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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 32


032 Duel 2


EDITOR: BullisticWow, theoccasionalhermit

Proofreader: ChronaZero


『Now then, the referee will be Chris Sirens(クリス・シーレンス)-sensei from the sorcerer course, 25 years old, who is still recruiting for lovers, walking to the center of the arena with her plump breasts.

・・・Her nice body that makes others jealous of her, stands in the middle of the arena. She will fire up the stage! 』

Linda-senpai, Sirens-sensei will get mad, you know?

Still, there’s no need for her to use those sexy clothes though・・・this world doesn’t really have mini clothes.

「Both, come forth」

Sirens-sensei’s word’s prompted us to proceed towards the arena.

The arena is 1 meter tall, and it was built in a circle with a diameter of 15m.

The stone pavement in the arena that shines like a marble will not make you slip even with shoes on, instead of that, it helps to grip the soles.

「The arena has an advanced grade barrier, so you can use your sorcery and magic as you wish, and it will protect the audience. However, you guys won’t be protected, and there is a chance of death in the battle arena.  ・・If you want to stop, this is your last chance.」(TN: say that to Bakabon…!)

Sirens-sensei looks at me and Bakabon’s face to ascertain our intention.

Heck, even if I now use a King grade magic, I wonder, if that barrier can prevent it?

Even the barrier was cast by a magic item, and the King class magic rarely appeared, so they shouldn’t expect it, right?

「Then, I will explain the rules. Magic, sorcery and martial arts usage is normally allowed. When the opponent surrenders, faints or dies, then the battle is over. At the same time, if I deem that a person is cheating or that the battle is dangerous, then the battle will have to stop.」

Then Sirens-sensei looked at me and Bakabon again and nodded.

「Finally・・・because this is a duel, at worst there will be a death and the possibility to be mortally wounded will be there too, so be prepared alright?」

Bakabon and I nodded silently.

Since Bakabon kept on looking at me, it’s unknown whether he heard the whole story or not.

「Then go back to your position. When I say『Start』the duel will begin, okay」

『Sirens-sensei, 25 years old, applications to be her lover are open, following the rules described, the contestants should go back to their positions』

「That announcement is annoying! Linda, you better remember this! 」

Even though Sirens-sensei has a manly voice・・・she has a sexy figure.

Sirens-sensei saw that we’ve arrived at our positions in the arena, and gave the signal to the other 2 teachers to activate the barrier.

「Both be prepared!・・・In accordance with The Sacred Van Dame Kingdom’s etiquette, here to admit the duel『Start! 』」

In accordance with Sirens-sensei’s signal, Bakabon invokes his magic circle by gathering the mana in it.

The magic circle that he triggered is an intermediate magic of fire attribute, Firestorm.

Ah, because magic and sorcery have many of the same named spells, I don’t worry about it.

Vortex of flame is flying towards me.

If I receive it directly I won’t die but, I will get a large burn.

『O~h, just after the signals Warner-kun lightning-fastly cast his magic Hhooot!』

The vortex of fire that is heading towards me vanished without a trace, while Bakabon has a look of astonishment.

I feel triumphant, looking at Bakabon’s face that shows his astonishment at the vanishing fire.

Still, I’m angry that he thought to defeat me using only this.

Do I look that weak?

・・・I want to hear it someday.

『Ooh, what happened here!  Christoph-kun got out of that uninjured! Chrysnan-sama, an explanation please! 』

『Yes, that is a space attribute barrier. There is a magic item bracelet on his left arm, that will always deploy in time』

Wait Chrysnan-anesama, don’t tattle my trick in a duel!

『Is it perhaps the popular【Barrier Bracelet】from Bryut firm?』

『That’s right. Bryut firm is a company that is created by Christoph and every item there is the invention of Christoph after all.』

wawawawa! Why did you leak that information here anesama!

Give me a break, Chrysnans-anesama!

『Naaaaaanntoooooo (whaaaaaat), Bryut firm that is popular right now is a company that was created by Christoph you say! Moreover, the magic item is an invention created by Christoph-kun you say, what a shocking truth! 』

Because of the relative exposure, my SP(sanity point) decreased to 0・・・

At this time the “can’t read the mood” Bakabon started to fill the magic circle again, and cast.

Moreover the magic he casts has 1, no 3 no・・・ 4 parts of magic it seems.

『Chrysnan-sama, will it get cheaper when I buy something in Bryut firm if I get closer to Christoph-kun?』

『I don’t know but, being a relative has a lot of conveniences』

How long will that story continue?

I want to hear the talk about the duel・・・

Ah, anyway, one after another of Bakabon’s sorcery is attacking me but, if it is only that, my barrier won’t be destroyed.

This item is the same item that is being sold in Bryut firm, it’s the first product with the serial number 1 but, unless it’s advance or higher level magic it won’t be destroyed.

Moreover, because the space attribute doesn’t have a weak point, the stability is guaranteed. (T/N: ugh… it’s an advertisement… I want to buy one though… gimme 1 as an ad fee *lol*)

Well, while the fool-kun is frantically attacking until his mana is depleted, I’ll warm up my shoulders first.

The barrier that is receiving Bakabon’s attack is stable and the magic crystal that is being used by the barrier is being filled by me so there won’t be a problem of mana depletion.

Because Bakabon’s attacks are a waste I can’t use my hidden card・・・

Don’t tell me that he did not bring a hidden card?

Let’s take a little peek・・・

E, how will I do it?

Because my Shingan no me (Eye of judgement?) has a clairvoyance function in it, to see something behind his mantle isn’t a hard thing to do.

Eh!Peeking at・・・the girl’s student you say?!

hahaha・・・I, I don’t do that kind of thing?

(TN: yeah we *believe* you, right?~)


Ahem! (Cough)

Anyway, Bakabon’s attack didn’t reach me until now!