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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 72: Inauguration [2]

[Mike POV]


“With the authority given to me by the King, I, Sauros Boreas Greyrat, will appoint Mike of Arbalest to be a lesser noble of Asura.”

Damn it, Sauros is smirking at me. What the hell was he planning to do!

Falling for Claude’s coercion, I can only gave up and become a noble in this godforsaken kingdom. Why do I say so, you ask?

Trust me, Sauros is one of the better nobles in this kingdom. Whereas the other?

Most of them had a plan on their own.

The current king is not someone that can be depended upon; he’s a lazy and stupid puppet.

No one owns that puppet, but the fact that he’s easy to deceive and indecisive is the biggest joke I know of from a king. The leader of a nation that has no saying on his own is a trash.

Trusting one subordinate is a good thing, but a blind trust will never give you a safe life.

At this moment, the inauguration of a new noble is conducted.

I’m the new noble. Standing beside me are Claude and Ash, with Charizard on standby outside.

While the Sky Rider Ash is a known name in Asura, especially Ars,

Claude’s existence is still foreign to the people of Ars. They all see him as my escort, and are only wary of Ash and Charizard. I think that this upper advanced tamer is the strongest in Arbalest.

Though he’s strong, the people inside mostly fear Charizard.

That flying dragon-like monster outside is something one would fear. It can fly, it can breathe fire, and it even has a huge size.

Right now, the drake is still young. When it gets older, they say that a Drake can reach 15 meters in height.

Anyway, the ceremony is still ongoing.

After saying the word, Sauros, who will be my direct superior, unsheathed the ceremonial sword.

He began to speak gibberish while tipping the blade in each of my shoulders.

Ah…I can’t do this anymore. Can I skip this event?

I can see his smirk. He must be enjoying this position. I’m sure he still holds a grudge for being thrown to a pack of hungry old ladies…

Heck, you like it and ask for more in the end, just stahp it already…

I expect great things from you, Lesser Noble Mike.”

Sauros stopped talking and handed me the ceremonial sword.

“I’ll not betray your expectations, my lord.” I replied Sauros, while taking the sword.


Oy, who’s the one laughing at me just now?

Seeing me act humbly before Sauros, Ash tried his best to stop his laughter. I can see what he’s thinking, and I want to smack him in the head.

Claude, on the other hand, is just smiling gently as usual.

Unexpectedly, I could see some noble girls that took a glance at him.

Great, now’s my turn to nominate Claude and Ash as my confidants and head knights.

I said, “With the authority given to me, I shall appoint Claude of Buena as my head knight.” The spectator was surprised.

Even Sauros was surprised at what I said.

This event is quite funny in my opinion.

Normally, after the inauguration, you will be the one that has the authority to appoint anyone as the head knight of the family. However, the custom in Asura is different.

The first head knight is someone that can hold the power of the family. In my case, Arbalest will be under the head knight.

People that want to have a share of the brigade will appoint their trusted knight as my head knight. Especially the four great nobles in Asura, or even the king itself, will send a subordinate to keep me in check.

Being unknown, they all feel that they will fight against Ash and Charizard on the duel platform to grab the title.

A noble can’t change their head knight for a year after their inauguration. This is a custom that was created by the royal family to keep the new noble in check.

Usually, the royal clan won’t do something like challenge a lesser noble for the head position. However, Arbalest is different.

They all wished to know the truth behind the spatial item.

Yes, no one has yet to know how big Arbalest is. But they all knew that Arbalest had sent the spatial artifact out into the open.

Becoming a head knight should allow them to investigate the enchanter who created the item.

Thus, this inauguration of a lesser noble of Fittoa was filled with attendees.

Well, it’s Claude after all.

After looking at Claude for confirmation, I can see that he’s nodding. signalling to me that there’s no one that can be his opponent in this aula.

Thus, the first challenger comes haughtily, belittling Claude and mocking him as a way to make Claude attack in a frenzy.

The first challenger was usually sent as a sacrifice to test the nominated head knight’s capability. Arbalest is filled with talent. They all knew that I wouldn’t choose someone that would easily be defeated.

Seeing my confidence, the guests started to pity me and the young head knight on the platform. only to see a thrown away challenger.

“The first challenge, Claude of Buena, is the winner!”

Surprise is what they feel right now, since the first challenger. A Sword Saint is defeated in the blink of an eye, without them even realizing it…




Piqued by the sudden moves, the royal knights sent by the Kingdom found it amusing that the young child of the same age as their princess was standing tall after defeating the Sword Saint.

Weak as the person might be, he’s still a Sword Saint.

Defeating the person in the blink of an eye isn’t something that can be done by anyone.

“Claude of Arbalest, what kind of monster does the brigade hide?”

The Royal Knights of Asura were filled with people with at least a sword saint. The Sword Emperor is the most powerful, commanding his own division.

Standing before Claude on the podium is the famed sword emperor of the Royal Knights, Eugene Bluewolf.

“As per his Majesty’s order, Royal Knight Bluewolf division leader shall take part in this duel…” Eugene said, pointing his sword towards Claude.







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