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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 14

014 Is it house arrest?




The admission test has come to an end, so I enjoyed my morning freedom・・・Or not, Father was really mad at me.
Apparently, half of the school’s repair cost was sent to father.
hahaha, tehe pero. (TN: letting out the tongue and tilting his head kind of thing)

So as to say now I am under house arrest and can’t go sightseeing the capital
I somehow feel is’s unreasonable but, the always gentle father was angry so I decided to follow it.

And the freckles pig-kun that punched me seems to have dropped out before the practical test so he couldn’t do the test.
Then about him punching me, the second son of the Bryutzels margrave, freckles pig-kun’s house will determine it was what I thought but at least he don’t get death penalty so it must be some punishment that was equal to that, Father said with a delighted face「Is that so」when he got the report・・・it seems he is doing something in the back.

Because I’ve got nothing to do so let’s manufacture the cushion that I make before.
The cushions themselves were purchased by the merchant that accustomed to Bryutzels house, it was accepted as a magic item so it was a simple transaction.

This sacred Vandamme Kingdom’s currency’s name is Shem currency coin that was used.
This shem currency is used in every country so money changer was not needed in this place.
Shem currency’s value seems to be like this.

Copper Coin———————————————————————— 1Shem
Large Copper coin————————————————————— 10Shem
Silver Coin——————————————————————– 100Shem
Large Silver coin——————————————————— 1,000Shem
Gold coin————————————————————– 10,000Shem
Large gold coin—————————————————– 100,000Shem
White Gold coin———————————————– 1,000,000Shem
Large white gold coin————————————– 10,000,000Shem
Black gold coin—————————————— 100,000,000Shem
Large Black Gold coin————————— 1,000,000,000Shem

※Usually Shem is referred as『S』

It’s maybe good to think that 1S have the value of 10 yen.
And Large White Coin and upper seems to be rarely used and the one that is mainly used for negotiations is a white gold coin, Larger White gold coin and upper seems to be used in extremity.

So, it’s about my cushion but, stocking the usual 120Shem normal cushion, because it has anti-vibration and comfort effect 1,500S is the price that the merchant bought it for.
You may think that it is a rip-off, magic item lamps that light the darkness have 2000 S as the price so I think it is pretty cheap itself.

I had 40 pieces of the cushion for sale but, since it was already sold immediately the request for increasing production has come, so I increase the pace to 30 pieces a day.

It’s a natural thing to do when I’m punished by father and under house arrest so when I asked father if I could do it, it angered him further.

About that, it seems I have to sincerely accept the punishment.
I think it had a different meaning but・・・it is a convenient word.

Now then, because father is noisy I must say to the merchant to put a hold on the sale but, the result is Father’s order to improve the production.
The me who can’t go out was not knowledgeable but, my cushion has a good reputation in the streets, not only as the goods that are used in the carriage, it has a good reputation in people that often sit in the chair. (TN: now I want one too…)(EDN: Me too.)(TN: I still want one of that cushion 20-06-2017)
In addition because of the popularity and word of mouth spread so far that it made noble class come to buy it situation. While the production stopped in here caused a mass confusion, the merchant started to begging father in tears.

And so father who lost to the merchant’s plea instructed me to start the production again.
At the same time, I’ve been ordered to make an even more expensive cushion for the royalty and other nobility.

Then without knowing it, I had been released from my house arrest and I can’t say that I’m free but, I can go out with an escort with me.

「Christoph-sama for coming here personally, I must give you an apology」

Right now I am visiting our merchant’s Zebra Company to talk about the cushion for the royalty and nobles.
Beside me, there is Filia that stuffed her mouth with candy that was brought out.
Even though she’s a slave she stuffing the candy in her mouth made Zebra-san’s face cramped, for me, I don’t care about something like that even though you’re a slave, reversely because I don’t like to discriminate against slaves her sitting beside me is natural. (TN: Way to go! Filia! GJ Chris!)
However, I can’t do that in front of father and everyone in the house so I say to Fillia to refrain herself, Filia too understood this.
・・・Though Mother has no problem. Conversely, she is the one who sits next to Filia.

「Zebra-san, how’s the progress for the cushion for the noble?」

「Yes, tomorrow morning the 30 pieces will be brought to your residence」

「At that time, I want you to bring along these goods too, is it alright?」

The memo paper that I brought out was being confirmed by Zebra-san while he let out a single breath.
Still, elf is beautiful, doesn’t it.

「It seems to need sorcery as much as possible desune・・・Understood. I’ll bring it tomorrow」

「Yoroshiku onegaishimasu ( please treat me well). Then, I’ll have myself leave here, Filia let’s go」

「Yes, mokyu」

Because of the sweets in her mouth, the answer was weird.

Leaving Zebra Company we headed towards Royal magic academy.
I give the sweets that I’ve wrapped before in Zebra company to Fillia and Woman’s Knight Primera my escort but,  the 2 of them look very happy.
Beside Primera herself I have 3 other escorts, This 4 and another 2 are my escorts so, while the 6 change 4 people are always staying by my side.

Why are we headed to Royal magic academy? It’s because today is the day of the announcement.
Normally we would go with a parent but, father is busy with government affairs while mother did not have a good physical condition so I come to the academy by myself.
Even if I say by myself there are still Fillia and the escorts.