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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 3

Chapter 3               Magic

The fourth day of the training to feel a magical energy, somehow I had begun to feel something. Because it is strange I don’t feel it clearly yet, but I can feel something warm. I hope it’s not the temperature that is warm.

I’m surprised. I didn’t think you could feel magical energy this fast. Christoph-sama is a genius!”

That is too much praise Master Rosalia, but it feels good to be praised. I’m the type that will get better when praised.

“Since you can feel the magical energy around you, the next step is to feel the body’s magic. Because you already feel the magical energy, in no time you will begin to feel the body’s magic.”

“If it is like that, I might already feel it?”

I have felt the magic surrounding my body like blood through my vessels. This time I felt body magic immediately after I feel the magical energy. I feel something warm inside my body like the magical energy that I feel in the surroundings.

“As expected desu. Let’s check Christoph-sama’s magic aptitude.”

Master Rosalia takes out a ball with a diameter of 15cm from a wooden box and instructs me to hold it in my hands. I wonder if this thing is just like the template that will represent your attribute in magic by color. While being excited, the crystal in my palms was giving out a light; red, light blue, brown, green, blue, yellow, white, black, gray, gold – many colors were coming out like a vortex.

“…This is…”

Master Rosalia became silent while watching the crystal. She stays silent until she began to move her lips.

“Christoph-sama, it’s wonderful. Because it’s just a simple test we need to go to a temple in the imperial city to know for sure but, it looks like you got capabilities with 10 different types of attributes!”


Apparently, according to the book I read, just 30% of the people in this world have an aptitude for magic. While 70% of the people had no magic power. 70% of the people had the aptitude for non-attribute magic, though the aptitude for non-attribute magic is uncountable. The 30% of the people that can use magic, can only use 1 type of attributed and the non-attributed magic. Those who can use 4 attributes are just 10 thousand people, that is written in a book. Then you could find one person in a million that can use 5 attributes, while one in 100 million can be found using 6 attributes, then what would be the possibility to use 10 attributes?

The population in this world is unknown but I think that in this world there are 1 billion humans, and so only 300 million people can use magic. Because a 6 attribute user can only be found in 1 in 100 million, then there should be only 3 people that can use 6 attributes of magic. A person that can use all attributes will become a probability that will not appear.

In the past, Christoph had stop training magic because of his weak constitution. Still, he had a talent for magic, but they did not check his magic aptitude. So then, this time because the aptitude already checked, it was known.

“It’s a great thing, isn’t it? It’s good that I can use many types of magic, right?”

“I could use 6 attributes but, there’s no one in the past nor in history that has had the aptitude of 10 attributes!”

It seems that Master Rosalia is excited about it. As for me, I’m calm… is it because this is a cliché kind of development? Also, Master Rosalia is a magic user with 6 attributes, huh. Speaking of worth, Master Rosalia is a rare thing too.

“Ehem. I’m a little too excited huh, my apology. If possible, in the near future you should check your aptitude at the temple in the Royal Capital. Then continuing it from before, the power that we use is a natural phenomenon that is called Magic and Sorcery. Do you know the difference between Magic and Sorcery?”

“If I’m not wrong, Magic uses mana to generate a natural phenomenon that needs a chant. Sorcery uses a prepared magic circle that is given mana to activate it, which will create a natural phenomenon, I think. To make it simple, the one that is activated by a chant is Magic while the one that is activated through a magic circle is Sorcery”

“Correct. As expected from Christoph-sama. Then if we were in a battle, Magic and Sorcery, which do you think will be easier to use?”

”I can’t say based on the category, but based on people though, Sorcery will be easier to use, or so I am told. It’s because Magic needs a chant to be activated, but several seconds or several minutes that are used by chanting was unused in the case of using Sorcery. Furthermore, by using Sorcery it is said that it will trigger a barrier and is easy to use. However Magic can be used in a wider range if a person can optimize the chant, Magic is easier to use.”

“Just as you say. Christoph-sama is firmly prepared, eh.”

It’s because, to learn about the native language, I needed to read many magic books.

“Then, because of Christoph–sama is compatible with every magic, I’ll start teaching you from the ice magic that I’m compatible with.”

“I’ll be in your care.”

“Magic chants have at least 3 keywords that are required. The first one is giving mana, the second one is creating the thing in your mind, and the third one is releasing the thing that you had imagined. The first part is for convenience sake called mana, it is about inner magic and magical energy. Then after you say the keyword to control the magic, the mana transformation of the ice is complete.”

I’m now looking at Master Rosaria that been engrossed in her explanation.  It seems she is the type that is devoted to Magic and Sorcery.

“Since I’ll show you an example, please watch it carefully.”

“I devoted you a little magic, create a little ball, destroy this thing”

From Master Rosaria’s palm, approximately a 5cm ball of ice appeared which was launched at a tree trunk, with a loud sound the trunk now has a scar on it. As expected, that much ice will not make the big tree turn into smithereens. However, seeing the magic for the first time makes me excited.


“The one before is a magic that is called Iceball. Its power is low but if it is aimed at a person’s head or a beast, it will definitely kill them. Because Christoph-sama can already feel the magical energy, in 1 month you can do it too, I think.”