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Mushoku Tensei: That One Forgotten Mob

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      Mushoku Tensei《That one forgotten Mob 》




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      Author:Eternal Fortune

      I’m one of Sylphiette’s bullies.
      You won’t know me since I am not named in any of the works, whether it was the Manga, Novel, or even the anime. Heck, I only say 1 word and dead in the next part…
      A true mob, where I don’t even appear in either the opening or the ending of the anime.
      The thing happened so suddenly, I don’t really know whether I am reincarnated here, transmigrated, or just receiving some memory from someone in the real world. But I’m unexpectedly apathetic of the future.
      Oh well, I don’t really care that much about the future since I can prepare from now.
      The deadline is 5 years from now, the day mass teleportation happened… Can I be another prodigy in the Mushoku Tensei world, or still be another slightly better Mob?

      Chapter list

      Glossary and News

      Mushoku Tensei: That One Forgotten Mob Glossary

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