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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 32

: Holy sword Highway [2]


[Rudeus POV]


This is Rudeus.

I already know that Claude will focus on the teleportation incident, as I also want to search for my family, but I am thinking of bringing Eris back to Roa first before starting my search.

After bringing Eris back, I don’t even need to do so since it might already be done with Claude and Mike’s cooperation.

As we continue our path.

Geese still tried to avoid those superstitions. It doesn’t seem like they’re helping you since you got thrown into prison yourself.

Well, if they’re not planning to join the party, then it’s fine if they aren’t joining.

Just like this on our journey, the number accompanying us increased by two.

We just entrusted the carriage to our steed and solely kept moving past the Great Forest.

It’s genuinely a straightforward path.

The road goes right over the horizon. It continues straight into the capital of Saint Milis Kingdom.

I wonder why there’s this sort of path.

There are no monsters at all.

The water drainage is also surprisingly good.

Just as my doubts were coming up, Geese started to explain it.

The one who created this road was the founder of the Milis Church, the world’s largest religious organization.

Saint Milis.

This is the result of a single swing of Saint Milis’ sword.

It sliced straight through the mountains and forest and cut down a Demon King on the Magic Continent or something.

Since that story spread around, this road was called “Holy Sword Highway”.

There’s no way that can be the case, is what I wanted to think, but even now, there’s still magic power from Saint Milis remaining.

As proof of that, even now, we’ve had absolutely no encounters with monsters.

The carriage has never gotten stuck in the mud as well.

Full sails, favorable wind.

It’s truly a miracle.

I can understand why the Milis Church has so much power.

However, I’m pretty afraid of the bad influence it may have on the body.

What is known as magic power is convenient.

However, it causes animals to transform into monsters, causes two children to be teleported from Central Continent to Magic Continent, it causes various bad things.

The fact that there is a lot of magic power is also something to be afraid of…

Well, it’s okay since we can take it easy knowing no monsters will attack.

Along the side of the highway, there are points at specified distances which are made for camping.

There we make preparations to camp.

Ruijerd went into the forest and just caught whatever was convenient. There were no real problems there.

Occasionally, a beast race from a nearby village will come out to sell things, but there’s nothing we really need to buy.

I don’t think it even needs to be said of the Great Forest, but there’s an abundance of vegetation.

On the sides of the highway, many plants can be used as spices.

I gathered those using the Plant Encyclopedia I once read as a reference.

Even though that is the case, my cooking skill isn’t that high.

Even if I were to say that my skill has improved considerably over this past year, “bad” has just changed into “slightly bad”.

The quality of the ingredients in the Great Forest is much better than those of the Magic Continent.

And there are not just monsters. There are regular animals as well.

Rabbits and boars, for example, they’re just ordinary animals.

And then after you cook the meat from the animals, that alone is plenty delicious, but since that’s the case, I want to eat even better tasting meat.

The quest to eat good food should always be done with greed.

There Geese entered the field.

He was a master of camping cooking.

He managed to use the grasses and berries I found and, almost as if by magic, turned them into spices to magnificently flavor the meat.

“I said it, right? I can do anything.”

It wasn’t just bragging. That meat was delicious.

Amazing, hold me!

It was almost to the point that I suddenly embraced him.

Acting almost to a disgusting extent.

I felt bad about my feelings as well.

That goes for both of us.

“It’s boring.”

Eris muttered that just as we were preparing for today’s meals again.

Ingredients: Ruijerd

Fire and Water: Me

Cooking: Geese

There was nothing for Eris to do in front of this perfect distribution of roles.

Even Claude doesn’t do anything but tinker with his Enchantment item.

At best, it would be something like collecting firewood, but this is in the middle of a forest. It’s over quickly.

Therefore she is pretty bored.

Around the start, she was just swinging her sword on her own.

Since Ghislaine and I forced her to keep doing things with repetition training, she can swing the sword for any number of hours.

Even though that’s the case, if you were to ask if that is interesting to do, then it seems that wouldn’t be the case.

Currently, Ruijerd is hunting, Geese is cooking the soup, and I’m working on making a figure.

Just forget about Claude. He almost does nothing but tinker with his artifact.

There’s still quite a bit of time left until I complete this 1/10 Ruijerd.

However, it should sell.

It has additional value.

You will never be attacked by the Supard race if you have this. Instead, you will be able to get along with them. Or something like that is what I’m saying.

Putting that aside.

Eris is at her limit with being bored.

“Hey! Geese!”

“What’s up, young lady? It’s not ready yet?”

Geese turned around while confirming the taste of the soup.

Eris was using her usual imposing pose.

“Teach me cooking!”

“No way.”

It was an instant reply.

Geese just kept with his cooking like nothing happened at all.

Eris just kept staring into space dumbfounded.

However, she quickly regained herself and yelled out.


“Because I don’t want to teach you.”

“Like I said, why?!”

Geese let out a deep sigh.

“Umm, you know, young lady. Swordsmen are best off thinking of nothing but fighting. Trying to cook is pointless. It’s fine as long as you can eat.”

Incidentally, this man.

It’s fine as long as you can eat it. It is entirely not the level of his food.

It’s the level where you could open a shop.

It’s not something where the Emperor of Japan would fire off light out of his mouth the moment he puts it in, but it’s at the level where his cooking shop would be well known in the neighborhood.

“But, if I can cook… umm… you know?”

Eris was saying that while stealing glances in my direction.

What is it, Eris?

What do you want to say?

Please feel free to say it straight out.

“I don’t get it at all.”

Geese is being cold to Eris.

I don’t really get why, but he’s saying it in a pretty severe way.

Regarding Ruijerd and me, it’s not really the case, but only to Eris. He seems to say things while pushing her away.

“Doesn’t the young lady have talent with the sword? Something like cooking you don’t need.”


“Being able to fight is something to be happy about, you know? To live in this world, there’s nothing more than what you need. It will just make your well-polished talent lose its focus.”

Eris made a bit of an unpleasant face, but she didn’t start to hit Geese.

For some reason, Geese’s words have an odd power of persuasion.

“Though that’s just my front excuse.”

Geese nodded with an alright and stopped stirring the soup.

And then he started to serve it with the stone bowls.

Incidentally, the bowls were something I made.

“You know, I decided to never teach anyone cooking again.”

It seems Geese was a member of a party that cleared Labyrinths.

It was a party with six members, everyone aside from him could only do a single thing, it seems they were all clumsy people.

The Geese of that time had a pet phrase of, “You guys really can’t do anything besides that.”

It seems that the party still managed to do quite well even though it was pretty distorted.

However, one day, it seems one of the women from the party told Geese she wanted to learn cooking.

If you want to catch a man, start by grabbing his stomach, it seems that it’s effective in this world.

Geese said it couldn’t be helped and taught the woman cooking.

Whether it be because of the cooking or whatever.

That is unknown, but as a result, the woman stuck to the man and, just like that, got married.

The two left the party and went off somewhere.

After everything, if two influential individuals suddenly drop out, the party interior becomes rough.

The party was filled with a spiral of fights and disinterest. They were unable to properly complete any jobs and quickly disbanded.

Even though that’s the case, Geese is a man who can do anything.

He has no talent with the sword or magic, but everything other than that he can do.

Therefore, he thought he would quickly find another party.

The result was a crushing defeat.

Geese of that time was an adventurer with a bit of a name for himself.

Even though that was the case, no parties would take him in.

Geese can do anything.

If it’s something that adventurers can do, then pretty much anything.

In other words, it’s that everything that Geese can do is something that anyone else can do as well.

If it’s a high-rank party, all members will generally split up the various jobs.

Geese realized it.

That he had no place other than in that party.

Since it was filled with clumsy guys, he could be there.

After that, Geese left the business of an adventurer halfway.

It seems he decided to live his life as a player (gambler).

“That’s why you know. Women are no good for cooking.”

It’s a jinx.

That is what he added on.

If you were to ask me, Geese’s jinx doesn’t matter at all.

I think it would be fine if you were to teach something like cooking.

This soup is good.

Just a single sip of this soup is enough to make the inside of my mouth have a “shubidubadahhan” kind of feeling.

It’s to the point where I want to be taught as well.

Since that’s the case, I decided to throw out a lifeboat.

“I understand that newbie ended up with misfortune, but the woman who was taught cooking ended up happy, right?”

Since that’s the case teach us, is what I was thinking.

Then Geese waved his head.

“I don’t know if the woman ended up being happy or not. I haven’t met her since.”

But, Geese was laughing to himself.

“As for the man, he was happy, or maybe not…”

Therefore, it’s a jinx, I guess.

After seeing him with a depressed expression, I felt like I couldn’t say anything more.

The soup that should have been good lost a bit of its flavor.

I look at Claude. That’s somewhat stopped what he’s doing and getting himself closer towards us.

“That’s an interesting story, but can’t you just have another job aside from adventuring?”

“Nah, I’m not interested in staying in a place… don’t you see that adventuring is a man’s Roman!”

Um, I get that!

A man’s Roman!

“Why are you agreed at what he said, someone that afraid to come out of his home until he was brought out by his teacher wants to have an adventurer life? Seriously?”

Claude, damn you…

Well, I can’t deny that.

“Wah? Senpai had that kind of past too?”

“What’s that! Claude, tell me more about the tiny Rudeus!”

Hey, don’t call me tiny. It hurts my self-esteem…

With that, Claude told them about my embarrassing past.

Geese, keep it on the note, while Eris is laughing out loud while staring a dagger at me when Claude mentions I took Sylphy’s clothes…

Ruijerd, won’t you hurry and come back…


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