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Revision | Lonelyheart RAW novel


Kim Un-hee’s delicate love report on love and marriageLove, innocence, fantasy, romance……. And marriage. Like a combination of words that seemed to never be united, Gun-il and Si-eun became a couple. The artist speaks of the harsh reality with a cold gaze within the framework of the archetypal romance of contract marriage. Is marriage the…

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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 6

Chapter 6               Travels 2

Monsters have attacked us several times on our way through the mountain roads. When I asked if a number of monster attacks on us were normal, “it’s been half a month since the last subjugation” is the reply I got.

Fortunately, the next subjugation will soon be carried out. If that’s what will happen, it should be better if they had done the subjugation before we departed. Besides this time the fact that monster has generated in large amounts has been confirmed so the subjugation will happen soon. I think it’s better to make a fort garrison here and place some soldiers in case something happens, but it seems there’s some sort of circumstance that doesn’t allow for it.

When you exit the mountain roads there was a meadow and forest, and we arrived at a big town. If you compared it to von Bryutzels’ territory, it’s a small town but, when you compare it to the villages and settlements that we passed so far, it is a big town.

“Today we’ll stay at an inn this town. Because we had arrived here we’ll soon reach the capital. How is Christoph-sama physical condition, is it alright?”

My physical condition is good, but my arse hurts because of the long trip. It makes me always praying to end this trip as soon as possible. I never thought that a trip in a horse-drawn carriage will hurt my arse this much. In the carriage there’s nothing like suspension, though it has a cushion, comparing it to car or train in Japan is like heaven and earth.

“My condition is alright”

Whether Mother is accustomed to traveling, or she is just keeping patient, she put an okay look but in my perspective, she looks fatigued.

“Since we’ll stay in this village for 2 nights, we’ll depart on the 3rd day”

I’m saved! If I remodel the suspension on the carriage, there will be no need to get emergency treatment for my arse anymore. I mean, as long as there is a village or small settlement I can use the material to make something.

“Mother, is it alright for me to take a stroll in the city?”

“That’s right, how about it huh.”

“Ma’am, Christoph-sama may be dispiriting to walk around after this long journey, how about we give him an escort so he doesn’t go into the slums area?”

Hanna, such a nice follow!

“Alright. Hanna, please arrange the escort and Christoph, you must never run away from the escort.”


This town’s name is Fildes, governed by Earl Filiam. The specialty is the orange fruit. They say that 60% of the capital’s oranges are being exported from here. Moreover, the forest near here has a monster spot that became their financial lifeline because of the dropped crystals.

My escort number is four, standing side by side to my left and right. To say it clearly they are annoying but they are needed for shaking away disturbing people, so I walk around the town with them.

To think that the first town that I explore is not in von Bryutzels’ territory nor the capital makes me a bit emotional. The buildings are made of brick and are pleasing to my eyes as they have a European style.

It seems this place is not only an orange-producing area but is also used for processing. Orange juice is sold here. The 100% orange juice here and the orange juice I drank in Japan before has the same bittersweet and sour taste, though this world’s lukewarm temperature is a minus. In this world, there’s no custom to cool down the drink beforehand. People here drink it like ale while it is warm. That’s why, when I remodeled the warehouse at our home, in von Bryutzels territory to a refrigeration room for cooling drinks, Mother felt happy from the bottom of her heart. Knight teams began to diligently patrol around our mansion every day in order to drink the cold ale.

While walking around the town from time to time I see people that have different kinds of ears. That is the classic thing of the fantasy world that is named kemonomimi – beast ears. There are tails and wings too it seems, quite a verity of races here. My race is hyuman and in this world, there are many races and persons apart from hyumans. The representatives were Beastmen, Elves, Dwarves, Majin and much more.

Sacred Kingdom Van Damme is a country of hyumans but does not discriminate against other race, it doesn’t even discriminate against Majin. This is because the first king is a Japanese hero who commanded to abolish the discrimination of other race severely. Other countries might not have rules against discrimination of other race like Sacred Kingdom Vandamme. When you talking about this with people, it seems that a country that does not discriminate against other race is unusual. An example of a country that had a discrimination against other race is the Saint Orion Nation, a country of hyuman supremacy. Saint Orion Nation is being ruled by the Pope of their religion, does religion really discriminate against other races and tribes? I can’t understand it.

While talking about this let’s talk about the other continents too. The place I am right now is the central continent, the biggest out of the 4 continents. In this continent there are 4 powers (countries); the Sacred Kingdom Van Damme, the Saint Orion Nation that I mentioned earlier, and there is a dwarven country – Jegan Empire, and hyuman country Bossam Empire.

Bossam Empire is a country that is harsh to live in for anyone besides hyumans because of the discrimination, but for Jegan Empire beside tribal fights, there’s no race discrimination. Based on what I heard Jegan Empire excels in combat power production and technical capabilities.