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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter General Sevan’s Melancholy 1

065.5 General Sevan’s melancholy 1


This is an interlude I believe since there’s no chapter inside, so I tag it as 65.5… well, it may be changed in the future, but I at least had already given you the notice.

Well, Brennan senior and Junior is really a pig of a teammate…



Fort Verdez is protected by 2 folds of moat and a high wall on a small hill.

The road leading to Fort Verdez’s is narrow and had many corners, which makes it easy to defend, and the turret placed everywhere makes it easy to attack.


It’s been proved that waiting for the Bossam empire’s troops in the fort is safer, as it can make the advancing troops more exhausted.

However, the western Governor ordered to get out of the fort and assault the troops on the open field.

Because, along with the Western governor, the western Nobles didn’t know much about war either. This is the reason why they insisting on attacking the Bossma empire’s troops on an open field.


Usually, a proxy would show up and hide behind the shield of the Western Governor’s title. Neither the western nobles nor the governor ever appeared.

Now that marquis Brennan, the western governments, tried to reclaim his lost glory because of his early blunder in letting Bossam empire to reclaim his territory acting up.

It’s impossible for him to reclaim his glory if he leaves the defense to a proxy so he came by himself to take the lead, even though he had little to none experience in command.

As the Western governor take the lead, the other nobles refrain themselves to send a proxy, which makes them coming personally. Thus, spurring confusion within the army.


Bossam empire’s side had 70 thousand soldiers, while the Holy Kingdom Van Damme had 60 thousand troops from the western side, and 15 thousand of the Black army under the lead of the royal empire which makes it 75 thousand.

Although the kingdom had more troops, there’s a lack of moral and force due to the leadership along with reckless tactic to confront the enemy in an open field, which makes General Sevan that leads the 15 thousand Black army afraid.


「General Sevan! Why don’t you attack!」


「That’s right, why’d we need to stay in the fort and not attacking them, we had advantages in number?」


General Bitaz (ビターズ) the vice general of the black army throwing contemptuous looks towards the fearlessly stupid nobles.

General Bitaz can say nothing, as his superior General Sevan had yet to say anything.


「The conversation can’t be started. The troops of the Bossam empire is exhausted because of the long march. If the black army don’t want to move, we can do so ourselves」


General Sevan can’t stop the Western nobles allied force.

It’s been finalized when the fact that Marquis Brennan is the one that led the troops.

The western-allied force had a difference jurisdiction, unlike the Black army which being commanded directly by the royal family, theirs commanded by the Western Governor, Marquis Brennan.

Fortunately, the western Governor had no authority to control the Black army, which enabled them to refuse the open field strategy.


No matter what he did, Marquis Brennan unable to make General Sevan nod his head, which makes Marquis Brennan the commander of the Western aristocracy to moves separately from the Black army.

The 60 thousand troops from the allied force had a slight disadvantage from 70 thousand troops of the Bossam Empire, however, counting the exhaustion from the long march. They moved to attack the army.


As a result, they lost 22 thousand troops.

It can be said that the allied force that lost a third of their force is literally decimated.

Not to mention the surviving soldiers all had their morale, which had been low from the first place, dropped further. Not to mention that most of them are injured.

Their first defeat had reduced the morale significantly, which dropped heavily on them.

General Sevan Think that this kind of out of the question battle sacrifice brave soldiers, which is a shame that make them die an early death.


「Even if we reduce our food intake, the supply will only hold on for 20 days. We need to resupply our food from nearby village or town, but we’ve been surrounded by the troops from Bossam Empire・・・」


General Bitaz is disgusted by Western alliance incompetence, especially Marquis Brennan.

For General Bitaz it’s alright for the western allied force to self-destruct on their own.

He already knows that the black army alone can defend the fort until reinforcement came, so if the allied force would lose, he wants them to lose in a way that won’t make them became a burden.

However, this loss is the worst they can think of.

Almost all the food brought by the allied force was robbed by the empire and the fact that they need to feed nearly 40 thousand useless soldiers, even if wasn’t General Bitaz they’d at least shout a word or two.


「We need to break the blockade and inform the capital」


The cause of headache, Marquis Brennan and his entourage nobles barging inside the office, where General Sevan and Bitas’ inside bothered by it.

As expected, barging inside the room without knocking making General Sevan glaring filled with killing intent but, General Bitas is exploding first so he needed to held Bitas.


「General Sevan why’d you held yourself. With a little push, we can get rid of those bossam barbarians!」


Even now, they still want to start a battle, even General Sevan and Bitas amazed by that, so much that they have given up.

Still, without doing anything 20 days is needed for them to be exhausted, they must do something.


「Western Governor Brennan, I will ask for your provision. The last battle diminished our provision」


Marquis Brennan and his entourage were unhappy with General Sevan’s remark.

In their argument, they blame the black army’s nonattendance as their reason for losing.

While General Sevan and Bitas that hearing their argument were so excited that they want to cut them.


「Isn’t better to cut the barbarian than collecting some provision!」


The argument between General Sevan, General Bitas, and the nobles were movig antithesis.

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