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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 79

079 Everyone’s Job


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It’s settled that, by the time I ascended to viscount, Bryut Island will become my territory. But, since the population, there is 0, my father and his majesty still in discussion about the immigration process.

Of course, I refuse to do that.

I declined it because the transportation problem which makes it hard for the immigrant to settle there, since it’d be impossible to mass teleport them, which is, of course, a lie.

You need to interweave the fact and lie to make the lie became the truth.

Also, as the viscount and the landlord, I’d need to teleport them multiple times to send them to their territory.


Bryut Island will be the place for monster preservation, which will be under my protection. meant that I don’t intend to have more than necessary people there.

I want to protect the monster there, no matter how small their population area so that I can obtain the rare item stably.

Therefore, I’d refuse his majesty gently but firmly.

Even if you want to settle the immigration forcefully, since that place is a natural fortress, it’d be impossible.


The mansion served as the centre of the island’s surrounding has also been cleared.

In order to keep the monster away from the area, there’re 40 golems patrolling the periphery, 20 defensive and 20 offensive.

The defensive type is created from Orichalcum which boasts the defensive strength that can even withstand A ranked monster without having a scratch, while the other 20 golems of the offensive type are created by an alloy of Mythril and a small amount of God’s silver to increase their mobility and lessen the weight.


There’re 20 steel golems for agriculture purpose.

Additionally, there were also 20 mining purpose golems, created from adamantium so it can withstand the poor working environment underground.


This Bryut Island had plenty of mineral resources, it had a great number of minerals such as Mythril, Adamantium, and Orichalcum.

Not only the minerals, there’ re are plenty of flora that can’t be seen in the central continent and fauna which already scarce, but it’s also a real treasure trove.


「What is this place・・・」


「This is, again・・・」


「Even though I’m trying to stop being surprised with Christoph’s antics・・・」


「Such a place・・・」


Which is the impression of Carla, Clara, Peron, and Pritz, that sees the mansion and the surrounding area on Bryut Island.


「Fillia, please guide them to their respective room. Then, please make some tea」




Fillia guide them to the 2nd floor and explained the room to the respective person while allocating the room.

There’s 10 room on the 2nd floor.

Not long from the stair, the rooms are located on both sides of the corridor, 5 on the left and 5 on the right, and they all pick 4 room on the left side.

They plan to build a separate building for the 4, so while waiting for the building to complete, they’d get a separate room for now.


「Christoph・・・No, For now, ・・・I won’t get surprised anymore」


I seat on a seater sofa, while Carla and Peron sat on the right, while Pritz and Clara on the left. Carla seems to open her mouth to say about something, but stopped halfway.


Fillia brought the tea and sweets and put them on the table so I let her sat on the opposite side of me.


「Currently, except for those that work in the firm, all of my followers is here. Well, there won’t be any changes except for those that will be transferred to the margrave’s territory, but I don’t think they’ll be entering the island」


Here I moisten my throat with a tea and take a breath.


「Is it meant that other than us, it’d be forbidden for anyone to enter the island?」


I agreed with Carla’s question.


「Is there any reason as to why banned anyone else to enter the island?」


「it’s exactly as Peron says. This island is filled with treasure, as you can see there’s plenty of uncharted treasure hidden below 」


「Are you trying to monopolize them so that’s why we’re the only one that can be here          ?」


「the way you’re saying is uncomfortable, but it’s exactly as Carla says. I’m gonna save this treasure trove as mine」


「Even though you’re already had plenty from the firm, you still want more?」


「Clara is strict as always, but the one who found this island is me, and the one that finds the flora, fauna, minerals and even the monsters is me. the treasure found would be sold in Bryut firm so there won’t be any problem」


「Won’t it be clear enough to see that the item comes from here if you sold them at the firm?」


「Pritz’s right, it’s clear to see that the source of them all is Bryut island」


「But, you can’t enter this Island?」


「That’s right Peron, this island is surrounded by a steep cliff in the middle of the sea, there’s also thousands of seabirds nest atop the cliff, so people will less likely to enter the area through the sky, since they’d be drove away be them」


「Isn’t Seabirds a rank D monster?」


「By itself they are ranked D, but in a group or even a community, they can be regarded as a B or even A ranked monster or even higher 」


「Peron and Carla has done well in explaining them, the monsters are covering the island, make it hard to enter, not to mention the barrier I erected around the island, even if the seabirds leave I still have a say in who’s coming in and out of this island」


「Wow, so gross 」


「Don’t say that Clara」


Her hands-on the cheek eating the treat, while I think so too.


「Then, what’re our jobs?」


「Well, don’t be in such a hurry. First of all, I’d look at the various things and at that time I will appoint the right person to be in charge of」


Thus, I brought them all to the 2nd underground floor.


「This is the warehouse and workshop. When you see the inside you’d know it but, the room’s had a length and width of 1000m. and there’re 4 rooms like that」


I opened the nearest door and entered.


「In this place, the golems worked to exterminate a trespassing monster and control the number on the surrounding mansion, this room is the place where those monsters carcasses stored and dismantled. Regarding the dismantling process, I’d buy several slaves for that purpose and you’d be the one in charge of them 」


「You’ll add people other than us?」


「We’re the one that can move freely. However, we can’t be the only one to take care of the mansions and its surrounding, which put a slave in the count. If it’s not because of that, Pritz and the other will need to clean the house too」


「That’s true. We can’t manage everything alone」


『(nod, nod)』


I’ll also explain about the 3 other rooms.

As expected that the other 4 are surprised seeing the rare minerals and rare monsters’ organ, the one that acts as always is Fillia, since she’s already been here occasionally.


「The one in charge of the warehouse will be Pritz. Best regards to you since the monsters’ part and rare minerals will be increased everyday」


Since there’s a large lift on the underground floor which was used by the golems to carry the mineral and monsters’ carcasses, if it’s not being taken care of the amount will increases.


「I’d manage it myself?」


「Like I said before, I’d bought a slave so that they can manage the warehouse and dismantle the carcasses, so you need to think how many are needed」


The next one will be the cultivated field beside the mansion.


「This land is 20 hectare, I grow wheat in a space about 10ha, it’ll take some time for it to be harvested. So I plan to grow vegetables in the early spring and paddy in early summer.」


「What’d you do with that 20ha of farmland? Even using our slaves it can only deal with 1 ha, not to mention the harvested grains even a hectare of grains is more than enough for them」


「You can sell the additional harvest」


Later I guide them to the forest and tell them about the wild plants.


「It’s alright to leave the forest to nature, but the wild plants here are rare plants, so we need to manage the harvest. To make it simpler, you need to make sure that it’s not harvested too much. I’ll this and that farmland before to you Peron」


「The range is wide but・・・I’ll do my best」


「Carla’d be in charge of the security around the mansion and the mansion itself」


「I’m the only one that has it easy. Will the subordinate attached to me?」


「Of course. Think of how much you need. In addition, this is also included for the other but, if you want to add slaves within, please educate them properly」


「Education huh・・・Understood. Is it alright to think that we had the time to think about them until tomorrow?」


「Okay. Think about it later, since tomorrow I’d go to the capital and some major cities to buy some slaves. In addition, although some of you might fail in your first time, don’t mind it too much and improve on it. When there’s a need for slaves, feel free to say so」


「Wait a minute, what’s my job?」


「Clara’d need to work in the capital’s mansion for a while, as an odd job. Best regards」


「Understood~. I had subordinates too, right?」


「Of course you would. Also, since in the end the slaves will be freed from slavery, please grow them so as to not leave some hassle later on