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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 76

076 Confession


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It’s bad~

I’m trouble~

It’s good that I come out of momentum, but then what?

I had yet to decide to do anything.


「What do you want to talk about the school?」


I don’t know the way to say it so I come out straightforwardly.


「What is it about?」


「The day before, Bloom-sensei told me that I’d graduate at the 2nd month next year」


「Well, that’s a piece of great news. I’ve never heard of someone that graduating from the academy in a year.」


「Do you really want to play dumb?」


「What kind of thing would I play dumb with?」


As expected of someone that raised in the political stage, father sure is a thick wall.

My pursuit feels like a breeze for him.


「Is that so… then let’s talk about after graduation」


「Umu, what’d you do after graduating?」


「Yes, I wish to become an adventurer」


「ad, ad… adventurer?,,, what would you do about the Bryut firm? And what about Bryut island?」


You’ve become impatient.

Please be as impatient as much a s you want.


「Bryut firm can operate steadily without my intervention, and the island can be as it is even if it unattended」


「The you want to abandon the land given by his majesty?」


It’s my choice to handle my own land.


「I’ve received the land without a reason to make it my territory. I received it as the payment for the military supplies, and there’s no reason to develop it. Since there’s no reason to develop it, it’s okay to just leave it alone」


「That would trouble me! ah!」


The lies exposed.


「Please do tell」


「…I understand… but don’t let Cecilia knows about it please」


Hahaha, father seems to be afraid of mother.


「That’s impossible. I’ve told the mother that father has done something. I think she’d pursue you later」




It might be good for father to have its end of the world expression for times to time.

For someone who conspired against his child, it’s alright for him to get a glare.

Now, spit it out!

Spit it out asap!

Confess to me!


「It’s the silk spider.… You do know why Silk spider’s thread had a small quantity right?」


I nod.


「When I brag about Ignatz, I happened to talk about the birth gift you made. At the middle of my bragging, I also thought ok, then the aftereffect you see ・・・」


「I didn’t tell where I get the silk spider’s thread am I?」


「I also told so to his majesty. However, I and his majesty also think that the source of the silk is from the Bryut island. No, we certain of it」


The timing was bad huh.

It’s immediately after I own the island・・・

I also had responsibility for it.


「since it already here after all. To be blunt, I’d like for you to supply the silk spider’s silk. As you had also known, a wedding dress created by silk is something the royals needed. Since nowadays the supply suffered, his majesty also had a headache」


「if it’s like so then I won’t refuse. Please do tell so from the start. Still, after you say so, it makes me wonder who’s the person from the royal family that would marry?」


What a naïve question.


「because there are several princesses that around the age there’s a need to prepare for things that about to happen. Not to mention the princess which is close to Christoph’s age, her highness Dorothy will likely the one married the earliest」


What did you say?

Dorothy-sama’s wedding・・・

No way!


「fa, fa, fa, fa, father!」




「do, do, do, do, Dorothy-sama’s… we, we, wedding?」


「Are you alright, how about drink water first to calm down」


「ra, rather than that. Dorothy-sama’s・・・」


「What do you want to say. ―――――is it about Dorothy-sama’s wedding」




What is this old man talking about?

What is ti?

It’s bad・・・

Haa, haa, haa, haa, haa, haa

My breathing jumbled・・・

My consciousness fading・・・






「her highness, please give me some of your time」


I need to have a serious talk with Dorothy-sama.

Otherwise, I’d definitely regret it.




Whenever I approached her highness, I’d always be obstructed by her follower.


「Do you have any business with Dorothy-sama?」


What a hindrance.

I can’t afford to care for others now, so I’d hope that the female-students to disappear.




An enormous torrent of mana assaulting the girls.

Of course with that much of a mana torrent assaulting them, they can’t stay sane in the place. So, they scattered.


「・・・Christoph-sama、・・・Can you・・・that・・torrent of mana?」


Since Dorothy-sama isn’t directly received the torrent of mana, she can manage to talk. However, it’s different towards the followers, all of them stared at the sky with empty eyes and quivering lips.


「your majesty, please lets talk・・・」


「・・・Let’s do so・・・in that cafe」


I’m sorry that I need to threaten Dorothy-sama to have a conversation with me but, I feel like I can kill someone who disturbs me with my mana alone.




I nod, took Dorothy-sama’s hand and went to the café.

There’re several students stared at me after witnessing the vortex of mana, but that’s least of a concern for me.


Sitting on a chair, asking the waitress for a tea, I stare at Dorothy-sama.

Since it’s during a class, it’s a godsend that there’s no student within the store.


The silence continues.

I don’t know what to say.

While thinking about so, the waitress put the tea on the table and went away.


「・・・What’s the conversation about?」




Put your courage upfront, if you don’t say anything you’d surely regret it you know!


「If you don’t want to talk, then I’d take my leave・・・」


E~I, just do it!


「I am!」


Nervousness makes me raise my voice.


「I need to apologize to her majesty」




Dorothy-sama looks down on me with suspicion.


「I’ve been running away from you majesty・・・」


Dorothy-sama stared at me widely and asked, 「Why?」from her own mouth.


「I beg your pardon. But, I won’t run away anymore・・・So・・・So・・・」


Dorothy-sama tries to leave her seat and running away.

But. I also stood and took her hand to stop her.


「Please・・let me go」


I hold Dorothy-sama’s hand and knelt at her.

Then firmly stare at her, I opened my mouth.


「I thought of Dorothy-sama dearly」


I thought that fire would appear from my face.

I’ve thought plenty of different ways to tell her but, in the end, I told her straightly・・・Heck, even in japan I never once confess my feelings, so I can’t say anything nifty!


「Please, accept my heart for you・・・」


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