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Only Me – Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Goodbye [3]

“I know I’m wrong but, just leave me, for now, Gendis…”

[No! if I leave you, you surely will attack and trying to rape her again father!]

“Guahaha! What kind of desperate virgin you are?!”

“Damn it, shut up Lichen! You ancient virgin!”

“What did you say?! Haaah? You damn desperate virgin?!”

“You wanna try me aah?!” says father in a thug like way.

“Sure I will! You damn cherry”

While father that being bound with rope and Lichen fought with words like a scoundrel, I just sighed lightly and look at Friteta.

“What the heck is this? Miss… um, robot?”

[Sigh… My name is Gendis, I’m your attacker daughter, your attacker name is Ridwan, and the one that still fights in words beside him is Lichen, an ancient creature…]

“They’re human?”

[no, Lichen is an ancient creature that lives over 6000 years before the great disappearance, while I am a new life-form that created by father, while father is a human…]

“that man is… a human? Impossible…”

[I know, he’s too monstrous to be a human. But he is a human, no doubt about it…]

“And an ancient creature? What is that?”

[You sure know nothing eh… miss angel…]

“Sigh… I know, I am just ordered to fix this place up, since the transmigrates will come back after all…”

[it’s already that time?]

“It’s already the time… I suppose it is at least…”
[heee… hey! You two stop that! Don’t destroy the place!]

While I am talking with the angel, Father and Lichen suddenly take out their weapon and start to fight each other. [Wait?! Father! That’s an alloy rope that even stronger than a diamond?! How could you break that with a mere brute force?]

“I’m not using brute force! I’m using some Ki and Chakra you know?”

“Clench your teeth you prick! Here comes my punch!”


Ki and Chakra? Oh, that’s why… father get himself punched in the face and his cheeks became swollen.

“Damn it Lichen! Eat my foot!”


With his kick, Lichen threw to the sea, and then… Is he not come back?

“Sigh, alright, our farewell has finished, now let’s talk to miss angel…”

Father look at us and give Miss Angel a lascivious smile.

“Hiii” miss angel screamed

[No eros father!]

“Sigh… I know… now then, miss Freteta, fruiteta?”

“It’s Friteta!”

“Okay, since you want to fix the place just do so for now, then we can talk…”

With that as the last, he says, Father, Look away and walk to our base with Super Jet then vanish without a shadow.

[Sigh, I’ll accompany you Miss Friteta. Let’s go, I’ll fill you with the information you need..]

With that, I hover with the machine that father created and somehow Friteta t flap her wings and fly to the sky, while using an item that could revert the time. However, I could see the shortcoming of the item…

“So, you say that you’ve already here for over 2500 years?”

[Yes, 2970 so it’s almost 3 millennia]

“So that’s why the building decayed… but why’s there aren’t any living creature in this place aside you, your father and that Lichen guy?”

[Father deemed the animals and insects as a malignant creature that could harm the earthlings after they’ve come back from the other worlds. It’s the reason that after several centuries, he starts from obliterating the Insects first, then moving to the animals, as the last he hunt the aquatic creature…]

“… how long did it took him to exterminate all of that?”

[he took more than over a millennium doing that as a side while training his weapon mastery, and martial arts… well, it took him 400 years to completely exterminate the crafty bugs, though…]

“Sigh… if that’s the case, then if he’s fighting me with a sane mind, wouldn’t he crush me?”

[He sure will, by my guess you should have the same fighting prowess like Lichen]

“That ancient creature?”


“Just… what is wrong with this earth?… and what are you?”

[I’m R.C 06 Gendis, a life-form that’s created by father in his 80 years of age, 60 years after the Great disappearance…]

“… you say that he’s one of the abandoned?”

[If you call that abandoned as people that have small life energy and then left here to die then, the answer is yes]

“You already found out about that?”

[Well, father and I already suspect it, then History tell us about it in a more definite explanation]

“Gasp! History? Do you mean that history?!”

[… I don’t understand who have named history aside of him since there are only 4 creature that has life and I know in my database, it is you, Father, him, and Lichen]

“What did he give your father?”

[It’s should be double comprehension]

“ just that?”

[Just that]

“Nothing else?”

[And, he make father young again, then he gave me knowledge that this world have, at the same time he stopped father’s aging]

“… I say that it’s normal huh?…”

[I don’t know what you’re talking about]

“It means that he already has a high comprehension, to begin with? But, this kind of irregularity happens to him? No… what he did is saving us, since if the creature here did have a longer lifespan, then their progress will be much faster than should be… and earthlings would undoubtedly… decimated…”

The angel began to mumble to herself. But, what History give to father is deemed as nothing in her eyes? I get that even she, an angel that has a low profile deemed that father’s gift as nothing then it’s nothing in higher echelons eyes…

“Sigh… I need to report this…”

[can you explain it more to me?]

“Ah… you still there huh…”

[I am]

“It’s weird for me to talk to a machine, but alright… what did you want to know?”

[then, who is History?]

“You don’t know that? Even though you’ve met him already?”


“I’ll take that as a yes then… You need to know that there are 3 factions in this universe… we angel with the gods as the leader that seeks peace, the demons and Satan who seek destruction, and the judges…”

[So History is from the Judges?]

“No… let me finish it…”


“You should already know what the other 2 faction is right?”

[Well, it’s kinda templating so yes…]

“…  sigh, it is template huh… well, anyway… just like you know that the spectator is the one who brought the Akashic records and Grimoire to us, he too is the one who brought Judges into existence…”

“they are the one who judges, they don’t hold partiality, they defend the right and attack those who break the rules”

“They’re existences that are created from the rebels of the 2 factions, they’re one of us… then, History is a person that is from and aren’t from that place…”

[I don’t get it…]

“So do I… I only hear about it after all… but, History is a person that knows who spectator is, and he is the one who expels the spies that entered the judges… he was not from there, but he actively moves inside the faction…”


“Well, I too am don’t really understand it that much, so just leave it as a mystery… the same as spectator that able to create the Grimoire and Akashic records…”

[Well… thanks?]

“Sigh… since the artifact has run out of power, and need several days to replenish it, let’s go to your place…”

[Well, okay, but don’t get astonished there~ fufufu]

“It’s not like I am some countrymen that just come out of the country…”

[We’ll see]


I’m flabbergasted…

*convulsing face* [ehehehe, look at your face miss angel…]

I look at the dumb face in photo, sadly that dumb face is mine…

“Just who the heck creates this place?”

[It’s father~ and me~ look the gunda*s in the surroundings is our masterpieces! Look at all of them! Aren’t they beautiful? It took us several dozen of years only to manually craft their reactor!]

The place is underground, although the surface is a decayed house, the underground has this vast and high place that surrounded by a massive robot…

Gendis explaining to me about many things that make me feel that how ancient our civilization is… I mean, not even the angels have these many massive robots, and from what I hear from Gendis, each of these robots have the power to obliterate a town or country in one go, like the Free*dom and Psycho one…

“Sigh… you never stop to make me scared huh…”

[huf *smug face*]

Gendis create a smug face on her screen…

“Oooy, you’ve done with the fixing?”

The man that Gendis called father, annoyingly call to us, from his face I could see much dirty thought he wants to do if there are no Gendis here… I should keep myself beside her…

[Ah, father! It’s not done yet, there’s still 4/5 yet that hasn’t fixed yet…]

“Tch… worthless…”

*prick* a blood vessel on my forehead shown and I a liii~iitle disturbed by his word…

“Damn it human! This artifact is Ultra rare grade! a mere human would never understand how it’s work! Bear in mind that you should…”

Not waiting for my explanation to end, he looks at me like a prey once more and makes me shudder. There’s some weird feeling that comes out of me, but well, he is scary…

“Shut it prey, if not for Gendis here I would eat you, just give me the damn thing, and I’ll see how it’s work…”

I, whom still a little scared of him, give him the artifact. ‘so it’s like this huh…’ is what he says, and used many tools to break it, I am being frightened, I mean… that’s an Ultra rare treasure you know? Something that only the expert of 7th orde and 8th-orde seraphim owns…

“Here, done, you can do another round of fixing with this…”

“Uh, what you’re talking abou…”

This is crazy… I check the artifact again and see… the grade increased!

“Wha.. what did you do with this?!”

“I’m only doing some fixing here and there then some improvement on its energy absorbing part”

“O..only?! even those artificer from the heavens do their best for several months and weeks only to increase its power for a bit, not for a grade! you even don’t use that much of time you know!?”

“Is that so?”

“What do you mean is that so?! You’re dangerous!”

“Quit yapping and start working woman… damn it, my libidoooo”

[Hold back father! Miss angel! Just go and fix the world, or father will be a rapist!]

*Shudder* I ran all with all my might, and fix the world, the place became a place that could be live in, the animals and insect all revived and they’re asleep. Until the day the transmigrate come back, they will stay asleep…

“But… seriously for an ultra-rare grade to become an epic grade artifact… this performance is a superior grade epic item… sigh… I must include this too in the report huh…”

I sigh and continue my works… but somehow, I feel about forgetting something… what is it?… I think they somehow talk about the thing before… chakra? Ki?… hmm, well… let’s ask them again later… I feel that there’ll be a troublesome thing that I need to do with them again…

“Sigh… I really wish this will be the last time we met each other, though…”


Last time you lose, you gave me the hands and a leg, now what will you leave for me?

Are the words, the Poseidon left to Ridwan, which look brand new with intact hands and legs… holding a spear in his hand, and a controller in another…

“damn… I won’t leave anything since this day will be your burial day” said Ridwan.

“Hah… and you’ve already said that when you left me half of your body…”

“Ugh… damn it…”

[Fight father!]cheer the machine behind him.

‘Kuuh, there’s no way I’ll be defeated by him anymore… this time I… Will be the one who’ll win!’ said the man in his full focus and “Ridwan Alfriansyah Rush out!”…

He again failed and left more than 200 of his massive G*ndam collection and half of his life, while being pulled by the machine, which is his daughter, Gendis…