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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 81: Cloud King

Chapter 81: Cloud King


[Mike POV]

Claude has become famous nowadays.

Was it because he defeated the Sword Emperor Eugene?

That’s one of the reasons, but the main reason was the new style implementing the usage of both magic and all types of weapon skills.

The combination of three famous styles and the additional magic usage is groundbreaking. This allows more people to become a Dual.

Because the majority of Arbalest members use this style, it was proven to be suitable for the general public.Even after being tutored by the people from the Water God Dojo, the style started to gather fame because of the maximization of what they could do.

Not only can people start to use the Water God techniques on weapons to fight easier with the help of mana, one can even fight barehanded while unleashing the techniques from Sword God Style. This kind of invention was new and amazing for those people.

However, no one aside from the members of Arbalest can succeed in using the style since the training was said to be horrible.


That’s something one must feel before they’re able to use this style.

Even the Kings and Emperors from the Water God Dojo said, “The creator of this style must be a madman…” I can’t agree more with what he said.

Claude is insane, but he’s also a genius. An insanely brilliant person becomes a Mad Genius. Thus, people that have the guts will do all they can to train in this cloud style, when one succeeds in the training. They’d be a Dual…

Thus, using this achievement, My head knight receives another title. One that’s still new, as the current highest rank in the style.

Cloud King

An immaterial way of fighting that enables one to use anything they have. The Cloud Style is a style where one uses something akin to a cloud to attack.

As insane as it might sound, as of now, there’s no one on the same rank that can defeat the Cloud style user. This might create a bit of chaos towards the martial way, but it is an undeniable fact. Even the Sword Emperor Eugene from the Royal Knights can’t defeat the Cloud King.

Meanwhile, unknown to the mass, More people started to challenge Claude in my territory secretly. Unfortunately, no one, from the Saint Ranked to the Emperor Ranked weapon master, can beat Claude. He patented his fame as the strongest King-ranked style title on the continent.

While he can still be defeated by the God title contenders, they rarely challenge Claude. Since most of the contenders are way older than him, it makes it embarrassing for them to actually challenge Claude, and even if they do, they won’t publicize it.

Usually the God title contenders’ ages range from 25 to 40, and bragging about beating a 15-year old kid is definitely not something they can be proud of. When the fact that most of them are using all they can to defeat Claude,

Even Water God Reida Reida can’t defeat her disciple easily anymore, when Claude reached the Saint rank in his mana capacity, Reida couldn’t defeat her disciple easily anymore. A whole new world of spells was introduced to him, making it harder to defeat him.

Not only can Claude fight from a distance, he can also fight in close range. Implementing Aura and Mana as one, he’s like a dragon in a human skin.

I guess his meeting with Orsted burned the fuel within him.

Eversince the failure on the negotiation, he started to train like Crazy again. It’s like that day in Buena village again.

He sometimes visited his parents’ graves in Buena village. Since there’s no corpse that can be salvaged from the Strife Zone, we create their grave in the village. They buried only their clothes and the broken artefact Claude created for them.


The door to my office was suddenly opened. No, it’s broken in to be exact.

“Mike!” Sauros yelled while bringing something to his hand.

“What is it, lord Sauros?” I asked, thickening the word ‘lord’ in front of his face.

“I’m thinking of visiting my dear granddaughter! Wanna come with me?” He said suddenly, “This person really doesn’t realize how busy I am, right?”

I rub my forehead. I look at this old brat with annoyance.

“What’s with that look!”

“You do know that there’s still work to be done, right?” I said, trying to imply there’s still work needed to be done.

“You don’t want to come with me then, alright! See ya! ” He yelled and left me in my room.

“Wa! Hey, Sauros! Wait for me! I want to come too! ” I said, running to him as if my life depended on it.



[Claude POV]

“Don’t stop swinging that damn sword! Do know that once you stop your swing, I will bash your head to the ground! ” I shouted while eying the soldiers in front of me, I also swung the sword along with them. However, there’s a difference in the pressure though.



Every time I swing my sword, the wind in the surrounding area feels like a breeze to me. While some of the soldiers seem to be pushed by the wind blast,

“Lord Claude, please lighten your swing! I’m the one being pushed by the wind blast here! ” said the soldier in front of me.

“Don’t act like a pussy, and continue to swing your sword. There!” I let go of the sword in my hand, and it slowly spun in the air. While the sword spun in the air, I took the blunt dagger from my chest pocket. Then throw it with amazing speed towards the soldier that just stopped swinging his sword.

A simple throw, and the man flies towards the back of the line.


Seeing the passing out comrade of theirs with a bleeding forehead, they started to swing it faster while having a paled expression.

I’m happy to see them so excited and grab the falling sword I threw earlier and swing my sword faster and with a heavier swing than before.

At the end of the training, the soldiers lay on the ground, breathing hard.

“Hoho, as expected of the Cloud King”

“Oh my, what’s Water Emperor Emporio doing here?” I said while greeting the old man in front of me.

He’s a God Candidate of the Water God style. Each God title in every style has different criteria. For once, the Water God needs to be able to use several of their secret techniques and defeat the current Water God, while the Sword God needs to only defeat the current Sword God. Then comes the North God, who just needs the other people to acknowledge that one is strong enough to hold the title.

Well, based on the information above, the easiest to have the title is the North God style. Not only is it easier to gain the title, There are also several living North Gods. They don’t have just one person that has the title.

Unlike the Water and Sword God style, which only allows a single person to hold the title.

Leaving that aside, Mr. Emporio seems to want another match with me.

“Like always?” I said to him, while leaving the collapsed soldier on the ground.

“Please” he nods his head, and went to the arena.

While Emporio prepares himself in the arena, I stack all the weapons I can on my body. The sword I held in my hand and the staff I put on my back. There are also several daggers and throwing knives that I put on my chest belt.

“You’ve prepared all the necessary items?” Emporio asked me

“Yep, let’s begin,” I said, while stepping onto the arena.



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