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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 31


The long awaited DUEL!


031 Duel1


Editor: BullisticWow

So… what? here’s the chapter of the week~



Today is month 5 day 3.

In other words, the day of the duel.

The duel will begin after school but, I feel that Bakabon looks very nervous since the morning.

Me? I’m doing things normally.

I don’t know what kind of plan Bakabon has, but I am very confident that I can crush any attack from him.

After all, father has said「Beat him to smithereens」, I don’t have the slightest trace of fear of losing in my heart, and I will make him remember the words of fear in his soul.

Isn’t the opponent is a child?

I don’t care about that!

The only thing that will be forgiven is a prank like a thing, I’m not willing to forgive a child who used his authority to press another from the shadow.

This is my path for the sake of living relaxedly in the classroom・・・is it impossible?


In the morning time, there are only mamono studies for an hour after all, while in the afternoon there are 2 hours of combat course that will learn about basic operations of a party.

Because after that it will be an actual fight against a mamono, so until then it will only be basic combat and operation training repeatedly.

Next is the item course that requires me to remember the materials needed to create an item.

At first, the Item course has many lectures but, later there’ll be time for practice, and it is a course that will take a lot of money.

I don’t even begin to think about the variety of the materials, it’s countless.

For me there’s the Eye of Judgement (TN: I’ve forgot what I call it before, if it wrong just comment below~ it’s japanese is Shinri no me 心理の眼 ) , not only did it tell me the name, it also tells me the effect of the material but, for normal people the information will only be known by knowledge and experience.

・・・Precisely, just like a craftsman and scholar.

Thus it became after school.

The students go to the 2nd arena.

Since the 2nd arena could accommodate 1000 people in it, it’s possible to accommodate the whole school.

Heck, why are there a lot of teachers occupying the seats.

It’s acceptable that there’s  Chrysnan-anesama who is leading the student council and treats the teacher but, there’s even a Juice and snack seller behind them! (T/N: Chris… they’re what we call ‘opportunist’ )

Will it be alright with the Public Disciplinary Committee department?!

Is what I think but, the one behind is the Public Disciplinary committee! (TN: wha… that’s obviously… a smart way to use your position pfft)

I hear about it later but, it seems that it is an exclusive shop of PDC (TN: Public Discplinary Comitee being too lazy to write the longer version lol /後から聞いたが、売り子は風紀委員の専売特許らしい。Don’t really get it)

It seems to not allow one clan to intervene with another clan in sales, and keep the public discipline・・・

It seems that because the profit will be used as the Clan activity fund it is allowed, but the monopoly of it is allowed because they give the rebate to the SC(student Council)・・・

It’s information I got from Chrysnan-anesama desu!

Secret Information desu!

『To everyone that has come here, today you all will watch the duel between 1st year Christoph von Bryutzels -kun, and the same 1st year Warner von Brennan –kun!

As the announcer that will report as the commentator will be me Spokeswoman From SC Linda Sets, and my guest today will be the main person in the event’s sister, Christoph von Bryutzels-kun older sister and the Student Council Chairman Chrysnan von Bryutzels-sama!』

Chrysnan-anesama what did you do?

Heck, there will even be a live announcer!

And what’s wrong with the yellow cheer for Chrysnan-anesama?!

Chrysnan-anesama is pretty so I know that she has many fanboys but, why is there are many woman fans too?! What the heck is「Onesama~」cheer is!

『The Duel is offered by the Fourth of Brennan Marquis’s Warner-kun to the Second son of the Bryutzels Margrave Christoph-kun, Warner-kun will Crush and stamp Christoph-kun until he feels sorry!

The treasured Christoph-kun is a weak bodied kid and is always bedridden until he was 11 years old and could be called as a fragile boy(TN: 薄幸の貴公子 if anyone know this tell me :D) but, in just 2 years of learning he’s able to enroll into this Royal Magic Academy and have an astonishing ability in magic and academic to be called a genius, the information is given by Chrysnan-sama that was being afraid of what will happen to her sickly younger brother that was being forced to duel by Warner!  』 (T/N: Ew… Anesama sugoi!! )

hahaha, this announcement must be set up by Chrysnan-anesama huh・・・Chrysnan-anesama too is really thinking of beating Bakabon to smithereens.

Heck, doesn’t it mean I’m bullying if I get a complete victory after this?

・・・somehow or another I am being forced into a corner too?

「Christoph, even if there are live announcements you should not care about it. Just get a complete victory(TN:TKO lol)」

Carla cheers for me to win and not get injured no matter what but, what are her motives.

「Christoph-kun will be alright」

Peron believes of a certain victory from the depth of his heart.

「Because you’re the president of Bryut firm so you can’t lose!」

Thanks for the unknown cheer, Clara.

「・・・Please do your best」

aa, I will do my best to not get injured, Pritz.

『Now, the time for the players to make their entrance has come. The first one to come out is Warner-kun desu. Indeed using an expensive looking mantle with a deep blue color, he makes his entrance. Please give your applause!』

Whether the booing or the applause is the most, it’s the booing.

Bakabon has become a completely bad character.

How frightening, Chrysnan-anesama!.

『then next is, Christoph-kun’s entrance desu! A jet black mantle and a silky blonde hair a beautiful combination! Please look at the Bishounen, in the past a sickly person himself, now with a resolute attitude accepting the duel』

Linda-senpai says no more, my SP (Sanity Point) will decrease because of the embarrassment.

Bakabon too, the plain face he makes from before began to show anger.

「A rural noble like you want to humiliate me, know your place!」

Huh, is his hatred of me increasing?

I have nothing to do with the live announcement!

・・・Because the one who pulled the strings is Chrysnan-anesama so I can’t say I don’t have any involvement・・・huh?

In addition, I don’t think saying those words would help you, because of that he’s getting himself called stupid.

All along, Chrysnan-anesama has provoked Bakabon, so just going along this way too is alright.

Though even if Bakabon is calm I could win too, still a person that has their blood in their head is easier to handle.