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Hotaru was a kid orphaned from the attack of bandits, which leads his village decimated with only him survives. the world still revolves though, saved by the ninjas from Konoha, his life started once again in that orphanage.

cursing life, he wanders around lifelessly, giving up his will to stay alive and moping around while travelling within Konoha.

there he met a kid smaller than him, scorned, bullied, even given scorn filled eyes towards him. he knows that the kid is hurt, but even so…

he’s still smiling and look at them in eyes. Seeing the struggle of Naruto, he silently clench his chest, feeling the pain which had no wound, and cries out loud while remembering his grandfather’s words ‘There’s always a reason for something to happen’

From then on, he started to look up, and get a better life. Being adopted, meeting his friends and teachers, also… an ability only he had…

Never did he know that what lies in his future is a grim and dark… tragedy…

**the pic all get from Pinterest! I only gather and edit them up! especially the character on the page I’m only changing his eyes and hair 😀

 TAG: Original Action Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Anti-Hero Lead GrimdarkHarem Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Multiple Lead Characters Secret Identity Strategy Weak to Strong 

Warning This fiction contains:

  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatizing content


Volume 1: Ninja world isn’t something that ninja govern

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