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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 53

053 Tunnel 1

ED: Sorry for the delay on my end. Trying to manage work n life. Heads-up; Chris is pitiful~
It’s obviously delayed, but it’s not the ED fault~ I just try to search for something to fix the sites and it’s unexpectedly spent over 2 months~ lol, I get myself busy with something or another, and the sites still blocked by the GOOGLE…

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「Christoph, hear this!」
What the heck is this suddenly?
「Because there’s a ruby necklace on a show window, I tried to enter but was refused entry! That bastard looking down on me because I’m a kid!」
Even if it’s only an example, a girl shouldn’t use dirty words you know.
「Ah, we too have the same experience, we were also refused entry, right, Pritz?」
However, although they are indeed children, they’re still nobles and together along with their escorts. To deny their entry that is・・・amusing! I want to visit it if I have the time, but I don’t have the time, for now, so let’s just see them later, and ask the address for now.
Let’s just laugh it off for now.
Now then, let’s check my schedule for tomorrow.
「I’ll be in the mine from morning to evening so, what’ll you 4 do?」
「There’s still plenty of places we’d yet to see so, we’ll go shopping until you came back, right, Peron?」
「Should we go shopping too?」
Peron and Pritz are really being pulled by the ass, huh. Still, since Clara and Pritz are sticky (close) it’ll be troublesome when Pritz gets a girlfriend huh・・・for Pritz that is.
「If something happens, consult it with the escorts. If there’s something that the Knights can’t handle, take it to the city administrator Gilles-san」
Like so, I ate my dinner and soaked in the hot spring. That’s right! There’s a hot spring gushing out in this Jacquard city! Isn’t that a happy thing for a former Japanese like me as it’s been several years since I’ve soaked in a hot spring. It’s comfortable.
「Won’t you search for a girlfriend Pritz?」
Pritz answered my question with an exhausted voice.
「It’s because I have this small mother-in-law you know・・・」
Peron and I put our hands on Pritz’s shoulder to encourage him.
「But, I have a fiancée you know」
What did you say!
You bastard, you’ve betrayed me huh!
「That’s right, won’t Christoph search for a girlfriend? I think Princess Dorothy is a good match with you, you know?」
Peron-kun, what kind of bomb did you drop! Indeed that Dorothy-sama is a bishoujo, there’s her “don’t want to lose” part also, but she’s a good person inside, is what I think. But, It’s a shame she doesn’t have a chest! As expected without a chest I・・ahem, my type is a “boing-boing” woman.
「There’s no way it’s Dorothy-sama!」
「Christoph-kun likes a woman with a big chest after all, huh」
Pritz-kun, how do you know that? It’s a preference that I would never tell anyone to, how did you know!
「Christoph-kun、・・・seems to not be aware that, every time you met with a woman with a big breast, you always stare at their chest・・・」
Wha, what did you say! I, I don’t realize that!
that・・・Isn’t that a pervert!(Puru: NO worries kid, u r handsome, talented, rich and a noble)
Dangerous! Because woman see me as a pervert・・・There’s no one who calls out to me・・・is it?
・・・It’s bad・・・I won’t be able to stand up for a while.
If you know that, please tell me sooner・・・
「It, It’s alright. If it’s Christoph-kun, you’ll get a girlfriend soon・・・」
Like burned white ash, I dive into the bed and try to heal my wounded heart. (TN: pfft! Christoph is a pervert! Lol, so exaggerated)
In this Sacred Kingdom Vandamme, between the parents’ noblemen who let themselves have their own love, and the ones they are engaged to, the latter are more popular, but, since I was sickly earlier, there’s no such story for me. However, Carla’s a true child of a Viscount, so she has that kind of story but, because of her personality, all of the potential husbands rejected her, even her parents have given up.
Since Peron is a free citizen, he’d had no such story. Damn it! Riajuu go and explode!
Thus, the lonely me went to the mine. The tunnel I choose was already abandoned, so nobody goes in and out of here anymore. When I try to enter the tunnel, my 6 escorts’ knights stand in front of me.
「Please at least bring Primera or Levis. Or we won’t let you go 」(TN: he’s using a polite language… don’t know how to make it polite in English)
I’m saying that it’s no problem for me to go alone, but escort Knights’ leader Gale disallow it.
「Understood. I’ll bring those 2 along」
Primera is a cat beastman so she’s sensitive about smells and noise, she’s an excellent scout. Levis is the same as usual, without motivation, however, he’s an expert with the shield, so when something happens he can take the vanguard and be the shield. It’d be easier to move when he’s alone in the frontline, at the same time swift; furthermore, they had their own corresponding roles that won’t trouble me. Outside I’m a kid, but inside I’m an adult!
I immediately go inside the tunnel along with those 2. Gale and the other will make a camp outside to be ready for any unforeseen circumstances.
We move with Primera as the vanguard, I’m in the middle, and Levis in the back. In the abandoned tunnel, water seems to be dripping somewhere and making puddles. Primera is a beastman so she’s alright with the darkness, but Levis and I are human so we need a magic lamp to move in the darkness.
After a while, the tunnel divided into 2, and as planned we move to the right. Although it’s abandoned, it’s still a tunnel, so I seriously planned the whole trip using the map, and I intend to go to the deepest part of the tunnel.


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