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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 94


094 Orion’s Setting Sun


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in the 11th month of the year 514 of Sacred calendar, I headed to Brynhild with a few of my soldiers.

It’s a trip using ships from Eastwood to Brynhild.

Eastwood is a floating fortress in the first place, where it stood above the lake that connected to Kilpas river that makes it possible to move towards Brynhild via the river.

However, because the river gone inside the forest, it’s not safe from the attack of monsters and beasts, which makes it dangerous.

Aside from me that is.


We passed the unnamed river and entered the Kilpas river and head towards Brynhild via port city Kujik.

Now that there’s fort Felk on the road between Eastwood and Brynhild, the time spent to and from the latter and former took 18 days, while using the waterway took 6 days for moon ray(光月).

These 6 days spent on the water deemed fast because we rode the moon ray, while a normal ship usually took 11 days.

But there’s no doubt it can shorten the distance.


The utilization of the waterway will allow a person to carry a large number of items at once, which can be a trade point for Brynhild because the merchant will head to Brynhild before going towards Eastwood, which allows the investment of ships to increase.

Since the cities within the southern territories are connected, it’d also be possible to connect a city with the other.

While my father also knows which part will be prosperous because of this, he can allow the successful vassal-given land to cultivate, and the success on their land will make the Bryutzels frontier territory prosper.

In addition, in the case of the successful land proclamation, it’s also possible to give the vassal a title.

In other words, there’d be a development rush not only for the Bruteis territory but even the frontier will also be affected.


The boats pass the lake successfully and went through the river and cross the forest.

The lord of the river was a crocodile-shaped monster called emperor crocodile, which is a vicious S-grade monster.

I remember it was being pretty resisting when I came to check on the Lake while building Eastwood.

While I respond to the Emperor Crocodile like an adult, I didn’t kill him and rob his habitat.

Because there’s already a powerful monster settles down, I thought of making them the security maintaining the area around the lake and rivers.

In other words, I make the crocodile my familiar and entrusted it with the management of the lake and surrounding rivers.

Well~ it sure is a hassle to make him my familiar.

It took so much control to make it know our difference in powers without killing it.


That’s why there’s no interference in the trip.


Shouldn’t there be more monster since it near the forest you ask?

That’s, you know~ there is, but… well, a crocodile is amphibious, which means they can walk around the land too.

I believe the emperor crocodile’s education (OHANASHI – talk) works well,






I arrived in Brynhild 6 days later as scheduled.

It was the same as when we start the trip but, the other look at our ship with a strange gaze.

Well, it’s because the ships around this place are either being rowed or sailed, which is why it’ weird for mine to be neither.


My father welcomes me along with the guards near the dock, and as expected he asked my explanation about the ship.


「Christoph, what’s wrong with that ship, there neither sails nor oars within. How does it move?」


「father, that’s my whale-class 1st ships 『Moon ray (Kogetsu 光月(こうげつ))』 is a magic ship. It is using a magic engine that can move by itself」


Since my father wouldn’t understand if I being too complex, I just simplify my explanation.

The reason why the first whale-class magic ship is called Moon ray, is because of the color of its hull, which is silver.

The ships had a length of 93m, and a width of 23 m, it had an empty weight of 12500 tons, 14000 when fully loaded. It needed at least 25 crew and at 530 at full capacity. With a maximum speed of 55knots and cruising speed of 32 knots, it had 3 magic cannon and 40 smaller rapid-firing guns.

32 knots are about 60 km/h, which is considered fast in this world and there’s no need to rely on human power or wind, which makes the schedule won’t deviate.

There’re no ships that currently can reach the same speed like this one.

There is 3 kind of bullet prepared within the magic cannons, an『(Explosion bullet)爆炎弾』『(Icicle bullet)氷柱弾』and 『(gravity bullet)重力弾』that’d be used depending on the situation, there’s also several types of the bullet for the rapid-firing gun.

By the way, the largest ship within the Sacred Kingdom Vandamme is a 60m long Acre class ship owned by Margrave Bryutzels, so a whale class is 1.5 times that. (TN: fun fact, whale class is an oil ship… I don’t know whether it’s me who’s wrong in translating this or something, or the author just being a… dreamer? Anyway, if I’m wrong comment below)


「・・・Magic ship? I don’t really understand it but… what’s the thing in the deck?」


Father, don’t try to understand something you don’t.


「well, the bigger one is a magic cannon while the smaller one is the rapid-firing gun, which makes it possible to bombard the enemy with a spell without having a wizard on board」


「What! The magic spell can be used without any wizard and magician?!」


「let’s show the magic ship’s prowess in the training tomorrow」


「That’s right! I’m looking forward to it!」


After that, I’m going to the lords’ mansion with my father, greeting my mother and carrying Ignatz.

This mansion was built on the castle’s ground, and during peacetime, affairs were carried out on this building.


「Ignatz got heavier since the last time I meet him. Big bro is glad that you look so healthy」


「I was worried since Christoph was too light but, I’m relieved that Ignatz drank milk so well.」


I was born sick, so my mother had a lot of trouble.

However, nowadays, even if you try to kill me, I won’t die so easily!

I’m a god after all!






The next day, it was the training session for the 1st Whale-class magic ship Moon ray, which was held by Margrave Bryutzel and attended by the southern nobles.


「everyone, thanks for attending here. Saint Orion nation’s naval fleets are coming faster than expected, they’d arrive on Lake Zilpen by within the month」


The room suddenly being noisy, that the naval of the nation being reported.

Their reason is simply easy, it’s because the movement of the nation was too fast and decisive.

In the past, no matter how fast the nation moves, there’d be a margin of 2 months within their departure and arrival, but this time, they only took a month.

This is a month or half a month faster than expected.

Still, I was a little upset because they’ve been told to prepared already.


「This battle, I was thinking of sending my 2nd son, the one given a title of Count by his majesty, as my substitute. He might be inexperienced so, I want everyone to guide him well」


「I was there when Christoph-dono killed the Rank C Big Grizzly with a finger. I truly envy Ernest to have a reliable son」


It’s Count Bases that’s praising me.

Count Bases was the aristocrat that govern the area on another side of Lake Gimbal, they are originally a branch of Bryutzels but later being given their independence.

The current head of the family is Akaizak, 55 years old-man with a scar on his right similar to the Shogun. (TN: should be this

Akaizak-dono seems to watch the jokes his majesty (the raccoon) put me into, and respect me quite a bit, and my father seems to respect him like an older brother.


「I’m glad to hear that from Akaizak-dono. But, please don’t spoil him on the battlefield」


「you don’t have to, still, if you’re worried, I shall put my life on it」


「Um, I’m counting on you」


It’s a play Akaizak-dono had with my father, to make the other that a veteran warrior like Akaizak-dono sees me as a commander in the battlefield, thanks to that the atmosphere within the southern nobles’ alliance isn’t negative anymore.

Then, the scene will change again into 2 days later at Zilpen fortress with 200 ships under Akaizak’s control of the Bethes family and 100 from the royal family docked on the zilpen fortress.

The 500 ships of Bryutzels margrave will also depart after 10 days, but before that Moon ray will conduct combat training.


「the flagship this time is Moon ray. It’s a huge warship and its hull shine in silver lights, so there’d be no more flagship as powerful as it was 」


「I’ve seen the majesty of Kogetsu(Moon ray). I’ve lived on the battlefield so long, but it’s the first time I see something this majestic, I’d like to board it once before I die」






Brynhild is a huge city, it is one of the biggest cities within the Kingdom.

Although like any other city, it had slums but the security is a lot better compared to others.

There was a figure gathering in a corner of such a slum.

There’s a symbol was drawn on their chest, snake coiling around the swords is drawn within the symbol, it is called Snepas, Saint Orion Nation’s symbol.

They’re the information agents dispatched by the nation this time.

However, they seem unable to reach the target given.

Which is the obstruction of guards within Bryutzels frontier.


「Count Bruteis has landed」


「umu, did you see that ship? If that thing is dispatched the nation will face great damage!」


「we should immediately send the information about it. Simon Bezka, fly as fast as possible」


A person that seems to be their commander instructed to deliver the information of Kogetsu to the expeditionary forces.

At that time, the place where they gathered wrapped by a roaring sound and a flash of light.


The guards of Brynhild are waiting for them to gathers.

It was already discovered that the Nation’s spy was already lurking within Brynhild, but they are being cautious enough that they never gather with more than 10 people.

Seeing the chance, the guards didn’t miss the opportunity and catch the spy of the Nation.









It’s been 8 days since the departure of the 500 main corps of the southern alliance, led by the flagship Kogetsu, they left Brynhild and arrive at Zilpen fortress at Kujik City’s port.

At this point, the Nation’s fleet will arrive at the lake within 10 days.


「from our information, there’re 1500 ships arrive at Genew Fortress, and they will arrive at Zilpen in 10 days」


Count Bases, Akaizak von Bases, who’d arrive at the fortress ahead had taken control of the fortress and didn’t neglect to collect the information.

Christoph was being awed and thought ‘as expected of a veteran’.


「Sagarashi Kingdom had 150 ships, and Kipron Kingdom with 180 ships. They seem to be the vanguard」


Sagarashi Kingdom and Kipron Kingdom are small countries sandwiched between the Nation and the Sacred Kingdom. Because they’re currently a subordinate Kingdom of the Nation, they’re obliged to send an army based on the order of Saint Orion’s nation.

Although they don’t want to be involved in a battle of big power, there’s nothing they can do but obey.

It’s sad because they’re being caught in the battle of the 2 powers for hundred years.


「in this battle, we will not only repel the invasion of the nation but also occupying the Genew fort. Therefore, the Sagarashi and Kipron Kingdom can be incorporated within our camp」


The task Ernest instructed Christoph is pretty simple.

1、Repel the Nation’s army.

2、bring down the Genew Fort, which is the front base of the Nation.

3、incorporate the Sagarashi and Kipron Kingdom, which is within the Genew fort into your camp


To give his son an absurd order to bring the impregnable fort, fort Genew down makes Count Bases stared at Ernest and think that it’s unreasonable.