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I’ve bought slaves from the big cities including the capital and Bryunhil.

8 people for warehouse management, 3 for dismantling, 4 for agriculture, and 10 for security.

Those that have a family bought together, which totalled to 42 people.


Then, I gave Carla, Clara, Peron, and Pritz the transfer bracelet.

I have already handed it to Fillia.

This bracelet can transfer you to Bryut Island and the mansion in the royal capital, and since it’s registered using personal data, it can only be used by the owner.


「So this is the base in the royal capital・・・It’s big huh」


「I had the bryutzels margrave mansion at my disposal」


Bryutzels Margrave house had 3 mansion in the royal capital, and one which is this mansion is something Big brother Jimnis own, but rarely used it so he gave it to me.

Of course, I paid him even if we’re siblings.


「It seems that it’s used as grandfather’s retirement house, but he rarely used it」


「As expected of the Bryutzels margrave house, to have more than a mansion in the royal capital’s prime location」


Currently, Luna’s inspecting the mansion along with several maids.

It was decided yesterday that Luna will be freed from the house, and be my personal maid according to my independence.


「Luna, this is Clara. She’s going to be my assistant in this mansion in the future so think of her as your superior. Since she’d be living here prepare a room for her」


「I’m Clara Hecate. Please call me Clara, Luna-san」


「Please, take care of me too, Clara-sama. In addition, you need not add suffix on me」


I’ll let Clara decided how she’d call each other, so I’ll let them take it easy.

Luna guides her to her room.


「Christoph-sama the preparation is done.」


「I’m coming」


He is Federer Torres.

The vice leader of the knight of Bryutzels territory, and my swordsmanship’s master.

Even so, my swords skill isn’t something fancy though.

Federer is supposed to be transferred to my house as soon as I’ve sworn in.

He used to have a lot of subordinates, but once he became my retainer he’d only have a hundred or so.

How can he accept such condition.

Other than him, there’s also my escort knight The human Gale, the lazy human Levis, The sadist beastman Wick, The one being serious with her job, cat beastman Primera, quasi-knight falcon beastman Jaban, apprentice knight bird beastman Lars, the same apprentice Human Ben, an Elf from the magic Division Elimelda.

Other than that, there are also several clerks from the capital.

After that, I’d need to get a new recruit to fill the other position, but, since the house had yet to be built, we’ve done no public recruitment yet.


I now will go to the training ground to meet with the new recruit from the frontier territory.


「Everyone, thank you for coming here for me. as you’ve heard from Federer, the house didn’t have any guards or knights yet. Which is why some of you might be confused about your rank or position, but please get used to it」


Bryut island is my only territory, and since Carla’s the one in control of the security there. They’d all be the one in charge of the security in my mansion o royal Capital, and act as my escorts.

So, rather than making an organization reform, it’s better to say as a hierarchical relationship for them, rather than differences between the guards it’s a hierarchical relationship by their ranks.


Then, what kind of ranking system would they used in the military ranking system on the European and western countries on earth.


From the soldier ranks, Private, Private second rank, Private First rank.

Following that is commissioned officer, Corporal, Sergeant, master sergeant.

Then it’d be Company officer, warrant officer, second lieutenant, first lieutenant, Captain.

After that is Field officer, Major, Lieutenant colonel, Colonel.

While in the General rank, Brigadier, Major General, Lieutenant General, General, Marshal.


Since I’m not a military Geek, I don’t really care whether it’s order is right or not.

The main point is, it’s all good if the ranks are definite and there’s a ranks system within.

Thus, as platoon composed of 10 soldiers, a squadron is composed of 10 platoons, a battalion is composed of 10 squadrons, and there’s only a squadron can be formed.

Well, since I don’t know the increase will be in the future, at least if there’s already a framework, the expansion will be easier.


The ranks of the groups are as followed.

Federer Torres, the Brigadier General and commanding officer.

Huvis Gale, the Lieutenant colonel and Vice commanding officer.

Atrey Levis, Major and Company Commander.

Wick, Captain and Platoon leader.

Job, Lieutenant and Platoon Leader.

Primera, Second Lieutenant and Platoon leader

Jaban, Master sergeant.

Lars, Corporal.

Ben, Corporal.

Elimelda, first lieutenant and platoon leader.


Basically, I had my escorts transferred to me along with the new recruit with a promising future prospect.

Elimelda is someone from the frontier territory’s magic squad since I was hoping for Rozalia-dancho but rejected, and introduced her as an excellent person.


By the way, Carla and the other is.

Carla Adachi, Major and Chief of security guards within the island.

Peron Cook, Captain and Manufacturing manager.

Pritz von Hecato, Captain and Material Manager.

Clara von Hecato, Captain and Capital’s strategist.

Fillia, Special Captain and Escorts chief.


Although Peron and Pritz were ranked they’re not within the military, the rank was prepared so as to within an emergency they can move with freedom since both of their magic is first-class.

In addition, what’s Clara’s Capital strategist profession is? To make it simpler it’s a job to peek the windows of the nobles and anti-royal family.

Clara’s unexpectedly good at this kind of job, although it’s trouble, break a leg, Carla.

Well, since there’s others thing to do I don’t mind it.

In addition, it’s about Fillia’s ‘special’ captain rank, she has the authority to refuse orders aside from mine, which is why she had a ‘special’ in her rank.