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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 56


056 Death match


Thus, our long ourney of more than 2 years has come to an end… NEXT UP! CHAPTER 2 No Da!!!!!!



sorry for the long long lo~~ng journey… it took so much time to end 1 arc? well… escapism is a bad thing… anyway, the new series is a translated chapter, not an Original, it’s a completed series and expect more from the new TL! Choctea~~



Yamata no Orochi… Is an ancient creature with 8 heads and 8 tails. It’s a dragon, not a snake or so they say. It also called as water god or ice god, and it’s like to live in the depth of the lake and create pure water. It’s also won’t think twice to show its power to those who trespass its nest.


that’s all.

That’s all I’ve got from eyes of truth.

There’s not a single status can I see・・・

It got me.


Apparently, this tunnel, which is abandoned for hundreds of years had become his nest.

It’s not a funny joke.

if you live here, at least put your name tag at the entrance.


At last, the smoke receded.

The 8 magic that I unleash to him was・・・


It seems that the Fire attribute magic’s ‘Cluster bomb’ damaging him, although it has a little impact because it is a water god.


The water attribute magic’s ‘Poseidon Arrow’ seems to not work at all, as expected of water god.


Wind magic’s ‘Windstorm’ had a great effect, as you can see its’s neck spurting blood.


Earth attribute magic’s ‘Iron Catapult’ was effective as there’re holes in its’s necks.


Ice attributes magic’s ‘diamond dust’ not working, it seems that Ice god’s title of his is real.


Thunder Attribute magic’s ‘Thunder Sword’ working greatly, 1 of its neck vanished.


Light’s attribute magic’s ‘Sunray’ had a great effect like thunder magic, it blows off its neck.


Dark attribute’s Dark Mist ray still corrode the thing until now, Dark power really lack immediate effect・・・there’s no other choice because Darkness attribute is a bit by bit damage type.


Water and Ice are ineffective.

Fire’s damage decreased drastically.

Wind and earth are effective, in addition, light and thunder are its weak point.

About Darkness’ it’s not clear huh?


Probably it could only be defeated until its 8 head and tails were severed of blasted.

What a troublesome enemy.


I think I’ve seen an expression of rage in its intact heads, and I feel it staring at me・・・

Can’t we weaken the thunder and light by using Darkness and space attribute magic?

It’s impossible for me to gamble a difficult fight after all.


Let’s go・・・when I thought so, the wound inflicted by the windstorm and Iron catapult in its regenerated.

Heck, that regenerating speed’s too fast.

But, if you gave damage exceed its’ regenerating speed then!


『Quick!』『Body Strengthening!』


Quick increase you agility while Body strengthening toughens your body.

With this, I’ll entrap him!


『Slow!』『Dark bind!』『Weaken!』


It’s a weakening festival~~~!


I’m thinking to give it a mental damage, but I’ll be troubled if it attacking indiscriminately, so I’ll prevent it.



Prepare yourself Snake bastard!

When I think so, those guys can fly?!

At the second I’m dazed, those guys flew to my side at once.

I barely able to avoid it, and the place I stood before being trampled by him.

Damn it, that Spec with that body!

Having that size with that speed is a foul!


It’s impossible to lay down forever so when I stand up he shot his breath







Kuuuh, I’ve avoided being hit directly, but as expected, I can’t get away unscathed.

Being swept away by a large amount of water being spilled I hit the wall, further pressed by the water pressure.

If I haven’t cast Physical strengthening I might’ve died・・・

Damn, it means that he’s not giving me any flaw to be used.


Wake up, me!

Stand up!

If I don’t move immediately, I’ll die !


That’s why I’ve tried to evade his frenzied attack.

It seems because of his concentration on offense, his regeneration stopped.

However, if he’s concentrating on healing won’t another 2 of his heads been regenerated?


If it continues then it’ll be weakening right.

Even before I’m casting my spell, he releases his breath, and the damage accumulating continuously, to tell you the truth it’s dangerous.

Is there any way to overturn this state・・・


「Christoph-samaaaa, We’ll earn some time!」



Levis and Primera hopped on to their back and jumped to their safe head.

Levis’ on the rightmost head, while Prime one the head besides, then stuck their sword in the eyes.

As expected no matter how hard their head is, being stabbed in their eyes make them scream and trying to shake the 2 of their heads.


While the 2 of them earning some time, I’ll do what I’d do.


『Thou art Infinite, thou art Beyond. Give Radiance to mine Life, hence to respond according to mine request, O the ruler of infinity. Thou, to respond to my request open a crack of space and devour him.・・・Spatial Rupture!』(『汝は無限、汝は彼方。我が命の輝きを与えん、故に我の求めに応じよ、我は無限を支配しもの。汝、時空の狭間を開き我の求めに応じ彼のものを喰い尽くせ。・・・時空断裂!』)


Space and time sprung open by my cast.

at the same time their body being swallowed by the space crack and leave behind only 6 head and 8 tails.

If you need to separate the heads from his body, then you only have to erase that body. (TN: err… you miss the point there your majesty…)

Perhaps, with this the Yamata no Orochi should be defeated.


However, at this time, perhaps they deemed my attack as impossible and instantly Levis lower body and swallowed it.

Even so, Levis didn’t let go of his swords and stab his sword to the ground through Orochi’s head.





Uu, My mana’ been exhausted my consciousness・・・


Don’t faint now!

Even now・・・Levis still・・・kuuh


「Primera! Bring me to Levis position!」


I call Primera who cried desperately to Levis which lower body been devoured and left nothing but his upper body, I’m asking to put me beside Levis.

I can’t move by myself anymore.


「gaspgasp!・・・Levis Don’t go away yet!Come back!」


To let Levis’ lower body regenerated is impossible for now, as my mana not enough.

But, I can’t let Levis die for me!

Even if the escort teams’ purposes are to die for me, I won’t allow it to happen!

If there’s no Mana anymore, I’ll give you my life!

That’s why Levis, Come back!



「Christoph-sama! Any more than this then Christoph-sama will!」


I don’t care!


Thus I lose my consciousness.

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