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Only Me – Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Start! [1]


The world starts to revolve…

At this time, transmigrates all had come back as a returnee. No one stood aimlessly, and the surrounding starts to revolve within. Within the commotion, there stood a teenager, he stays silent as if he got nothing to do with all the commotion. He even looks at them puzzled…

‘The heck happens to these people?’ is all he could ask because he himself in this high school is a loner, a person that always staying as a spectator. A person which choose to be an observer, because he has a secret…

“Hey, how about the situation outside?”

“all clear! There’s no sign of mutated”

“Okay, let’s go and search for others to group… I’m sure all the insects and animals outside has already altered their genes after receiving their external energy”

“Let’s check our status first to confirm the thing…”

“That’s right, everyone! Check your status ASAP! Then we should go group up and prepare ourselves!”

“”OK” Understood”

The teenager that is an adept observer, understand that what happens to these classmates of his, a trouble seems to happen to this world. Which he doesn’t partake in… and with more observation, he can see that every one of his classmates can control Mana, and incredibly adept at using it…

His eyes glowing, and without much to think anymore “Status” he says in a soft inaudible voice.



[Kouichiro Sagami] [LV-30]

[-] ?/?[Mana] 1200/1200[-] ?/?[-] ?/?

Atk: 300  Acc: 295
Agi: 390Def: 340
Int: 650Res: 460


[In a process of calibrating the system with another system…]
Unused point: 160

Exp: 0 / ?? until the next level up



The screen that shown in front of him is enough to make him astonished at the change that happens to this world of his… a world that should not know the existence of mana, and a world where the knowledge about Mana, is a mere fairy tale and fiction…

“Oy! Sagami! Stand, don’t just sit there! We need to prepare ourselves for the upcoming wave!”

“Wave? What wave?” astonished he stood up from his seat and ask back to the man that should not be talking to him normally, and he realizes that the man that usually being bullied in the classroom has become the center of the class, the leader of them.

“Are you already dead before anything start? It’s a monster wave! We need to hurry up, so less chit chat and more moving! Alright, guys, we’ll move!”

The words of the teenager make him astonished, a wave of monsters that soon will attack his town… no… it might be attacking the world, and surely the time lapse he feels isn’t a mere thought of his… it’s probably something happens in that time lapse, but he doesn’t know anything yet…

At this time, in the country of China.

“So… can you tell me what happens in the time lapse?”

“No way… what time lapse? You don’t go to another world in these 40 years of time boss?”

“yeah, boss! 40 years, you don’t know how much we miss you…”

The place located in the private area, where the place of the famous and dangerous but unexpectedly docile triad resides in. There, sit in the boss chair a little more than 20 years old of a person looking at the subordinate of his puzzled. What 40 years? It’s not even a second after our meeting start and you already look that much different?

“Anyway boss, we fill you in about the situation later, but now, we need to prepare against the horde of monsters that soon will attack the town…”

“It might be not only the town…”

“The whole world will soon receive the impact of the wave…”


The boss, just silently seeing his subordinate leaving the meeting room on by one in a soldier like a manner, without any hurry in their step and composed attitude unlike how they usually do…

“Hm… I guess this change is good too, but I seriously need them to fill me with the matter later…”

The boss stood from his chair and lazily moves out of the room. While thinking about the change that will happen, and reminiscing about the monster matter, that should not happen here in this world…

“After all, this is not immortal world after all…” his last word that he uttered in the rooms that filled with doubts and unknown wariness…

The world that revolves around the time that already rewinds. Here and there, peoples that have become a returnee prepare themselves and group up… Soldiers, citizens, students, young and old, all of them group up and be ready for the combat that will surely happen when the linking has completed…

Thus, the earth that filled with stillness and anxiousness starts to shake, the cry of the earth the building that can’t withstand the shock of the earth start to collapse one by one, until the time earthquake stopped. All of them, became full of joy, at the same time… feel the anxiety about what will happen to them and the time that the earth filled with the mutated animals…

Surely, soon enough no longer than 4 hours after the link has completed, the earth once again quaked. But this time the reason isn’t that of the link process, but the reason is that of the wild stomp of the animals that came out from the surrounding.

If you were to ask about the reason why the creatures suddenly attacking the city and town, the reason did is pretty much simple… that is, hunger…

No matter who it is; animals, insects, fishes, even humans… all of them will feel hunger after their genetic changes, that is because of their body in need of nutrition. The hunger their cells felt is so high that they could go crazy and think nothing aside of eating.

The hunger they felt isn’t a hunger that could be satisfied easily. In this case, the returnee had more experience since this isn’t their 1st time of awakening. However, for the animals, this is the 1st time for them. When the world linked, all of the animals awakened, in body and genes. The vast sleeping animals awoke, and the genes that receive a sudden transformation felt hunger.

They need to satisfy their need to eat, and the most appetizing feast for them is them… human…

The battle dye the town in blood and cries, the animals that already satisfied their hunger run away in a hurry, since they knew that the humans wouldn’t let them go away if the human realize that they ate their race member.

The heavy artillery and guns sound that echoes throughout the town is like a symphony that played alongside the cry of sadness anguish and joy.

For the big towns that have their armies stand close, they could easily defend the place without any causality, however for the little village in the depth of the forest, suburb or even in a small country. The scene that happens is devastating…

The metropolis has an outbreak that comes from their sewer; that is something like rats and others animals that live in the humongous sewers of theirs. While the developing cities have their attacks comes from the farms’ area, or even from the wilderness.

A place like Australia, have evacuated the place that near nature and all intelligently evacuated their selves to a town which have heavy artillery in the place. While a place like Vietnam, and China or even some country in Europe, Asia, and Antarctica have all found themselves a safe place…

Sadly, nothing could make them stay safe for long and overtime, casualties happen here and there, sadness that drives them to protect more could be seen in their eyes. In every country there always someone who will stand as the leader of this new and thrown out place earth, which government couldn’t protect.

A government might be strong they can control a country but can’t protect every one of them. There, the strongest will show their selves and lead the others.

Especially in Indonesia, a place where every island has autonomous government that has a centralized leader, Indonesia is too big… even though it’s not as massive as other countries, it still has less workable human resource.

Indonesia has 6 main islands an island as big as or even bigger than Japan. Although each and every Island has their own town and heavy fortification of big weaponry and artillery, there are more villages than a town in Indonesia.

Let’s say that Indonesia has a fourth of its territory without any artillery, and the 4 hours times isn’t enough for the evacuation to occur since the place by itself is too big, and too much undeveloped terrain that hard to traverse in, so there will be a heavy casualties that happen here more than other places.


“Seriously… it’s not even a day since they return yet they already brought trouble here… sigh..”

[Sighing too much isn’t good for you father…]

“I know but seriously… Helping each and every island in Indonesia is too much trouble you know?…”

[Well, it’s because Indonesia filled with many animals, and most of them didn’t have high intelligent because you’ve already kill them faster than other places animals you see?]

“Isn’t that a good thing? I mean, how I could know that they’ll attack several hours after their genes changed…”

[Well, it’s good but it’s bad in this situation since they’re all attacking the citizen without much to think…]

“Sigh… that damn angel… how dare she give me this troublesome mission… even though I want to save some of my inventions I really don’t want to be threatened like that…”


“Sigh… Okay then… I’ll let it pass for now… Right dear daughter…”

[Yes dear father…]

[“Let start our debut”] the man and machine say while hopping around and killing monsters on the way…

Outside of earth’s mantle.

Meanwhile in the outer space, inside a spaceship that has a unique design. Stood there a human in his first half of teen, gave a salute to his companion on the ship’s deck that looks like a control room in the spaceship.

“Xiarz!, Captain Line, the attack that suddenly appeared this day is the occurrence of an unknown link the ‘gods’ and ‘angel’ being tell to us, earthlings”, says the boy to the person that looks in his late 20s, whom he called the captain.

“Xiarz, Anton! I know nothing about what happened to the earth right now, and what could possibly happen in mere seconds… can you tell us the exact details about the things that happen?”

“Acknowledged! Then, I shall tell you the things that happen for 40 years of time…”

“4… 40 years?…”

The curtain of the unknown has all been extroverted. The underground, the above ground, the civilian, the world… has opened their curtain toward the inexplicable things that happen before their eyes without any of their knowledge…

Thus, soon… The world of occult and sci-fi will grab each other’s hand, and make the world start to converge, towards the brand new world… The world that will either put them more in peace or… Chaos…