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Revision | Lonelyheart RAW novel


Kim Un-hee’s delicate love report on love and marriageLove, innocence, fantasy, romance……. And marriage. Like a combination of words that seemed to never be united, Gun-il and Si-eun became a couple. The artist speaks of the harsh reality with a cold gaze within the framework of the archetypal romance of contract marriage. Is marriage the…

The Legendary youngest son of the marquis MTL


After getting revenge on the Thulcaan Empire, Jack Valantier took his last breath. But just when he thinks it’s all over, he finds himself transported back to when he was 14! From his negligent and wicked family to his loyal servant and caring sister, it’s all just as he had remembered. But this time, Jack…

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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 77


077 Christoph’s future plan


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「You’re really great! To think that you’d raze the enemy with a gaze and took away Dorothy-sama. I’ve seen Christoph in a better light!」


「I feel sorry for the girls that assaulted by the mana, but rest assured after you and Dorothy-sama left, I and Carla have to take care of them」


「It’s good that you hit them with it. For some barbarian that dare to disturb someone’s love, they’d be given a punishment from god! Ah, it’s a punishment from a real god」


Carla might say some good things, but I’m a hard time.

After releasing a huge amount of magic, I was called by Bloom-sensei, and get an earful for a long time. After that, the curious gaze from the other student gave me a chill, Clara and Older sister Chrysnans also squeeze me out for an answer, it’s my first shame in this world.



What about Dorothy-sama’s reply?




・・・You want to ask that?


Dorothy-sama’s reply is・・・「it’s getting a little bigger you know」, at first I don’t understand what she meant, but then she held a hand to her chest while shouting [hah!].

Which is why I stand up and said「it’s not because it’s getting bigger!」to deny it but, I don’t know whether it’s weird or not but, Dorothy-sama is laughing out loud and helping me to stand up, and give me an answer.


「I do also cherish you」


I took a leap.

The words are different but, I danced in joy.

Taking both of Dorothy’s hand, I danced with her.

The clerk got angry though.


「By the way, is it alright to tell the other about my employment in Bryut firm? My father is noisy you see, and I want to tell him that too~」


A full-blown topic avoidance huh.

As expected of Carla, a self-interest person.


「I’ve already told that I’d work with Christoph, it’s alright isn’t it?」


Peron-kun is also quick huh.

Well, I do know that you need to report your graduation to your parents but・・・hey, you guys, where did you get the time to?

It’s not after we had the conversation in the library and preparing for the dungeon raid, is it?


「Indeed, while those in the firm had more freedom, I wonder if it’s better to be in the frontier? I’d go home to had a various talk with my father, and I’d ask for some advice from him」


「ah, I prefer to work in a firm if it’s possible~. Working in the frontier as a government official is too stiff for me」


「Yeah, for a freeman like me to work in the frontier, will make me bullied by the nobles that worked there already」


「both of your ability will stand out even if you entered the magic corps. But it’s already decided that both of you will be a government official in the territory」


「What’d make us do?」


「It’d be more fun to see it yourself」




Thus I’m back to the story before.

I went back to the mansion to ask for a piece of advice for my future career, the 4 of them, and about Dorothy-sama.

First of all, I asked the thing about the graduation of the 5 of us and father’s involvement within, with addition of nuclear warhead-class information dropped from father’s mouth.

That’s right, news about the marriage of Dorothy-sama came out from father’s mouth.


「Oi, Christoph, are you alright-gasp!」


「haa, haa, haa, haa, haa, haa, … Father?」


「Take a hold of yourself! First, drink the water」


I seem to be too much in shock that I faint.

I took the water father gave me in a single gulp, and lie down on the sofa.


「I’m sorry to make some noise」


「Rather than that, are you really alright? I hope it’s not another sickness・・・」


I deny my father’s last words.


「As a god myself, I won’t get sick」


「・・・If that’s true then it’s good」


「Rather than that, what did you say about Dorothy-sama?」


「N? aah, is it about yours and Dorothy-sama’s wedding?」


Stop right there!

What kind of topic is that?

When the couple just confirmed each other feelings the other day?


「That,・・・Since when was there the talk about mine and Dorothy’s marriage・・・?」


「Oh?・・・aaaa, are you perhaps hadn’t heard about it from Cecilia?」


Stop right there!

Mother knew about mine and Dorothy’s marriage?

Heck, nobles are scary, to have the conversation without the main person knowing about it.


「I see, you’ve never heard of it huh. It’s a story 4 years before you see・・・her majesty Dorothy-sama visited the territory with the purpose to visit Christoph. At that time, despite Christoph’s dismay had asked Cecilia to be engaged with her」



Then, it’s the story about from before I lost my memory?


「But, Christoph at that time is already been given up by the doctor. So, I and his majesty said that is something to talk after you both became grown up to her highness Dorothy」


Thus I recovered and became a god・・・


Wait a minute.


「I’m still 13, I’ve yet to be an adult isn’t it?」


「His majesty you see・・・Bring up about the engagement to be done soon ・・・it seems that the military supply thingies increase his majesty’s favorability towards you. Your firm’s financial situation, your achievement in the academy, and even the silk spider’s. you’ve increased your awareness towards his majesty too much 」


Hahaha, so it’s all my fault!

But, if that’s the case, it won’t be a problem for me to date Dorothy-sama!

A botamochi fell from the shelf.(An unexpected and pleasant surprise)

Nono, is it the effect of the one who brings calamity and fortune?!


「I no understand the matter about Dorothy-sama. Now I want to ask about the future?」


「That’s right. After Christoph’s graduation, his majesty will grant you a title of Viscount. At the same time, announcing your engagement with her highness Dorothy, and prepare for the wedding after she reaches adulthood」


I’d be a viscount in the end huh.

Still, isn’t a viscount is too low for a person to be a royal?

Heck, so his majesty also responsible for it.


「By that time, if Christoph succeed in developing the island, he’d be granted an earl title」


It’d be certainly no problem if a princess is betrothed with an earl, but it’d be complete desertion.

What the heck is my father and his majesty’s thinking, with the premise that I succeed.

What if I failed to succeed?

This is what a calculating raccoon would think about.


「Even if you fail to develop it, you’d still be elevated a peerage」


Is that so.


「I understand. Then, what about my follower that graduated along with me, since the 4 of them will work under me, it’s alright for them to be the officer of viscount Bryutzels right?」


「the 4 of them may serve you as retainers of the viscount. Eventually, they’d be someone that supports a count. Then, Christophe will create a new household, different from the bryutzels’ house, since it’d be bad for a princess to be married to a branch family」


A new household・・・

For me Bryutzels is a good name but.

It’s only been 2 years, but I feel quite attached to Bryutzels name.


「Even though we say that’s a completely different household, it’s can still be the same. I’d tell his majesty about it in the next appointment」


After that, I and my father pack every plan that could be included and confirmed our future plan.

Of course, not long after my father is scolded by my mother in a private room after our discussion. Several hours later, mother comes out with shiny and supple skin, let’s feign to not know about it.

Will I get another brother or sister?