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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 30


030 Clan


Editor: BullisticWow,theoccasionalhermit

The only thing that make me *badum badum*(2017: my heart thumping lol) is in the last line… though it still end too early… orz


After school, for the first clan activity I went to the appointed can house.

The school has given the clans a predetermined place for them but, a personal house will be given if a clan has many members in it like the Student Council and Public Moral Committee.

However for a clan just like ours, that has a small number of students in it and no achievements, we will be given an unused classroom.

That’s why the Clan house for our clan is a small classroom in the school building.

「I’ll introduce. There’s Christoph and here’s Peron. In addition, this child is Clara(Kuraraクララ) While this child is Pritz(Purittsuプリッツ) 」

Carla introduces each of us while we greet each other. (TN: Carla is bokukko)

Clara and Pritz’s blue eyes and blonde hair are very similiar.The heck, ain’t they twins?

Pritz has a woman’s face. If he cross-dressed as his imouto(little sister) Clara there won’t be many differences.

There must be a difference in them.

What is it, don’t ask me.

Everyone’s looking at me・・・Ah, introduction eh.

「I’m Christoph von Bryutzels. Please feel free to call me Christoph」

「My(Watashi) name is Clara von Hekato. Should it be alright to call you Christoph-sama?」

「It’s alright to call me without honorifics. Carla too, calls me like that, so it’s alright.」

Well Carla has called me so before, so I let her.

「I understand. I too am not to good with stuffy things, this is my little brother Pritz.」

「Pritz desu. By the way in the family register I am older. Please ignore Clara’s ignorance.」

Ignorance huh.

They seem to arguing about something, but it seems Pritz is the winner.

Ah that’s right.

「Introductions are done so it’s time for『MImaker』club activities!」

Everyone gives an applause to liven Carla’s talk but, I feel like hearing『MImaker』as the name of the Clan・・・who the heck named it that!?

I look at Peron and Clara siblings but they shook their heads.

「I am the clan master Carla adachi. While the vice master’s position falls to Peron Cook」

「Eh! Me?」

Peron seems to not know about him being the vice master.

「Peron is the vice master okay, best regards. Thus the accountant is Pritz」

「So it’s me・・・」

Pritz too didn’t know.

「Christophe and Clara are the normal members!」

「Eeee~, Even though Pritz have a position but I do not~?」

「Then, want to change with me?」

「Well「not allowed!」」

「I can’t leave money problems to Clara!」

That’s quite a way to say something.

But somehow I feel that I’ve found the difference in their personalities.

Clara is, in a good way, ‘ Innocence’, while in a bad way ‘Rough’ . ・・・Is this a match or a boorish? (TN: based on my opinion The 2 kind of expression is in a way pretty much template , as such they’re too were pretty much cute… but he could just match it with his brother personality too tough, that could make them in co-exist with one another)

Pritz is modest and good at delicate work.

Een, though they have the same appearance, they have reverse personalities.

By adding another 2 to the 2 I think it will be a good match.

(TN: Carla and Peron + Clara and Pritz they have almost a same personality~ lol)

Still, the woman in this clan have vivacious personalities, while the other men, aside from me, either are shy or modest.

I need to stand firmly to keep the balace here!

「Hey Christoph, are you listening?!」

「n, what is it?」

「Sigh(Mattaku), mou. There’ll be a clan tournament in month 6 and I’ve registered so let’s get fired up! 」

「Understood.・・・so, what is  the clan tournament?」


Not just Carla, Peron too seems resigned.

I don’t know so there’s no other way!

「The clan tournament is a battle between clans with magic and sorcery. It could simply called a battle of strength, but not all of it is for strength only. After you’ve cleared the task given, you’ll be awarded a score, the one with the most points will win. If you could get to the top of the clan rankings of the tournament you’ll be given a big sum of clan activity funds, if not・・・ you understand it, right?」

「・・・Lowering the activity fund huh」

「That’s right! That’s why in order to receive the activity funds for the magic item research, we need to do our best! Everyone, do you all understand!?」


Everyone answered because of Carla’s threatening attitude but, at least I understand it.

「Well, the thing about Christoph’s duel is first but, you’ve prepared right?」

「Well, little by little. Even if I look like this I am specialized in Magic and Sorcery after all. 」

I don’t know about my appearance but I am a cheat in term of Magic and Sorcery after all.

I even have stocked my own magic items!

While I was developing the magic item and creating it, I imagined about Bakabon’s sorry figure *gefungefufufu*… through his agony.

「Well we’ll be unable to enter the tournament if Christoph get a serious injury, so be careful okay. Because『MImaker』only has 5 people in it even if there is 1 less we’ll be unable to enter.」

So it’s not a worry about me but a worry that you couldn’t enter the tournament!

Everyone looked at me with a comforting eyes.

「I don’t intended to get an injury so be at ease.」

「Because it’s Christoph so there’s nothing to worry about, but just in case, be careful okay!」


Don’t know why but Peron and Carla don’t seem to worry about the duel.

I don’t know where they’ve got that confidence but, it’s better than them being *gyaagyaa* noisy about it.

In conclusion, they believe in my ablity.

Now then, after a little side tracking from the main talk, the 4 of them could make a magic circle but none of them had an original magic circle.

An original magic circle is not a magic circle that is created by copying another’s, but a magic circle that created by the person himself from the scratch.

「Christoph-kun has his own magic circle?」

「・・・well, in a way」

By the way the magic circle that has been described in Bryut firm is an original magic circle that has been registered to the Sorcerer(TN: 魔術師 – majutsu-shi still think whether I should call mages or sorcerer~ :3) Guild as an original magic circle.

While registering it to the Sorcerer Guild will not have a protection like a patent, it will save me from some troublesome things that will happen if it is not registered in the Sorcerer Guild, or so father says.

「Isn’t that amazing! What kind of original magic circle is it? 」

It is a company secret but・・・

well, alright.

I took off the Ring of Strength that on my finger and give it to Carla.

「The words in the ring・・・that, this is・・・the one from Bryut firm?」

The one who peeked at the ring behind Carla is Pritz but, it seems he knows it is an item from the Bryut firm.

Heck, isn’t it amazing that he knows it from the first look.

「Christoph-kun, this ring is the Bryut firm’s Ring of Strength isn’t it? 」

「What, you make me surprised. You want to deceive me using a bought item!」

Clara thinks that I try to deceive her but, it seems that Peron and Carla got a different conclusion.

「Christoph-kun, Bryut firm is a corporation under banner of Bryutzels margrave company isn’t it?・・・」

「U~~m, it’s a little different I think. Bryut firm isn’t a company under Bryutzels margrave’s company but mine. I am the firm’s president.」


The 4 of them, that know I am the president of Bryut firm, attacked me with ‘this and that’ questions.

After ‘this that’ barrage of questions were answered, the night already descended.


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