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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 5

Chapter 5               Travels 1

6 months have passed, and I’m able to swing the wooden sword 100 times. Magic too is progressing, as I am not only learning about ice attribute magic but also Fire・Water・Wind・Earth and the basic attributes of Thunder・Darkness as well as beginner and intermediate magic including the special attribute Space-time magic.

Though, because I still don’t know what the characteristics of my attributes are, while taking the entrance exam for Royal Magic Academy, we will come to the big temple in the capital to confirm.

Also, I’ve tried Sorcery and starting to learn to create a magic circle. Not just weapons, armor, and normal items, there are things that are called magic items too. It is an item that is given a Magic instead of a magic circle. I’ve starting to learning about the production of magic items too.

The basic thing about Sorcery is to create a magic circle. The one who can use Magic and create a magic circle is called a Wizard, while the one who can only use Magic is called a Magician.  Since magic items are widely used by commoners in place of Magician Wizards, they are useful in many ways.

Magic circles can only be created from the person’s attribute. That means, if a person has no aptitude in fire magic, he can’t create a fire magic circle. This is because, when you write a magic circle, you must put mana into it. You can’t put mana of an attribute that you’ve got no aptitude in. When a poor craftsman writes a magic circle into an item that can’t withstand the mana, the magic circle will break, so when choosing a magic item, a person must choose it carefully.

Meanwhile, I am headed towards the Royal Magic Academy to receive the entrance examination. Von Bryutzels Frontier Territory family has a mansion in the capital. Because I was sickly, instead of living in the capital, a place that had a good climate is better, but most of my family was living in the capital city. Though just Mother accompanied me to live in the frontier territory, after leaving the capital for several year she looked very happy to return.

I have 1 big brother, 2 big sisters, and 1 little sister. My big and little sisters were from different mothers, just my big brother was from the same mother. Father had 2 other wives apart from Mother but, Mother is the legal wife, and the others are his 2nd and 3rd wives. Maybe because of good luck that only myself and big brother (aniue) are males, my brother will become the heir as the first son, and because of that, there’s no need for a dispute between wives.

Also, I don’t know my sibling’s faces. Brother is right now at the Royal Knight Academy, as a quasi-knight, and after graduating will became a true knight, so I heard, and the eldest daughter too, I heard, has joined the quasi-knights. The second daughter is in the 2nd grade at the Royal Magic Academy and right now she’s living in the dorms. When I enroll I’ll start from the 3rd grade. Little sister is still living in the mansion while having a tutor, and when she reaches 12 years old she’ll start to enroll in Royal Magic Academy.

I heard it is a 15-day long trip to reach the capital. During this trip Master, Rosalia and Vice-Captain Federer are accompanying us with the Knights Corp. that had about 20 people in it. The escort consists of too many people in my opinion, but in this journey, there’s a lawful wife of a Margrave so something like this is normal I guess.

“Christoph, are you done with the preparations?”

“Yes, Mother.”

“While we travel, if you feel sick, say so immediately.”

It’s been more than 1 year and a half since I’ve come to this world because I’ve got no permission to leave the mansion, this is my first outing. That’s why I feel quite excited.

The von Bryutzels territory has a developing population but it’s still called a frontier. The reason maybe because to get to the capital from von Bryutzels territory you must travel past 3 mountains, and take 3 steep mountain roads. Before it must have taken 10 days just to pass through the mountain roads, but road conditions seems to be improving. However, there seem to be many kinds of monsters that come out and there are regular large scale subjugations being held. Even with improved roads, this still isn’t a safe journey because a monster might come out. After all, even without a mountain road, the monster still come out, and in some case, bandits might attack too. It really is a fantasy world.

It has been 3 days since we left von Bryutzels territory and we are approaching the mountain road. Until now we haven’t met bandits nor monsters that approached us but when we arrived at the mountains, monster started to attack.

“Master Rosalia, what kind of monster is that?”

“It’s a Blood Wolf. Although by itself, it is just an F-Rank monster, because it’s attacking in a group, it will be troublesome. A little negligence and we won’t end up with just a little scratch.”

It has a bigger body than a shepherd dog – black hair and red eyes known as a Blood Wolf, its nose has an ability to catch a smell from a distant location.

There is a ranking system for monsters. From the bottom to the highest: G・F・E・D・C・B・A・S・EX.

To enter Rank A you must subdue a large number of monsters, while to enter Rank S you must defeat a Genius class monster. After that EX Rank will be granted to a person that managed to defeat a monster that became a crisis to mankind. Clearly, S and EX had different criteria than normal.

The number of Blood Wolves that appeared is 12. Looking at it from the side, the knight will not receive any danger while defeating them.

“Inside a monster, there’s always a magic crystal. While you’re subjugating it, if you do not pull out the magic crystal, the monster will become a wandering Specter, so you must always take the magic crystal when you subdue it. Magic crystals are an important ingredient to make magic items so the Adventurer Guild and Merchant Guild will buy them.”

Ah, just as I thought, this world also has an Adventurer Guild. This fantasy world is very classic!

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