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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 73


073 Speculation


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Clara’s special training is doing well.

With this condition, she’d definitely passed the advanced demonology test on the 1st month.


Dorothy-sama also growing up steadily.

What is growing up you ask, I don’t need to say it right?

The blessing (large) which I gave thing.

As it grows every day, the surrounding eyes filled with disbelief, but, since we know the reason we can see it with eyes filled with warmth.

Since there’s no tsundere Dorothy-sama anymore I feel a little bit lonely but, this Dorothy-sama is also cute so it’s OK.



Dorothy-sama is also excellent, leaving only Demonology and Ancient language Balm, she already passed the other subject in writing test until advanced grade.

And, since she already cleared the elementary dungeon practical test, there’s no problem in her credit on the practical test.

Then, our party advancing steadily in conquering the advanced dungeon, every time we gave the B rank monster’s corpses to the guild there, we seem to be the rumour inside and outside the academy.

Well, a B-ranked monster is something only those 1st ranked adventurer can defeat, so it’s not weird for us to be rumoured.

This is the thing about adventurer not in the military.


The money we got from selling the monsters’ carcasses to the guild is plenty already.

It’s not weird that the money is already enough for Peron to bought a store in the royal city, wouldn’t he really open a stored once he graduated from the school?


One day, in some days before the 11th-month end, I was discussing my future to father.

We talk about the bryut island, since the development is going well, Father intends to inspect it, and later think about its settlement.

It’s certainly true that using golems for various development and there’s also plenty of cultivated land, but the management will be difficult with a settler there.

I have school, there’s also bryut firm, if I need to take care of even the island, my sleeping time will definitely be nonexistent.


The opinion is split between me and father, which promotes to have a settlement and me who denies it.

There, father said that if it needed he will send people there, and also help to gather the settler to live there.


「Father, you better not thought of sending the slum in Bryutzels territory right?」


「hah! what・・・are you talking about・・・」


I seem to be correct.

Since the bryut island is nominally a part of Bryut frontier, if the slums being settled there, the tax revenue on the area will increase.

Moreover, the population in the slum will decrease resulting in improvement on the town’s security.

If it left alone as my private property, there won’t be any productivity, so my father wants to produce a settlement there.


「I’m thinking of hiring slaves to have some manpower in the mansion and the cultivated land, and I can think of the settler after I’ve graduated so, for now, please give it up father.」


I must decline it firmly when I doing so.

I won’t give Bryut island even if you’re my father.

Well, no one had entered the island until now though.

Bryut island is a natural fortress that’s surrounded by a steep cliff which has long been rejecting people after all.


「Then, what about increasing the production rate by the number of slaves? Of course, I’d be the one preparing the slaves」


What’s the reason you want to increase the production rate?

The amount of food produced by Bryutzels frontier are outstanding even in the kingdom’s rate, so I don’t understand father’s concern・・・


「I’d tell you that in another opportunity」


I’m being cut and thrown away.

Now then, let’s leave father alone and visit the firm after a while.





I gave a voice to Fillia that’s trained with grandfather, and going to the store along with fillia and the escort knights.


The current Bryut firm had a completely new order.

Even so, the chairman and vice-chairman are still me and Fillia.

Then what’s changed, the manager changed from Fillia to Prietta.

Prietta became debt slaves because she had a sick father that need to be treated. Since she became my slaves, his father being cared for by the doctor from the family, and became better since.

I can heal him like what I did to Fillia, but she’d be like Fillia, fully depended on me, so, rather than doing that. I procure a way for her to cure her father using the money she had, so she can manage the rest herself.

Because she’s hard-working, I think that she’s a good replacement for Fillia and released her from slavery.

Of course, she can’t prepare twice the amount of money I bought her from slavery, so I let her pay her debt from the wages cut.


After that, I created a new position, with Marmel as the vice manager, Selka as production head, and Clamp as security head, giving them authority and responsibility.

These 3 are also released from slavery and given the same treatment as Prietta.


I approached the other slaves and asked them who want to be released but, no one raises their hand.

It seems that there’s a reputation that my slaves is a super slave that have a better life than a commoner, and it seems that their safety is guaranteed because there’s not many that dare to lay a hand on the slaves of Bryutzels margrave son. (TLN: … welp… it’s sure is better than being a corporate slaves… orz)


「these are the things which will be released in the 1st month next year, the first thing is a magic bag that can have a 200kg capacity, with a price of 1 million S, the next one is a thunderbolt ring with a selling price of 30 thousand S, then it’d be ice wall ring with a price of 30 thousand S」


The magician is asking the clerk about the product.


「I think it’s better to set the magic bag’s price higher. Such a convenient item will surely be sought by many」


Surprisingly, Selka proposed to raise the bag’s price.

It feels fresh because Selka rarely says much about it.


「The reason is?」


「yes, the magic bag can only hold 200kg but, since the time elapsed inside is almost nonexistent. This capability makes it easier to transport food that’s easily rotting. Which is the reason that I think 1 million S is too cheap」


「What Selka said is right. Then, I’ll leave the pricing to Selka」


「Eh?. Thank you very much」


Selka’s opinion is also agreed by the others, and it’s good to have some autonomy so I’d leave something like this alone for them little by little.


「Is there anyone else? If you had any you can talk to Prietta. If you can’t afford to, please depend on Fillia okay」




Since there’s no other suggestion, I left for the dorm while Fillia goes to the mansion.

This store became smaller huh.

I want to have a larger store・・・I think that the 1st floor of the employee dorm can be used as a store・・・Should I use this opportunity to move.



(Author note)


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