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The highest authority in Sacred Van Damme Kingdom is the King.
However, the aristocrats that have their own land and power themselves can’t be ignored that is the situation.
Thus the aristocrats that are not given a land, the ones that are known as robed aristocrat the one that has official position in another country and getting an income, so there an attempt to obtain that kind of privileges try to produce adhesion sooner or later will definitely come.

And so the king faction that hates that kind of adhesion, and the aristocrat who take advantage of that privileges to enrich himself, to make that thing not happen Sacred Van Damme Kingdom keeps their balance.

「kore wa ( this is) Fligga-dono, It’s been a long time」

「Korewa korewa Bryutzels-dono, has it been 2 months since we last meet each other?」

This person that was named Fligga is the leader of the finance department the one that holds the position of deputy minister of financial affairs.
This time, Arnest himself came to see this Fligga person.
Of course, he’s not coming here just to see.

「Fligga-dono, recently isn’t the east side of the coast area’s salt making has prosperous and investing it to the kingdom?」

「hahaha, as expected of Bryutzels-dono. Fast in receiving information」

Having a small coastal area in Sacred Van Damme Kingdom securing salt became a national policy.
Developing salt had my interest in people, but salt marketing has a little interest in country and aristocrat.

「I’ve just heard it by chance. However saltly is very important for this country, so I here want to help that business is what I think」

「I’m sorry「Which remind me!」・・?」

「The other day, there in the Royal Magic Academy’s entrance exam, my second son had passed the examination superbly but,  if I am not wrong Fligga-dono has a boy that is the same age as mine don’t you?」

「E, a, that’s right・・・」

「However the recent behavior of the jukensei (exam taker) had dropped. There are nobles who despise commoners that take the same exam as nobles in Royal Magic Academy entrance exam.『There should not be any discrimination in the place of study』is what the founder Akira-sama says, thus there was a person that got caught doing violence to mine(waga) son」

Founder Akira-sama wants to eliminate discrimination by the aristocracy but, it will be meant as a betrayal to the one who cooperated with him so, he can’t achieve that dream.
Such Akira thought at least, to create a Royal Magic Academy predecessor, and left his will of『There should not be any discrimination in the place of study』.
Since then, Akira’s will has been passed down without being broken until now.

「What ( nanto)!・・・Violence to Bryutzels Margrave second son・・・」

「To say that his Majesty wants to make noble’s public moral better but, however thinking that a child should receive gentle treatment is what I think・・・but what should I do?・・・Still, in a way the one who attacked my son is a close person to Warner-dono from Marquis Brennan’s House  person so I hear・・・ I don’t want to cause an uproar but, it seems to be difficult・・・」(TLN: lol , he’s threatening!! :v Arnest!! What a good father you are…)

At this time Fligga was continuously dripping in cold sweat.
Fligga is a financial affair group’s leader, from the noble faction, and in the Marquis Brennan’s faction.
To add that the one who was close to Warner and one of the suspect should be his son zajimu.

「Well~, my son had said he remembered clearly the face of the one who attacked him clearly so, there’s also a lot of witness」

「・・・Bryutzels-dono, that suspect’s appearance is・・・」

「aaa, that’s right. Based on my son he is from the same generation had a big body and freckles as his features」

Fligga seems to want to faint in agony.
Based on Arnest talk it is an exact appearance of Fligga’s own son Zajim.
Of course, based on Warner’s surrounding there should be many noble’s followers he had except Zajim there’s still many possibility.
There should be but・・・
Arnest himself told him that story on his own.
・・・as the conclusion it seems that it is Zajim, if it not then Arnest himself would not be talking about it・・・

Then, why should he talk about this to me?
It is not a sweet conversation to not exaggerate it.
Bryutzels Margrave house is a large noble house that competes in 1-2 noble in Sacred Van Damme Kingdom, and the stalwart of King faction.
It is the truth but there something beneath it and of course, Fligga himself knows it. (TLN: yep like father like son…)

「Which remind me Fligga dono, weren’t we talking about salt investment. Could we(family/house) invest it?」

As expected Fligga thought while smiling his face looked like a face that crushing a bug.

「・・・Of course, it’s about time to let Bryutzels-dono invest 」

Fligga answered it with a smile on his face, as expected of noble.
The thing that he thinks in the depths of his brain and the one that comes out of  his mouth really is different.
Thus Bryutzels Margrave’s house got the monopoly of salt besides the royal family and noble faction .

「O, that’s right, then let’s talk about that troublesome thing later・・・ so to say except of investigation what did we talk about again?」

「n, no, there’s nothing・・・」

While laughing Arnest left that place, Fligga is desperately keeping his anger in check.

It seems・・・for couple of hours there’s a roar letting out from Fligga’s house.

Sacred Van Damme Kingdom’s founder Akira is a Yuusha and the first king.
That Akira’s testament is absolute, any speech and conduct that complaining to the testament can be judge as rebellion itself, even if it a children itself it’s not something to be forgiven.
In other word, Warner’s father Marquis Brennan too can’t deny this story.
If, Warner speech and conduct that reject the testament accused as treason even if he himself is a big noble can’t be protected, and it is not a simple insignificant thing for Marquis Brennan’s house.

However, after 500 year since it founding, from that long years there exist noble’s that not took a liking to Akira’s will but there’s no one who dared to say it out loud.

・・・There’s none but, this time there’ll be someone who keep an eye to the culprit that attacking Christoph, and to erase it there’s need a big price itself.