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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 4

Chapter 4               No Chant

“I devoted you a little magic, create a little ball, destroy this thing”

2 days after the explanation, I was doing some training in order to chant the ice magic Iceball but, it was not going well. Today I’m able to make an Iceball in my palm but, my magic ended before the ball finishes its form.

“Christoph-sama, swordsmanship training will begin soon you know.”

Vice-Captain Federa came to call while holding his wooden sword.

“It’s difficult to activate the magic, huh.”

I was caught off guard by Vice-Captain Federa’s unexpected remark.

“I’m not good with magic, so I don’t know what to say… in swordsmanship how I moved and how will my enemy move while imaging it, we move but, in the case of magic I don’t know. I’m sorry.”

Huh, an image is important in swordsmanship. I didn’t know that. From now on let’s add image training into the menu. Wait a minute! Is it possibly magic need an image too? Chanting too is a kind of image, huh? There’s a probability in it… Let’s try it during free time.

From here on, I’ll try to make an image of the enemy during my wooden sword training. Though, to make an image and 100 swings of the sword is still too far to reach.

The manners lesson somehow was done though, so I’ll take a little break, and then begin doing some magic image training.

“Thank you, Luna.”

“Every day only doing training, I’m a little worried about Christoph-sama’s health.”

Luna, who serves the tea is worried about me. Luna is my personal maid, she’s been working in this mansion for 5 years as my personal maid. It’s no wonder that’s she’s worried, I was been bedridden 1 year ago.

“It’s because, after a long time, I could move my body again, do I want a body that will immune from any illness.”

Since magic users are regarded as have long lives, if I could train my body I could be alive for a long time.

“The tea that Luna made is good as always.”

“Thank you very much and if possible, don’t work yourself too hard.”

“I’ll be careful.”

I make a conversation to enjoy the break. Luna is 5 years older than Christoph and has big breasts and nice proportions. She is a bishoujo too, so looking at her is a delight to the eyes.

Alright, my break is over and there’s no problem with my body, let’s start magic image training. First is to closing my eyes and letting my mana flow while imaging an Iceball’s size and hardness. The radius is 5 cm, the hardness is as hard as iron is enough isn’t it? I felt mana flow from my body when I opened my eyes, approximately a 10cm Iceball was created in my palm.

Until this far is a success. Maybe because the image is clear that the Iceball is floating in the air steadily. When try to touch it, it feels like a mass of ice. Next is it’s flying speed. For now, 150 km/h is okay. When I was still in Japan I liked baseball. I’ve seen many times of balls that were being thrown in a stadium and speaking about that, 150 km/h would be quite fast.


Kyuun~tsu! (whoosh), Dogaaatsu! (BAM!!)


Baki baki (snap snap)… Dokkan! (KABOOM!!)

…The Iceball hits the tree but the place that the Iceball hit had a big hole. Due to that hole, the tree is falling down.

Turning around Luna is looking at me with her eyes wide open.


“Apparently it’s successful?”

Success is good right? The Iceball properly flew!

“…I think the Iceball’s ability is exceeding expectations though?”

It’s not like I’m not thinking about it… but, the Iceball is strong. That’s right, it accelerated faster because it’s hardness was like iron. It’s a decent power for a steel ball that has the speed of 150 km/h, if it hits a person, that person would definitely die.

That day, Mother came from inside the house because of the sound. I explained about the big sound and the fallen tree, then Master Rosalia is called and I do Iceball again in front of her.

“No chant?!”

Ah, I just remember that I didn’t chant… I noticed it because of the cry of Master Rosalia that I’m not chanting.

“Christoph is a genius in magic ne!’

Mother is dancing in joy. No chant seems like a high skill that even Master Rosalia can’t do. I did it?

Father came back from the imperial capital by chance and got a report from Mother about this incident. Upon hearing that, Father wants me to enter the Royal Magic School in order to make me a Court Magician. It became quite a big commotion.

Originally, there was a possibility that I had gotten an affinity with all attributes. Father was wavering whether to let me enter or not, but because of this incident my future has been determined, so, in spring of next year I’ll enroll in the Royal Magic School. I guess I’m not going to became a Viscount that will rule a little city?

Then in order to increase magic training, Father wants to lessen the swordsmanship training but I’m able to make the swordsmanship training continue because I want to train my body and at least be able to swing the sword 100 times. While I’m not aiming to become a knight nor swordsman, building stamina is important and Master Rosalia agrees with me.