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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 26


026 Free time



Sam W: I think this chapter should be called “Alright”

CZ: um… what?…

So, here I am again~ be thankful to Editor-sama, the one who fix my errors! and… it’s plenty… plenty enough to make me drop to a red mark if this is a lesson… orz…

well then~ please enjoy! and don’t forget to read my Original Story Allright! the newest one~ I realllllyy Lazy to continuing my previous ones… 😀

Ah, before I forget Eid al-fitr all! forgive my past or future mistakes and please continue your patronage from now on~

From ChronaZero(obviously fake names) and family of course editors too! edited 2017 funny that I edit this series while a little bit away from eid al-fitr


During my free time the things that need to be determined had been determined, the things that need to be applied to had been.

For the unit completion tests I applied to 5 subjects – Arithmetics, History, History of Magic, National Language, and Balmus Ancient Language.

History of Magic is a subject regarding Magic (mahou) and something like sorcery(majutsu)’s history, through what kind of stages they went through and their origins.

It also mentioned a part of the hero summoning process, but the details are confidential.

The subjects that I didn’t apply for a unit completion test are subjects such as the study of mamono (demon beast / magical beast) and geography, thus making me attend those classes.

The truth is, about those two subject, I have no time to study for them.

Incidentally, the study of mamono is a compulsory subject, but geography has become an elective subject.

In addition to the practical exam, there was the magic course,  combat course, and item course – those 3 I arranged to take.

The combat course can’t be removed because it’s compulsory, but  the item course is an elective but I got intereseted in it and thinking about its practical use, I chose to attend it.

Since the majutsu(sorcery) and Mahou(magic) courses are semi-essential subjects, you must choose either of those, instead of choosing the mahou course I decided to choose the majutsu course.

I mean, it’s better to pick the 2 of them at the same time but, I should put a minimum line to clear,so years it wouldn’t put me in a box. (SWN: ie. bite off too much to chew)

I aim to complete 10 subjects but, besides the 7 compulsory subjects that will be learned during the 3 years in the Royal Magic Academy, I need to complete at least 10 subjects so I could graduate.

Well, if I get interested in other subjects it’ll be no problem to take them later.

The combat course is the most important course even in the Royal Magic Academy, creating a party of 3 and using mahou or majutsu to combat against another party to nurturing experience.

The things that were being said are simple but every year there are some casualties.

Although I was thinking how hard it would be, when the combat started there’s no other choice but to put in the effort, is what I think. (TN: there’s no other choice because when the combat start they won’t think about injury or the others combat power. The thing that important is VICTORY! Or so I think :p)

I’m a little anxious!

「How many unit completion tests did you take Peron and Carla? By the way I, took Arithmetic, History, Magic History, National Language and Balmus Ancient Language, those 5」

「Ara, you too took a lot of unit completion tests huh?」

Suddenly being called, this voice must be her’s…

As I turned my face to the sound source, what I see is blonde curly haired girl, with a close to nonexistent chest and her signature roll hair in an imposing stance.

「Just now, you must be think about something rude, right?!」

It seems she has a complex about her chest huh, however her intuition is good!

「There’s no such thing?」

「・・・Alright then・・・I won’t lose to you so prepare yourself」

Don’t puff your nonexistent chest!

「Your highness, please let me give a remark」

「・・・What is it?」

「Please tell me if I said anything that offended you, your highness, I’ll be more careful」


「・・・Why you didn’t say anything!」


The princess become bright red while saying something in a low voice but, she turn her heels and walked away.

Just what the heck was that?!

I mean, what will happen if I say something wrong・・・

「Christoph doesn’t know a women’s heart, huh」

「・・・Christoph-kun, be more gentle to her okay」

Why did I am become the bad person?!

「na, Peron. What did I do wrong?」

「N~・・・Being indifferent with something that your not interested in?」

Isn’t that normal?

It’s inevitable that I’m not interested in it!


「I think that sort of personality is・・・」

Carla-kun, did that mean there’s a problem with my humble personality?

What should I do to deny the Princess’s personality?

Changing the topic, regarding the next appointment the 3 of us will meet up.

Since we have built our party, it’s necessary to cooperate in the actual fight but for now we need to overcome the unit completion tests.

「yoshi, first is to safely overcome the unit completion test!」


you guys, seems too easy going huh!

「You guys, it’s noisy !」

Uoo, don’t suddenly yell from behind. You’re noisier you know!

「Ah, sorry」

「Uwa, so it’s Warner huh」

「Oi, you bastard!Calling the great me without honorifics, do you take the Brenna family lightly?!」

Even though Carla murmured it lightly, even in that low voice you can still hear it. What a long ear.

「Uaa, using your family name instead of your own name how embarassing~」

Ah, my real thought leaked involuntarily.

Eh, why didn’t I say my own family name too?

It’s because as long as my opponent didn’t do anything to me I won’t bully them.

I hope he understands that~


Bakabon-kun that has not appeared for a long time screamed in a high voice with a red face.

This guy still continuing his discrimination against commoners, how annoying.

Probably because Peron is friendly with me, he got harassed immediately – don’t get close to Peron!

So I say a warning to them. But he is stupid so I think it’ll be impossible.

I mean, after become bright red he become pale.

Your complexion is bad you know?

「I wonder why were you so unlikeable huh?」

「Fun-tsu!You aren’t a noble because you play with a commoner~tsu」

What a silly word.

Is nobility so great?

How long can a nobe live without a commoner and a slave!

「Are you serious when you say those words?If that’s true why did you enroll in this school?I think your ideas seem to be too crude?」

Because he seems to want to punch me, I create a small rock under his feet and he stubled down.

From inside the classroom the voices of laughter are heard because of the stupid idiot that took the classes attention.

(TN: I want to tell you that, The Author didn’t really describe what happen here. So I’ll leave the image to your imagination because the lack of description from the Author~)

「Are you alright? Your complexion is bad so, why don’t you go to the infirmary?By the way go there yourself okay because I don’t want to bring you there」

「Ku, Annoying!」

Bakabon jump out of the class while glaring at the gazes of the students.

You’re the most annoying though.

However, even though he’s young he’s so stupid he needs some corrections, huh. (TN: しかしここまで馬鹿だと若いからって更正は見込めないだろうな)

What should I do?

「It is you(anata) again, huh, even if you are from a large noblity, don’t cause a commotion too much okay」

The princess’s appearance!

Because it’s troublesome should I bow down to the princess?

「Just as her higness says. Let’s cool ourselves down」

I too have a guilty part, with Princess forgiveness let’s just slide it away, that’s why I’ll just go somewhere fast.

While thinking that, I, who didnt have a good impression of Bakabon turn my back.

「You bastard・・・Duel!I challenge you to a duel!」

「wa, wait just stop, a duel is dangerous」

Carla’s trying to stop it but, Bakabon isn’t giving any ears to it.

「Annoying, you ugly girl,  just shut up!」

「What did you say!Who did you say ugly to!Even you yourself are an incompetent that can’t do anything by himself!」

Uwa, Carla that was trying to stop the situation, got herself exceited.

The 2 people that were being noisy with their *wawa*, made the Princess shout.

「Stop it!」

「I beg your forgiveness, your Highness」

Carla is lowering her head to the Princess while asking for apology, while Bakabon that had blood in his head forgot his surrounding.

You, even though you talk gibberish about nobility, someone like you had that kind of attitude toward the princess?

After all you just a Bakabon that  doesn’t know anything about the world, huh.

「Well, calm down already. At the same time that you challenged me to a duel it’s allright for me to give the conditions 」

There’s no other choice so I am the one who will hold it down.

E?I am the cause of it?

That is wrong you know.

If Bakabon didn’t have unpleasant thoughts about me or my friends I woudn’t do anything either.

「Condition you say?! I dare you to say」

「Even though you say it’s a duel, getting yourself a representative is a disgraceful thing to do is what I think, so since you yourself were the one who proposed the duel, it’s troublesome to have you *zorozoro* with your henchmen so it’s 1 vs 1 duel alright?」

「Alright! Whatever, the rule is alright. Even if you die don’t complain!」

「Okay then, get the permission from the teacher, alright. It would be annuled if there’s no permisson after all.」(Editor: Alright alright alright alright alright alright…)

This guy really is stupid.

If anything’s alright means it will be alright for me to kill him is what he doesn’t understand.

「Alright then」

With that, Bakabon left the classroom along with his henchmen.

「I’m sorry to have trouble you, your Highness」

「He seems to have a thought about killing you, is it alright?」

Although the Princess don’t stop the duel, she seems to worry for me.

「I think what will happen will happen. It’s my honour to have the worry of her Highness」

But it is my first duel so, I somehow feel a little nervous.

「Please be careful so as not to get a serious injury. It would leave me a bad aftertaste because it seems like I will have an unearned win after all.」(regarding being number 1 in class if he gets injured)

The princess movement looks so graceful.

If there’s a mountain in her chest it would be perfect.

Uwa, I’m being stared!

「Christoph-kun, will it be alright for you to duel?」

「It’ll be alright somehow?」

「For god’s sake・・・instead of that have you got any experience with  dueling Christoph-kun?」

「Because Rozaria-dancho prohibit me from 1 vs 1 duel so・・・」

Because even though my junior level magic could kill someone so it’s prohibited.

So I’ve got no experience with another person except Rozaria-dancho.

Yes, I’ve already have the experience of 1 vs 1 with Rozaria-danchou, Mei**-kun(明○君)!

「Is Rozaria-dancho the court magician Rozaria von Excel-sama?」

「That’s right」


「Uwa, what is it, shouting so suddenly」

「Next time, let me meet with Rosalia-doushi(T/N: doushi meaning 導師 ). Please!」


Is Peron like a oneesan type of person?

Indeed, this year Rozaria-dancho turns 24, E~tto it’s 12 years older than you, you know ?

Well, I am now more than 30 years old ossan so it is possible huh~

Ah~ by the way, I’m 13 years old, but Peron and Carla are 12 years old.

「Isn’t Rozaria-dancho the hero that became the youngest court magician! It’ll be my lifetime memory if I could even meet her once in my life 」

A~, So that’s it huh.

Peron is surprisingly a Mihana(fanboy) huh… (TL: followers of a new fad ペロンも意外とミーハーなんだね。)