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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 54

054 Tunnel 2

ED: Bullistic
The travel inside the tunnel is going smoothly, without any obstacles from the mamonos. After 10 minutes in the tunnel we stop. It’s not a break, you know.
「It’s good here」
I’m using earth aptitude’s magic – Mineral Search. This Mineral Search is an advanced class magic, although it’s isn’t well known among earth attribute magician, it’s a famous magic between miners. Normal mineral search magic range is 20m, but, with my enormous mana pool, I could get a 100m range of mineral search. Sand, and earth, along with rocks, I eliminate the useless information which is unneeded for me, and only keep the mineral resources’ information. After 1 hour of such work, I expand the range of mineral search.
Although this tunnel is already abandoned, there are still many iron ore signals. Unfortunately, the above part of the tunnel is empty, so we couldn’t find any deposits.
I wrote『↑60I』and instruct Primera to keep going.
This『↑60I』 sign means there’s still an iron ore 60m above.
There’re occasional reactions from the iron ores’ while using the magic, but none of the God’s Silver Ore that I seek, for 3 hours.
「Christoph-sama, about the previous sign you wrote, What does it mean?」
Wondering about what’s I’m doing, Primera asked a question.
「That’s the location and distance of the ores I found using Mineral Search I left」
「Mineral Search?・・・Desu ka」
「Mineral Search is a magic to search ores. However, the range is 20m, still, I can extend it to 100m. So, I can search for any ore deposits that have still not been found, you can just think it’s a convenient magic of mine」
「As usual, Christoph-sama is a person outside a normal standard」
I heard Levis muttering, but I’ll ignore that and continue my explanation.
「There’s still a big response from the middle, so this mine has yet to run out」
「Amazing. With Christoph-sama here, Bryutzels house will be safe」
Apart from being safe or not, there’s no problem with Bryutzels house’ resources.
Slowly enjoying the break then goes further the tunnel. Because I’m using Mineral search while walking, we advanced slowly. I decided to take another break after 3 hours.
「Water ring’s water is cold and delicious. Many of Christoph-sama’s magic items are useful huh. I’m being saved 」
Primera drank the deliciously cold water while rocking her cattail over and over.
「It’s about 70% of the tunnel in the map huh」
「Further inside there’s a big space, let’s make a camp there and investigate more tomorrow」
If you look at the map, you can see a blank part of the innermost tunnel, it’s a considerably wide space. We’ll make a camp there, and investigate with the place as our home base. I think I’ll return after exploring this place more thoroughly. It’ll take some time presumably. So far there are still many iron ore deposits reacting with mineral search, and 1 Mithril deposit, but no other minerals found. Well, if I can find it so easily, there’ll be no flavor in it.
While proceeding further while marking the iron deposit, everything goes well. The open space for the camp is close by. The distance is about 4km I guess. This up and down trip is full of rocks and mud, robbing me of my stamina, and I would like to take a break soon.
「After that turn we should’ve arrived at the large space」
I’m saved. My legs already give up. It certainly is a vast space after we turn. It’s a large space that is approximately 500m wide, and 100m high. In addition, in front of our eyes is a 40m high waterfall with an emerald ground lake. Such mysterious sight was rarely seen in this world. Along with this wind blasting from the waterfall, and high-density humidity, the temperature is low due to the high altitude. (TN reminder: they’re in a mine, which means a mountainous region, so yeah… it’s high place…) In other words, it’s cold.
Furthermore, this place is bright・・・the walls are probably emitting light the same as the one in a dungeon. Although there are not many light emitting walls, since the amount is higher than the dungeon managed by the magic academy, it’s illuminating the entire space. This space is probably starting to become a dungeon.
・・・It’s my first time, seeing an abandoned mine became a dungeon.
「Levis, Primera, This space might’ve already become a dungeon, so be careful of the monster spawning」
「Understood. But it’s a dungeon・・・shouldn’t we go back to the camp first?」
「I also want to do that, but then, our time would be diminished. Let’s just camp here」
I truly regret my decision this time, because of the event not long after.
「Primera, be on watch, I’ll make the tent」
I sat on a nearby rock and rest my tired body. Of course, I take precaution with my mana sense. As expected of a knight, that’s been through a training, Primera and Levis look relaxed. Levis using full plate armor with sword and shield at his hips, so he must be using much more stamina than me, who only has some baggage in my backpack・・・ But he still has that relaxed face! Explode you ikemen!
After finishing setting the tent, Levis prepared the meals. Primera’s eyesight is good for being a watch, while Levis doing the odd works for me, it seems that Gale has good eyesight. (TN: for he’s able to think what Chris need in the mine… )
Primera went to draw some water into the lake while watching the surroundings for any threat.
It was then.
I feel the flow of mana and turn my head to the location, the magic circle suddenly appeared and emitting dazzling light. As expected, because it’s too sudden, I’ve got no chance to interfere with the magic circle. Thus I regret that worst mistake I made immediately.
After several seconds, the dazzling light stopped and I can, at last, opened my eyes and we see the worst thing before us.
The first to react is Levis, and soon Primera follows.
「Ha! Primera, Christoph-sama!」
Levis that’s been unconscious shouted, to call us back.
I immediately understood that I couldn’t escape. Probably, Levis and Primera also realized. The reason for that is a door, which suddenly appeared, blocking our way out. I also can feel the mana in that door. ・・・Perhaps we could do nothing about the door unless we’ve done something to the guys in front of us.
However・・・it’s weird, that I can’t feel the mana of that circle until now. For such a magic circle to not be perceived・・・how did I overlook it?・・・It’s impossible! Damn it! It’s the worst mistake! Am I being self-conceited?
That’s・・・shouldn’t be so・・・or so I think.





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