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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 15


015 Top Seat Get!



Cheesecake!! lol~

Enjoy! 20-06-2017

In this world a skill like Appraisal and gift is uncommon.
Because of that Slate used by Large Temple or the low priced slate used by the guild and country are used because of their appraisal like effect.

The item that had the effect of Appraisal seems to be a relic that was found in an ancient ruin, Creation of the past magician or so I heard.

The relic is something that this civilization can’t make and it is from the ruin of ancient civilization is what I thought, but it is popularly known as an item from place where gods lived.

The thing that is called Relic was using a Japanese so I’ve thought that this is earth several millennia in the future but, it’s not like I can explain about the elves and demi-human, above all the relic that used Japanese is indeed weird.
The language that is used commonly in earth is English or so it should be but the thing is not English but Japanese is what I’m caught up with.
Well, what I saw was only the slate so the judgment material was too few and information were not enough.

While thinking about a various thing we arrived at the school.
The kids that took the examination (i think) were with their parents standing in front of the announcement board.
The crying children, the happy children, and the angry children are there too, and there is a frowning kid that went back too.
If we talking about the written exam with no doubt I will pass, but in the practical exam I blew up the school  ・・・I did get questioned by the principal so as far as I can see disqualification is not impossible too huh.

Well, even I if can’t into Royal Magic Academy I can still make money as for me there’s probably no problem but, I’ll get scolded by father huh.

My seat exam number is 564.
I don’t feel any criminal thing in my number but, my eyes were running on the announcement board.

・・・There it is.
That principal doing it with all his might huh. If it was me, I wouldn’t want to let a person that destroyed the school enter it(Laugh)

「Exam number 564 Christoph Von Bryutzels」

Giving the admission ticket to the Receptionist neesan and continuing the admission procedure.
Once you have passed, it will appear and at that time you must go to continue the procedure.

「E—to, there it is. Christoph Von Bryutzels-kun desu ne. Congratulation on your passing. Christoph-kun had succeeded in getting the top seat so it is possible to get the scholarship so, will you use it?」

A, top seat huh. Though I aimed to get into top 10, I got the top seat huh~.
I’m not in need of money so it’s useless.
Father had said so too after all・・・if a person of nobility class used it then commoner class can’t use the scholarship. So I had been told.

「The scholarship is unnecessary」

「Understood. Then Chrishtoph-kun will be an excellence student thus will get an exemption of the admission payment. And then you need to pay monthly tuition and boarding tuition but you can get a room different with the other and get a 1 person house. However, you still can get assistance in tuition and boarding fees but, what would you like to do?」

E~, because I get an excellent without even using scholarship I still get the exemption for the entrance fee.
At the same time not a dormitory but a house?

「Assistance is not required desu」

「Yes, I understand.・・・in the house servants room is available so, it’s alright to brought at most 5 people desu」

What can I say huh~.
I mean, I can support myself so servants are not needed but, I bet that mother and father will tell me to brought them・・・

「Since there is a greeting for representative freshman in the entrance ceremony when it comes time to in 3 months the school will contact you」

Ee~, freshman representative greeting is troublesome~.

「E~tto,  about the freshman representative greeting, allow me to decline it」


A, there’s a wrinkle in her forehead. Beauty, you should not do that because it will ruin your face!

「・・・about the Freshman representative please search for another person」

Somehow she mumbling about some memo・・・did my request get through?
Receptionist oneesan’s face changed to the original smile・・・

「For once, I will accept the decline of Freshman representative. However, if it is rejected by the upper stratum please accept it」

「Yes, thank you very much」

I say my thanks to receptionist oneesan face to face.

「This is a booklet for Freshmen, please open the 3rd page」

I was handed a thing that have same thickness as japanese learning book but, because the paper that used is parchment there’s a small number of pages.

「In the 3rd page there is the written location of the store that handles the prepared things like books for the teaching material, if possible please go to the store as soon as possible. Especially the uniform which takes some time for it to be ready 」

Simply go shopping in the designated shop huh.

「next please open the 6th page. This school is a boarding school so the page is mentioning about the that. Chrishtoph-kun has been explained earlier but there are personal use house but, normally 1 room had 4 people in it. The house itself is deemed as a dorm so please read the rules」

I want to say it once(Laugh)

Basically its okay to read it until the 10th page and lastly she said the information has done, when I look back and try to go home someone called me.

「Long time no see」


Datte(after all), I don’t remember damon~.

「Na-tsu!・・・It’s okay. I am Dorothy Von Vandam. I remembered we met during entrance examination」

aaaaaa, I remember now! Flat chested 3rd princess!
Uwaaaa, I’m being glared!

「Just now did you think about an insolence thing?」


「・・・geez, I wanted to say congratulation on your top seat pass」

「ha~, Thank you very much」

「However, when we enter the 2 nd grade I’ll receive the top seat with my all (itadakimasu), please remember it」

Is this the thing that’s called a declaration of war?

「Is that so・・・Please do your best」

Is the only thing I can say.

Finally while giving one hella glare she turned around and left.
She seems to be a troublesome person.

「Christoph-sama, you must be more gentle to a girl・・・」

「Is that so?」

「That’s right」

I am somehow being preach by Filia.

In the carriage that returning to home I peep into people’s status in the street.
From the information that I gathered until now hyuman’s normal status of adult of 【Stamina】【Endurance】【Agility】【Skillfull】【Intelligence】【spirit】【Charm】【Luck】are approximately 100 ,【Strength】is 150, 【Magic】is only 100.
While there are differences with Elfs and Dwarfs.

Soldier’s【Stamina】is approximately 200 while【Strength】and【Endureance】slightly higher, when it is becomes Knight level then【Stamina】is 400and  there more than that, while the person with high【Magic】also had high【Intelligence】and【Spirit】too.【Agility】and【Skillful】have a connection with【Stamina】and【Magic】is what I think but I had no definite proof.

So it means that my hidden status of【Strength】and【Stamina】at the same level of a soldier, while【Agility】at Knight class, and【Skillfull】at the humanity highest. Meanwhile my【Intelligence】and【Spirit】and【Magic】and【Luck】are at another level.
Although【Physical Growth】is normal because【Magic Growth】is at god class I know magic is my speciality but, because it is that high I must pull myself here.

I mean, even though my【Charm】I am a person that was glared at by the 3rd princess・・・well, even if my【Charm】 is high it’s not like I won’t get an enemy though it’s okay.

However, because my physical strength is the same as adult male I will get a fatal wound if I drop my guard down.
Fortunately, because the effect of Blessing of the god of creation instant death will be invalid, even at worst I will receive fatal injury but if there was a pursuit then I will die right?

I need to improve myself before the admission huh.

And then about rejecting the Freshman representative greeting will make me get scolded by father again.
Because of mother’s condition I report it to her later but, she laughed it off.

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