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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 74

074 Each and everyone’s chosen path and Dorothy’s



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The years about to end.

The northern part seems to be snowing.

In Japan now, it’d be Christmas eve.

The calendar in this world has not 31st, it’s ended at 30th of the 12th month.


Holy kingdom Vandamme has no new year, and year-end holiday.

From the 12th month 30th day to 1st-day 1st month, there’d be a festival but there’s no break, and the job operated normally.

However, the are vacation that is accepted as a custom in the latter part of the 1st day in the first month, and the town seems to be loose on this certain day.


Holy kingdom Vandamme has 2 long holidays, the summer which is the time we went on vacation before, and the new year holidays which started from the 2nd month to 3rd month.

Royal magic academy had a holiday from the 11th day on the 2nd month to 3oth day of the 3rd month.

By the way, the academy had a test in the 1st month which will be the deciding factor whether you graduated or not, and those failures will be given supplementary lesson until the 5th of the 2nd month.

If you drop the supplementary exam you’d be failed and unable to graduate, which means repeating a year. In case you repeat the class, the tuition fees will be doubled and it’d be economically difficult for a commoner.

In case you’re a noble, there definitely be no case of them repeating a year so they’d be desperate to graduate.

Thus, at the 2nd month on the 10th day, that day, the graduation was held for the 3rd years, after which a new life opened at a place of employment.


There’s this kind of event in the royal magic academy with this kind of feeling.

Why am I saying these・・・The other days, I was called by Bloom-sensei, I’ve received the information that I’ve already finished all the required credit and so I decided to graduate on the 10th day of the 2nd month.

I’m surprised at the conversation without I realize it.


In addition, Carla, Clara, Peron, and Pritz were called with the same matter,

Still, Clara had a demonology test which had shown the result, is it alright for her to graduate yet? So I ask.

And then, since we’ve met all the skill in the practical exam we’d got all the credit.

Well, since I’m the one tutored them, it’s not something at a student level.


However, there’s a big problem which occurred here.

If you ask me what is it, the answer will be finding employment.

The job-hunting usually started at summer and decided in 11th month until the end of the year, so, at this time, there’s no good employment destination.

If you want to say it, please do it sooner, and everyone started boo-ing.


「What about it? Being told like that suddenly I’m a little bit troubled, I don’t have any preparation」


Carla-kun, we’ve all know what you’re thinking.


「Carla, everyone knows about that too. Ah, Christoph has Bryut firm, and there’s also his territory right?」


「Peron, it’s not a territory, it’s a land」


「It’s the same. That’s right, isn’t it great if Christoph just hired us?」


What did you sayss?


「I think so too, it would bother Christoph」


As always, Pritz-kun is modest.

I wish you could share that with Clara.

Still, as Clara says, it’s alright for me to just hire the 4 of them.

I also lack the manpower, and the 4 of them is unemployed, so the supply and demand matched well!


「Christoph-kun, you don’t need to think about it so seriously, Carla and the other isn’t seriously thinking so after all」


「Ara, I’m serious. Peron, didn’t you want him to hire you either ?」


「If that happen I’d be delighted but, I think it’d be inconvenient for him」


「Peron, let Christoph molt for us! Then it’d be completely fine!」


If you want to say that, why won’t you molt your skin, Carla-kun.

I’m not a snake so I won’t molt.

But, like a certain Kinshiro-san, let me put a hand on your shoulder and hired you all!(TLN: don’t know what he meant, ただ、某金四郎さんみたいに片肩を出して君たちを受け入れようじゃないか!)

There’s no sakura storm though.


「I understand, let me hire the 4 of you. I will need more manpower since I’ve lack them, so if everyone is happy with it, Please, come to my place」


Father’s the one pulling the string behind after all, so let’s make him take some responsibilities.

The other 4 are entangled by me after all.

Of course, I’d make father take responsibility.


「Yosh!With this, we won’t need to worry about employment! Then, tomorrow let’s defeat the advanced level dungeon boss, and etch our name as the first advance dungeon breaker in the academy!」


「ah, so sl~y, I also want to break through the advanced dungeon!」


「Clara, you’ve still not completed the intermediate dungeon so there’s no other choice」


「Mo, Pritz is always shy after all!」


「Peron, get ready for tomorrow!」


「ah、yeah. See you again guys」


Peron was dragged by Carla.

Explode you riajuu!


Not long after, Prtiz and Clara also left from the library.

It’s funny that everywhere those 4 are always noisy.

You better choose the fight time and place to be noisy.

The me that being left, is pierced by the stares after all.


Sigh, I had a short relationship with this library you see.

Let’s read in the restricted area for a while.


「Is it true that you’d be graduating at the 2nd month?!」


Ah, it’d be noisy again it seems.


「Dorothy-sama, please calm down. This is a library」


「How can I calm down!Why are Carla and the other also graduated!」


I don’t know about that, but, if Dorothy-sama wishes for it, you can also bulldoze it, and graduate together.


「That is something I can’t answer. But, it seems that we’d soon parted. I thought that we’d spent these 3 years together・・・」


「Is that alright?」


What is?

・・・is it the involvement of the other 4 in my graduation?

Since Dorothy-sama is kind, she must’ve thought that the other 4 is inconvenienced by their involvement with me.


Dorothy-sama show me the tsundere face she always has shown me before.

The tsun expression is the same as before, but the expression is slightly different.


「It’s not my intention. It might be my father’s doing. I slightly feel sorry for the other 4・・・」


「I didn’t talk about that topic! Christoph-sama・・・Me・・・kuh, it’s nothing!」


Dorothy-sama ran out of the library and goes on the hallway.

I feel slightly happy to see the previous tsundere face of Dorothy-sama, but what is her intention in the whole conversation ?(TLN rage: let’s burn him in a stake! Do you agree with me guys?!)

What kind of bad thing did I do?

・・・I don’t’ understand