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Mushoku Tensei: That One Forgotten Mob

Bookmark(0) Click Category to Bookmark Public CategoryPrivate Category Public CategoryPrivate Category New Category List Category Manage Category Mushoku Tensei《That one forgotten Mob 》 Light Dark   Description Chapter list Glossary and News Patreon Exclusive Description Author:Eternal Fortune Synopsis:I’m one of Sylphiette’s bullies.You won’t know me since I am not named in any of the works,…

Stranded World

  Stranded World Hotaru was a kid orphaned from the attack of bandits, which leads his village decimated with only him survives. the world still revolves though, saved by the ninjas from Konoha, his life started once again in that orphanage. cursing life, he wanders around lifelessly, giving up his will to stay alive and…

Only Me

Left in this world alone as an abandoned, live alone in a world full of animals which hate humans to the cores… I am Alone… feeling saddened, I thought of… why can’t I just create my own converse person myself? Thus, My life on the world which being left behind by the humanity, which being…