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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 51


051 Students Trip 4


ED: Bullistic



Are you serious! Are you seriously reading it!

Part2! (TN: it’s the author’s doing not me! Lol… I kinda surprised there)


The escorts which were ordered to go to the bandit camp came back after the sunset. Surprisingly, there are 21 captives which were scheduled to be sold to the slave dealer. Since there’re 21 captives and 17 bandits that were caught in their hideout, we’ll take them to Jacquard, as it’s not possible to leave them at the village. I got 5 carriages from the village, squashed the 17 bandits into 2 carriages, and let the 21 captives stay in the other 3 carriages.


By now I bet Baron Bresse wants to get back these 2 subordinates, but being direct, he’s not even an opponent. After all, I have cast a defensive barrier and he’s unable to break it. I’m not being arrogant, there are no one who’s able to break my barrier. After being subjugated at the day and night, our moving turret was able to capture 8 assaulters, kill the others and brought them to Jacquard city. Since there are 19 bandit corpses, we’ve cremated them.


For the love of god, why are nobles so stupid・・・

Or, by chance, the noble I met was always stupid?

Speaking of it, I had the gift of 『The one who brings Calamity and Fortune 』・・・

Is it a gift which gets me involved in trouble? There’s no explanation of that gift・・・


Our mobile turrets had killed numerous bandits which were Baron Bresse’s subordinates that attacking us while we were moving. Talking about mental strength, Carla and Clara think that since it’s noble’s job’s to exterminate bandits, they don’t have disgust in killing a bandit. However, Pritz and Peron had pale faces after killing for their first time, they even failed to fall asleep last night and are still pale.

Leaving Peron aside, Pritz is the eldest son of a knight’s’ house, he must have the resolution to slay a person. Well, even if he has the resolution, the 1st time killing a person may leave some disgusting feeling. Do your best boys!



I don’t have any disgust? That should be right~

If it was myself when I was in Japan, I believe I would have panicked when seeing those corpses. But, what about reincarnation in this world? I don’t know whether it’s an obsession of life or something, I don’t know what to say but I don’t really care whether it’s a human nor mamono which dies・・・

Am I a killer? Is that what you think but I’ve yet to kill a person. Since I think I have the ability to immobilize a person, I’ve yet to kill a person!

・・・But indirectly, I’ve killed numerous ・・・


At last, we’ve arrived at Jacquard city while being prepared for a night assault. Eventually, there was no night assault, but I felt like receiving a katasukashi (TN:  肩透かし- Under-shoulder swing down, sumo technique in Japanese).

It’s better than receiving an assault.


「Christoph-sama, it seems that you just went through the trouble. We’ll take care of it from here on out under the boss’ orders.」


「Then I’ll leave it to Gilles (ジリザス-Jiriaazu) and the others from here on. Take care of Baron Bresse’s servants. 」




Gilles is a dwarf named Hekkena Gilles (ヘッケナー・ジリザス), the administrative officer in Jacquard. Since he’s a dwarf he has this rough behavior but, as an administrative officer he’s doing a good job controlling Jacquard city, or so I heard from father. It’s my first time meeting him but his personality is good.


With that, I handed over the bandits and my extraordinary job has ended. However, during the escort, when Clara went over to the 2 executives they went ‘Hii’, it seems that fear of her has been planted in them.

hahaha・・・Clara doesn’t even do a thing. Overthinking is scary huh.


In addition, the person Wick stabbed with a knife is Bresse’s servant, while the bandits firmly glared at me, the servants of Baron Bresse either have empty eyes or are embarrassed. Heck, Bandit-kun I’m not the one who stabs you. I wish you didn’t misunderstand me.


We are brought to an expensive hotel Gilles has prepared. Since the sun is still high we decided to walk around to sightsee.


「Peron, Pritz what will you do? Since you still have bad complexions it’s okay to stay in the rooms」


「What are you talking about! Peron let’s go!」


「Pritz too, let’s go!」


「Get back before the sunset, okay?」


How pitiful, Peron dragged by Carla and Pritz dragged by Clara, went out・・・

At least the 4 have 2 escorts each. They will be fine but the girls paired with Peron and Pritz were really active.



Why was Peron dragged by Carla? That’s it, you know right?

E, you don’t?

Aa, It’s that, to put it bluntly, a girl being in love. Before they realized it, they already are like that. I’m surprised to.

However・・・the Carnivorous Carla, and Herbivorous Peron・・・they match as well?


If I know about this I should have invited some girls too, huh・・・

Just kidding! There’s no partner to invite, I can’t invite any one!

Since I’ve been reincarnated in this body, I don’t feel any libido at all.

Well, after waiting for a thousand or two years I might be covered with libido.


Now then, I’ll also go out.