeon but never seen a treasure box inside the boss’ room.

I understand why’s she wary about it.


「I’ll open it」


Just to be sure, I’ve check of the traps hidden beside them and found nothing, I’ve check the inside with Clairvoyance but failed.

Raising our alert level to the max, Carla opened the box.




What a light sound.




「What’s wrong Carla?」




let’s see?

It’s kinda foolish that 3 people craned their neck an took a peek at the opened chest.


Certainly, it’s a book.

For a box this big to store a book・・・What a waste of space.


But, I can feel mana surrounding this book.

I see this book seems to be a magic book.

Not to mention・・・


「This is a 『Grimoire』, a book with a will. You shouldn’t touch it nonchalantly. Would it be alright for me to take it?」


「I shall leave it to Christoph」


「I see. Rather than keeping it poorly and had an accident, it’s better to leave it to Christoph. Is it alright thought?」


「Aa, I’ve calmed down already. Then, aport!」


Without touching it, I use aport to bring it to the inventory.


「Yosh, since there might be nothing left. Let’s go back to the ground」


『Roger that!