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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 31

: Holy Sword Highway




Holy Sword Highway.

That highway cuts in a straight path through the Great Forest.

Once upon a time, the Saint Milis created this Highway which is overflowing with magic power.

Even though the surroundings are flooded with water, only the highway is dry; it seems not a single monster will approach this highway.

They are going to move along it in a carriage we received from the Dedoldia race.

They prepared anything and everything we would need for the journey.

Carriage + horse.

Travel expenses (5 Milis Gold Coins + 5 Milis Silver Coins).

Consumable goods.

Since this is the case, even without returning to Saint Port, they should be able to make it to the capital of Milis.

“Alright, let’s depart.”

Just as that development was happening, a monkey-faced man came along for some reason.

“Weell~, I just thought it was about time I return to Milis. It was just in time. Take me along as well.”

Newbie Geese, while saying that, shamelessly jumped on and joined us.

“Oh, if it isn’t Geese?”

“You are following along as well?”

There were no complaints from the others.

But Claude eyed the monkey-face.

He was wary of this apostle guy.

He sometimes acts good, while mostly he’s a crazy bastard.

Rudeus wondered if they were acquaintances and asked.

It seemed when he wasn’t looking, Geese was properly laying the groundwork with those two.

He joined along with Eris, Tona, and Terusena to tell them interesting stories and joined in with Ruijerd and Gustav telling stories of the good old days.

It seems he used his usual wiles of working to someone’s nature, and the two want to make up for that.

In a place where Rudeus can’t see.

Which is why those two were willing to accept him so easily.

“Alright, then let’s depart!”

Along with Ruijerd’s shout, the carriage started to move forward.

While looking back at the beast races that came to see us off, Eris still shed tears while looking at Minitona and the others. It’s a bit of a comforting feeling.

While the opposite happened to the Blacksmith apprentice guided by Claude, they are crying in tears while biting a handkerchief like a wife left behind by his husband.

It’s an unsettling look that caught the eyes of the other.

Rudeus was smirking at tease Claude along the way, as the man in question could only hold his forehead in shame.

However, in Rudeus’s heart, there’s something still a bit unsettling remaining.

‘It’s Geese’s fault.’

If he wanted to come along, it would have been fine if he had just said so from the start.

Even if he didn’t move around so suspiciously in the background like that.

Rudes had no reason to turn him down if he had just normally asked.

“Hey-hey, senpai. Don’t glare at me like that.”

Inside a carriage moving at quite a speed, Rudeus was making a face filled with discontent. Geese didn’t feel Claude’s gaze since he didn’t gaze at Geese, pointing his focus towards the person.

While laughing with a broad grin, Geese came close to his ears.

“The one who gave a hand towards senpai’s love was me, you know?”

Then for some reason, he started to talk about something odd.

Helper in love.

Now then, in the end, these past three months, whether it be dog ear girls or cat ear girls, it ended with me being unable to lay my hands on any of them.

There was no development with Eris as well.

Rudeus did end up getting along better with Gyes than at the start, but just that.

Is that love?

Don’t say stupid things.

I don’t have those sorts of interests.

Is what Rudeus thought

“Helper in love, what do you mean?”

“I helped you meet with Holy Beast-sama, didn’t I?”

“Holy beast??”

Think about the meaning.



It…it was this guy!

This guy was the criminal!

What do you mean helper in love!

Rudeus said it was a false charge from the start.

No, rather than something like that.

“Ho- how did you manage to lead Holy Beast-sama out!”

“That’s a trade secret. Well, they are idiots, after all. If you cause a bit of a distraction, then something like bringing him out can be done.”

Carelessly and confidently, he said that.

No, that is…

Dangerous, isn’t it.

After all, the beast race people were furious.

It felt like if they found you, they would tear you limb from limb or something.

“Wh- why did you do something as dangerous as that?”

“After all, you like dogs, right?”

“I told you that was a false charge.”

“Was that the case? Well, isn’t it fine?”

Just like that, with a light tone, Geese said it while laughing frivolously.

Just then, Rudeus was filled with anxiety.

Could this guy be that he’s a considerably dangerous guy?

He wonders if it would be bad to let him go together with them on the journey.

“Ruijerd-san. Turn around the carriage.”


“We have to turn over the criminal who let out Holy Beast-sama.”

“Wha? Wait-wait!”

Geese started to panic and tried to seal up Rudeus’ mouth.

However, because of this guy, Rudeus was doubted so much.

‘There’s a need to turn my heart into a demon and make sure punishment is received here.’

“It’s alright, newbie. I’ll properly explain things to you. They might end up throwing you into prison nude and hurl cold water at you, but you can endure that much.”

“Hey, wait for a second! Are you serious! Listen well, the one who prepared the carriage was me, you know. Those guys don’t have the kind of culture that apologizes for things with objects. That’s why forgive me!”

The monkey’s face was desperate.

A face filled with charm.

This guy isn’t a bad person.

That is something Rudeus understood well when we were in prison together.

It’s not like he leads out Holy Beast-sama with some evil intent.

However, hmumu…


“What, Ruijerd-san?”

“Forgive him.”

“Danna! As expected of danna! Weell~, I’ve always thought since before that danna is quite the handsome man!”

‘Really, this guy…’

In any case,

“Ruijerd-san. Is it fine? This guy is one of those villains you really hate?”

“He probably did it because he thought he was doing it for your sake.”

Rudeus don’t really understand what Ruijerd uses as the basis for his judgment.

That is fine, and this is bad.

No, this could be the result of Geese laying the groundwork.

It seems like he sure did it well, that monkey bastard.

“That’s right, it was like that danna! I did it for senpai’s sake! I couldn’t have imagined that it would become a serious issue. Then I went a bit overboard with it, but I absolutely didn’t do it to try and cause problems for anyone!”

Honestly speaking, Rudeus has a debt towards this guy.

In a cold place, naked, the debt of receiving a vest.

In terms of debt, but compared to the beast race, which continued to doubt me even knowing that the charges were false, it’s a much better impression.

Well, it’s okay.

In the end, it’s not like anyone is bothered by it.

Except for Claude, he still eyed Geese of any suspicious movement.

Even though he already knows that he’s harmless at this stage, he just can’t stop his head from killing the person in question as soon as possible.

The threat this seemingly weak person gave is enormous.

However, there is plenty more apostle that the god has; thus, killing Geese now will only speed up the unneeded story.

So, he held himself back.

“It’s fine if you come along, but newbie, aren’t you afraid of the Supard race?”

Like that, Rudeus said it in a voice that Ruijerd could hear.

He wonders if this guy knows Ruijerd is a Supard or not.

If he was involved in the drinking when they were in then, it wouldn’t be strange for him to have heard it, right?

It wouldn’t be funny if he suddenly said, “Supard race, seriously?” afterward.

“That can’t be. Of course, I’m scared since I’m also a demon race. The fear of the Supard race starts from the time you’re a child. They say they’ll eat you.”

“I see. Incidentally, even though Ruijerd looks that way, he’s a Supard race.”

As I said it like that, Geese narrowed his eyes.

“Danna is different. Since he’s my life’s savior after all.”

Rudeus wondered if something had happened, so he sent Ruijerd a signal with my eyes, and he waved his head that he had no idea.

At the very least, it doesn’t seem like he saved him over these past three months.

“As expected, you don’t remember. It was 30 years prior, after all.”

While saying that, Geese began to tell the tale.

The meeting, the parting, the turning point, and the love scene were excellent stories.

While speaking of the excellent hard-boiled story, a handsome man goes on a journey. He hears “Please don’t go!” from 100 women. He feels something pulling at him from behind and starts traveling towards his hometown when he arrives with a mysterious beauty…

It’s long, so to sum it up into one line, when he was still a beginner adventurer, he was attacked by a monster and about to die. It seems Ruijerd has saved him.

“Well, it was something that happened 30 years ago. There’s no reason to especially feel a debt.”

The Supard race is scary, but danna is different.

The monkey face newbie said it like that while laughing.

Ruijerd loosened his blank expression.

Rudeus felt like he understood the meaning of the words karma.

Isn’t that great? Ruijerd.

“Well, I’m asking to at least join you for a bit? As previous comrades?”

Just like this, the monkey-faced newbie joined “Dead End”…

It’s not like he entered.

He simply forced himself on us until the next town, at least.

According to his jinx, forming a party with four people, nothing good will come of it or something.

Claude refuses to enter the party since they will part away when he meets Mike to better control the situation.

No matter how much Rudeus want to deny it, Claude is smart.

Smarter than he is.

Thus, having him in Arbalest would be much better since he can cooperate with Mike to deal with the victim of the teleportation incident.


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