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Revision | Lonelyheart RAW novel


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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 29


029 Combat Courses


Editor: theoccasionalhermit,Bullisticwow


Say, There’s a side chapter before this that is hard to translate(for me) So, I’ll do that at an unknown time, and just play with the main story~ by the way, It’s the story about Goresu  (peron’s parent’s restaurant)~


Month 5 Day 1, from now on the lessons will resume, and the practical courses will begin.

The one in charge will be the homeroom teacher Bloom-sensei.

He is a former Court Magician with the triple aptitude of Advanced level Darkness attributes and Intermediate level Ice attribute and Junior level Water attribute.

Bloom-sensei needs a wand, so do the students, but I don’t need it.

I don’t need it but, just in case I held one too.

It’s normally a hindrance though.

「First thing to do is form a party of 3.・・・Alright, it’s been formed right. They’re the friends that you’ll leave your lives to. Because the things that could happen outside the school are unknown, you guys need to form a party of 3 to keep yourself safe and coordinate with them to overcome various difficulties」

Bloom-sensei loosened his grin and looked at the students, then he took out a 50 cm cane of wood that is imbued with jewels.

「From then on I need each party to show me their magic for the credit. Any Junior magic is alright. Remember to cast a good magic 」

Thus, Bloom-sensei put forth mana into the wand and a barrier was set up over the entire ground.

It seemed that the wand was a magic item that can put up a barrier.

Still, I think a magic item that can put up an Intermediate barrier must be extremely expensive, it isn’t Bloom-sensei’s personal belonging right?

「I’m(Boku), not really good at magic you know. But if it just at a Junior level somehow it’ll be alright・・・」

Carla muttered.

Carla’s aptitude in Fire is Advanced level so I think it shouldn’t be a problem for her if it is just Junior level magic.

「I think if it is Junior level it’ll be alright somehow or another. But if it is an Intermediate class it will be hard to say」

Peron’s aptitude with Wind is Advanced level so it’ll be alright too.

「If it Christoph, then it won’t be a problem to unleash Junior magic right?」

「If it’s now, it’s easy to unleash a Junior magic. However, from my first day of training, I needed 6 days to learn magic」

「eh?・・・6 days?」

「 (boku) I too have heard that it took 6 days・・・」

The 2 of them seems surprised.

Carla needs 2 months or more while Peron needs 3 months or more.

(T/N: It’s their learning period, just in case you guys gets confused~ their learning period to cast spell that is~)

「Everyone seems the same huh?」

「As if!(konna wake aruka!)」

Carla-kun, I hear it even if you don’t scream.

「Hey there, it’s noisy!」

Look, you make Bloom-sensei angry.

「Next is you guys. If you’re that energetic then create a pleasing magic for my eyes! 」

Isn’t that weird? I’m not some sort of entertainment to please your eyes you know.

「Hey, let’s go」

While grumbling I pull the 2 off.

Bloom-sensei adds in「Do it to the extent not to break the barrier」.

Hahaha, I won’t do it for the admission test.

However, he adds again「Don’t forget that it has to be pleasing to the eye」even I start to think that it is Bloom-sensei huh.

Now then, how should I do it eye catchingly・・・

「Carla cast a Fireball, while Peron, please cast a Whirlwind.」

「It’s ok but, what’ll you do?」

「The 2 of you please do it at the same time. You’ll see it later」


The 2 catching their breath and took the same timing in casting and nodded at each other.

『Devote a little mana, Create a little fire, Burn the thing ・・・Fireball』

『Devote a little mana, Create a little vortex of wind, Blow the thing・・・Whirlwind』

At the same time, the two spell cast I used a spatial magic『Constriction』to compress space.

Thus Whirlwind and Fireball that was being compressed in the space combined into 1・・・and became a Fire Tornado and flew to the scarecrow.

The vortex of fire like a pillar of flame shot towards the scarecrow and burned the scarecrow.

Oh, it’s an improvisation but the thing goes well huh.

The entire thing that was used is Junior level so it won’t be a problem.

The fire tornado is a spell that is created by using 2 Junior level spells so, it’s creating a prowess close to an Advanced level magic.


Carla-kun and Peron-kun are surprised.

Fufufu, how about it, now it’s a trinity attack of 3 magic!

While thinking that my head was hit by Bloom-sensei.

「Didn’t I tell you to not break the barrier! A little more and the barrier will break you know!」

「It’s because I’ve adjusted the power so it won’t・・・」

「With that, you’ve suppressed the power・・・you(omae na)・・・」

I’ve suppressed the power so as to not break the barrier, the magic that was being used were all Junior level too so it’s already pleasing to the eyes right?

I’ve completed the request, right?

With my feelings transmitted, Bloom-sensei say「Mattaku (for god’s sake) ・・・you passed, go to the back」with an ‘I give up’ mood.

When I get back「He really is using no chant・・・to make it combined」I hear that and I end up using no chant, I don’t want to no chant it but the things were already happening so I take no care about anything anymore.

It seems that I’ve getting far off from relaxed life・・・

By the way, Fusion magic is normally present, but it could only be done after many years of learning magic and experience, it’s a skill that only certain people could do.

The thing that I did was to forcefully combine the magic that Carla and Peron cast.

・・・If Rosalia-dancho heard it I think she’d say「What the heck did you do!」.

The ones who pulled it off were Carla and Peron still holding hands and dozing off, but the other student that saw it still was in a daze.

Aa, Ojo-sama, and Bakabon stared me in a different way.

The other party has shot off their magic but, maybe because the impact of our party’s magic that it doesn’t get charged up.

By the way, Ojo-sama uses Ice ball while Baka-kun uses a Fireball.

However, Ojo-sama’s main aptitude is Light but she’s using an Ice ball.

Perhaps Sorcery (majutsu) uses a force while Magic (mahou) doesn’t use force that much.

Sorcery’s prosperity is currently high, huh.

Then Carla and Peron said・・・

「「What did you do(desu ka)!」」

Because they pursue it, I will teach them secretly about Fusion magic. After that Carla fainted.