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Only Me – Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Start! [2]

“Heyyyy! Could you guys slow down a little for me?!”

The angels Friteta fly with her wings on her back at a speed that could even be compared to a bomber, still, she can’t be compared with the Super JET Ridwan has. A transportation shoes that could reach half a light speed, created by a human, and wings that angels have created by external energy consumes the wearer’s energy to use.

Unlike Ridwan’s Super JET, which used a new kind of fuel that could last for a week full used for the Super JET, or even light up a city for 100 years full time, External Energy usage could be said too much. Since External energy is a power that generated from the user, it varies on each and every one of the individuals. However, a biological fuel like energy is, in fact, unusable for a long time…

There’s been a time when Ridwan in need of electricity, since 2000 years is too much for a human electricity to last, he needs a new kind of fuel which can overcome his need.

300 years, is the time he needs to create a biological fuel that can exchange a nuke power plant and gasoline consumption. 200 years is the time he needs to further the usage of the fuel, and of course, almost all the fuel he created that should be last for another tens of thousands of years rewritten by the angel, Friteta…

“Tch, you are slow! That’s why I’m saying that you should not erase my inventions!”

“Hey! Your invention is created by more than half of the earth resource! How could I not revert it back! If the thing being allowed, the resource of earthlings will lessen by a large amount!”

“Grumble grumble”

“Just be enough with those that stored in your space box already!”

“Hey! It’s 4th-dimensional box! Not a space box!”

“It should not be a box if you want to plagiarize some blue cat! It should be a pocket!”

“Wha! How do you know a long times cartoon like Dor***on?!”

“H~hm! I’ve done my research you know!”

Proudly puffing her chest, Friteta and Ridwan continuing their debate and grumbling along the way, while not really paying attention to his target, Ridwan fast and accurately shot down every monster horde that attacking the village.

While in the village and the towns depth that he saved all in hysteria;

“Look! There’s a supe#an!”

“Why did a supe$man in Indonesia?! It’s should be wiro sableng!”

“Wiro sableng can’t fly! It should be Semar!”

“the thing ain’t have a big belly! And why did all of those things do in Papua?!”


Yes the starting point of the protection he doing is in the most underdeveloped location in Indonesia, although they (Papua’s citizens) do have guns and rifle since they’d a terrorist group, they’re not strong enough to defend against the influx of monster that attacking them,

At this underdeveloped country, there are many minerals that had yet to be extracted. So, this place is the haven for the miners, especially Ridwan in the lost time… he did many things to extract the minerals, especially the golds since there are too many golds in the island…

There’s even a mountain of gold lies in the place.

“So what do you want to do in this mountain of useless gold?” says Friteta teasingly…

“For you, it might be useless since your existence itself is to be raped after all…”

“WA?! Damn it, gramps! I’m not here to be raped! I’m here as your supervisor!”

[Yeah! I’m still here too, so release yours inside me!]

“gunununu… you know?! I want to search for a thing to release my piled up thing, but you just give me an order ASAP! Do you really not want me to rape you or something?!”

“Hey! Stop playing! Let’s get to the point now!” Friteta says in a way to distract the conversation to another way but…

“There’s no need for you to change the topic, but well, Gendis mine the place, for now, I’ll go around and do the job to save my child…”

“Hey?! It’s not like I abduct your children or anything… we just revert the time back, and make your invention back to their original form!” shout Friteta

“My invention is my children you sl**t!”

“Dang it, gramps! I’ll seriously blast you off!”

[Father! Your mind is in disorder! Please just go and do the mission already!]

“Guh… Okay, I’ll see you later ndis!”

[I’ll wait for you father!]

With that Ridwan left the mountain of gold, and resume his work in defending Indonesia.

England, Cambridge University.

“Grim! What should we do?! The fortifying got thrashed! There are too many of the monster’s assaults!” the men that hold a steel shield shout.

“Alright! Open the barricade, I’ll go in and hunt them, just get hold the barricade, and try to attack them from the roof, I’ll try to be the bait!”

“that’s too dangerous!”

“But there should be someone to do that, and I am the one which has the best probability in stay alive!”

“Alright, but be careful! England will be in their peril if their strongest died in the early part of the world’s transformation!”

“I will!”

The shield wielder lets a small gap in the barricade, Grim without further thought jump out of the gap and swing his steel sword in his hands. Slashing every one of the mutated animals which attack them.

Not long after, the arrows draw an arch in the sky, filling the mutated animals in holes and riddles. Lessens Grim’s workload, and gave him an easier time to breathe.

“Thanks! Guys! The monsters have lessened, now! Go out and pile up your experience!”

The barricade broke from the insides, the olds and the young, hold their weapon in hands, thus allowing their external energy flowing through their body and accelerate. Smashing their weapons to the mutated animals which either in their weakened state or alone.

“I sure will come back and see you again… Lynn… I’m sure you will stay alive until the day we met again…”

China, Beijing.

The man single-handedly battle against a Liger that escaped from the zoo. A liger is a male lion’s descendant with a tiger female, they are tawny-orange in color, and the males have short manes. Both males and females have stripes on their backs and spots on their bellies. Ligers weigh on average 1,000 pounds, and the heaviest liger on record was 1,600 pounds. Ligers are considered the biggest cat on earth because tigers weigh about 500 pounds and lions max out at about 600 pounds. Ligers can make lion and tiger vocalizations. Ligers enjoy swimming, which is a tiger-like behavior. They’re also social cats, which is a strictly lion-like trait. Sourced from

In any case, it’s a big sized cat which is far stronger and bigger than a normal tiger or lion. Even though it’s a domesticated animal, it has the power to crush a small car under its paw. Thus, the mutated ones are even more ferocious, that even capable of crushing a family sized car onto a scrap.

“Gahahah! So many rare animals that could help me increase my prowess!” uttered the man that single-handedly battling against a mutated liger.

“Boss! Be careful! That thing is dangerous you know!”

*Bam!* the sound became the last sound the mutated-Liger could let out, the sound of his body that being trampled under the man who called ‘boss’s fist.

“Gyahahah! Weak! How weak! What did you say again underling no.1?”

“Ugh… why could I forget about my boss’s monster like power huh… Nothing boss! Just keep going, and my name is *Graoo!*, not underling no.1” the words get blurred by the roar of the mutated animals at the time underling no.1 say his name.

Thus the battle of Beijing getting more heated, with the animals that being defeated stay there as a corpse, or being eaten by other animals or became a shield of other’s human to defend the attack of other mutated beasts.

“Boss! The monster decreased! Now’s the time for our last spurt!”

“Okay! Underling no. 2!”

“Wai… why am I became underling no.2?! Just before you call me no.1?!”

“Oh, so you are the same person huh~ my bad~ anyway, let’s go!”


Underling no.1 grumbling along the way, but he still follows the man called ‘Boss’ to safeguard others citizen and safely instruct his others underling under his banner gang to gather more experience safely.

East Asia, Dessert.

The unknown spaceship landed on the burning sand that full of scorpions that have already mutated and hunts the citizen in the nearby village.

“Captain! Please do the evacuation; I’ll try to kill the scorpions!”

“Xiarz! Safely return! We’ll then gather the other alien under our wings!”

“Xiarz! You too captain! Suzumi too, be safe!”

Anton, the boy in his early teens shouts to the girl that looks the same of him in age. A pretty girl that has a blonde-white hair with emerald green eyes, just slightly astonished with the change in Anton…

“He’s somehow different…”utter the girl.

“of course… for 40 years, he stuck in another world after all… his mental age should be older than me already, he’s not the same Anton as yesterday… no to be exact, he’s not the same Anton as the Anton this morning…” whisper Captain Line in a soft voice, soft enough that even Suzumi hear just a bit of it…

“Eh, what is it, captain?”

“No, nothing. Let’s go, guys! We need to help them in this extermination!”

“”OUU”” utter the crew in high spirit.


Oraaah! Scoppio D’Ira!” *blast*

The man’s guns shot a pillar of flame from the nozzle, and burn the mutated animals to a crisp. Without any thought, the man shot another ‘Scoppio D’Ira’ to the mutated animal. Shot by shot, the animals that come in horde being burned in crisp.

Indonesia, Bali.

“Kuahh… What the heck is wrong with this?! Why did this tiny island have so… soo…” the man soaked in blood.

The blood that continues to pouring could be seen, and the pouring blood keeps attracting another mutated animals and insects, wave after wave the mutated creature being obliterated by him, however, his blood kept pouring… from his nose…

“Damn it! Why the heck all of you don’t use more fabric?! Seriously?! Why did your swimsuit showing soo many skins?! Do you want me to fall to the darkness that much?! Damn it!”

Ridwan, battling against his urge.

His urge to pin down the woman, and satisfy his lust…

“Damn wave of mutated creature! Just stop already and free me of this lust!!!!”

Thus the man’s shout makes the survivor in Bali beach, especially the woman shudder…