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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 33

: Holy sword Highway [3]


[Rudeus POV]


It’s Rudeus’ daily report.

A certain day.

At one of the specified points, we found a strange stone monument by the side of the road.

It reached about knee-high, and a strange emblem was carved into its face.

A single letter was surrounded by seven emblems.

If I remember correctly, the letter in the center in Fighting God-language would be “seven”.

The other emblems I feel that I might’ve seen somewhere or not…

I decided to ask Geese and see.

“Hey, newbie, what is this stone monument?”

Geese looked at the stone monument and nodded with an Ah.

“That is the, [Seven World Powers].”

I see the Seven World Powers.

“[Seven World Powers], what is that?”

“It means the seven warriors who are known to be the strongest of all in this world.”

It seems that around the time the second great human-demon war ended, a person known as the Technique God decided to make this.

The Technique God was said to be the strongest being of that time.

The ones that person decided, in regards to this world, the strongest seven names.

This stone monument is something for the sake of confirming that supposedly.

“If I remember correctly if we’re talking about that, then danna should know more about it. Danna!”

After Geese called out to him, Ruijerd, who was nearby looking over Eris’ training, walked up to us.

Eris fell to the ground. There, she lay with her arms and legs stretched out and was breathing deeply, trying to catch her breath.

“The [Seven World Powers], huh, that’s nostalgic.”

Ruijerd narrowed his eyes while looking at the stone monument.

“Do you know about it, Ruijerd?”

“When I was young, I was one of the countless that trained and aspired to be included as one of the [Seven World Powers].”

While saying that, Ruijerd was looking far into the distance.

Considerably far into the distance.

Far, far away…

Exactly how far back was this??

“It should be around 400 years old? The time when Laplace war happened, right?”

Claude said so. It’s should around that time.

“What exactly is that emblem?”

“Those are each of the individual’s crests. It still reveals the current seven names.”

Ruijerd pointed to each of them one by one and taught us the current seven names.

The current seven names are:

Position One “Technique God”,

Position Two “Dragon God”,

Position Three “Fighting God”,

Position Four “Demon God”,

Position Five “Death God”,

Position Six “Sword God”,

Position Seven “North God”,

it seems that’s how they’re lined up.

“Ohhh. But, [Seven World Powers] is something I’ve never heard about before?”

“The [Seven World Powers] were well-known up until around the time of the Laplace Campaign after all.”

“Why did they stop using it?”

“It was because, during the Laplace Campaign, there were some large changes, and half of them went missing.”

It seems, excluding the Technique God, all of the [Seven World Powers] of the time were participating in the Laplace Campaign.

However, among them, three died.

One of them went missing.

And one of them ended up being sealed was the outcome.

It seems the only one who survived with all limbs intact was the Dragon God of the time.

For the time being, those known to be the strongest started rising and entering the ranks, and several hundred years after that, those who stole the seats of [Lower World Powers] were quite far from the word “strongest”.

Even more so, currently, the whereabouts of Four of the higher ranks are unknown.

Technique God. Missing.

Dragon God. Missing.

Fighting God. Missing.

Demon God. (Laplace) Sealed Away.

Those who were undoubtedly known to be the strongest of the higher ranks weren’t around regarding the rankings.

Since that’s the case, [Seven World Powers] was gradually abandoned and forgotten from the people’s memories.

Or something along those lines.

Incidentally, the Demon God Laplace was never removed from the ranking because he didn’t die but was just sealed away.

“Exactly how many people are there that lived during those times?”

“Well, now. Even 400 years ago, it was becoming suspicious whether the Technique God even existed.”

“In the first place, why did the Technique God even create this sort of ranking?”

“It seems that. [To find someone who can defeat me], there was that sort of story, but I don’t know the details.”

As if it’s a profound ranking, I guess.

“This stone monument is considerably old; since that’s the case, it could be that the rankings have already changed by now, couldn’t it.”

After I muttered that, Geese shook his head.

“No, it seems that it will automatically change with magic.”

“Eh? Is that the case? How?”

“How would I know.”

It seems that is the case.

The letters on the stone monument automatically change.

I wonder precisely how it works.

There are still many things I don’t know about the magic of this world.

If I go to the magic university, I wonder if I’ll learn about things like that.

In any case, [Seven World Powers], huh.

Just as I thought there were a large number of people who stink of cheats in this world, I don’t feel like I can keep up at all.

Well, it’s not like I’m aiming to be the strongest in the world either way.

I’d instead not get very involved with the strongest.

It took one month until we passed the Great Forest.

However, it was only a month.

We managed to pass through the entire Great Forest in just a single month.

The path was nothing but a straight line, without a single monster.

Therefore, we were able to devote ourselves to moving, which is one of the reasons, but the horse’s performance was also good.

The horses in this world don’t know what it means to get tired.

They can run for 10 hours a day straight without a break; moreover, they won’t feel a thing the next day.

I wonder if they’re using some sort of magic power or something.

We really passed through the forest smoothly.

If you were to speak of accidents, it would only be that I got hemorrhoids on the way.

Naturally, without telling anyone, I secretly healed it with healing magic.

In the name of training, Eris just kept standing on top of the carriage the entire time.

I said “it’s dangerous” and to “stop it”, but it was a balance sensation that had the feeling of “what’s dangerous” about it.

Claude is still Claude. What is he doing? I don’t know about that, but I indeed can feel the strength he piled up when he’s on a journey.

It’s kind of weird to see something like a battery in this world, but he just created it.

“It’s for a case of emergency, so I can store unneeded Mana in some kind of storage? I’ve learned it from the mana stone in the Dungeon, then implemented it…”

I’ve tried to do the same thing he did but failed.

The creation of this backup Mana was something not everyone could do.

First, you need significant control over your Mana.

Precise control and precision, you know, something like using Mana to create a thread and use it for surgery…

Then, you would need excellent pain tolerance.

I mean, I don’t know why, but pouring your Mana into the container, Claude created hurt like hell. I don’t understand how can he do something that hurts. Is he by any chance a masochist?

Finally, there’s a container.

It’s something he created along the way on our journey. It was a unique stone created using the combination of several elemental magic. It had high mana conduction but was not brittle. It also didn’t leak that much.

Based on Claude’s estimation, the container he called Mana Storage can last for about a year without being used. It can also be recharged.

It’s not that hard to break it, but it has a safety measure that will disable you from breaking it accidentally.

It’ll go boom! If you break it, Claude said that it’s also another attacking method…

Oh, the Mana Storage can be used to release 9 beginner spells, 6 Intermediate spells, and 3 Advanced spells based on his trial, but using all the power within the Mana Storage will make the item break, so you need to stop using it before the Mana inside was empty.

As interested as I was, I still not that good with Enchantment, so I can only try another method.

It’s kind of notable for storing the Mana you won’t need for a day, and don’t waste it.

But, something like this is only applicable to someone like him.

It’s not like I can waste my Mana, then in an emergency have no mana to use…

Leaving Claude aside, I am a little bit interested in Eris’ training to standing in the carriage.

I tried to imitate it, then the next day, my legs were trembling.

Eris is amazing.

There is a valley to pass the Blue Dragon Mountain Range.

The entrance of that was an inn town.

The Dwarf race are managers of the inn district here.

There’s no Adventurer’s guild.

However, it’s famous as a blacksmith town. Weapon shops and armor shops were all connected to each other.

The swords sold here are cheap and of high quality, which Geese was teaching us.

Eris was making a face as if she wanted everything, but it’s not like we have a surplus with our money.

After all, to cross from Milis to Central Continent will cost another fortune for a Supard race again.

We can’t afford to spend wastefully.

The sword Eris is using now is not bad as well.

Although, I’m still a man.

Seeing all these grim swords and armor lined up, regardless of one’s age, you’ll feel excited.

Even though I say that after all, it’s a problem of garments that look one’s age.

The Dwarf who was tending to the store said, “I don’t think that suits you, boy?” while laughing.

After I said even though I look like this, I’m still an intermediate level of the Sword God style, he was a bit surprised.

Well, we have no money, so it ended with just being made fun of a bit.

According to Geese’s story, it seems that this is where the highway forks into multiple paths.

If you continue East along the mountain, you’ll supposedly arrive at a large town of dwarves.

If you head Northeast, you’ll arrive at the elves’ territory, and Northwest, the halfling regions are spread out.

This town doesn’t have an adventurers guild is probably a problem with the location.

Also, if you head in the direction of the mountain, it seems there are hot springs.

Hot springs.

It’s a topic that I hold great interest in.

“What’s a hot spring?”

“Hot water from the mountain gathers up. If you bathe there, it feels excellent.”

“Ohhh… Sounds interesting. However, isn’t this the first time Rudeus has been here? How do you know about it?”

“I- I read about it in a book.”

I wonder if the tour guide book mentioned hot springs in [Walking the World].

If I remember correctly, I feel they weren’t mentioned in it…

However, hot springs, huh.

Sounds nice.

There’s probably no yukata in this world, but…

Wet hair, skin dyed in the color of cherry blossoms, Eris spacing out in hot water…

The places known as hot springs are there.

No, I guess it’s not really mixed bathing.

It would be different, right?

Although there is mixed bathing in the 1 in 10,000 chance, I wonder what would happen.

It’s something I have to make absolutely sure to check up on.

“Since it’s just after the rainy season ended, the mountainside is probably in a terrible state right now?”

Just as I was hesitating, Geese objected.

It seems if people who aren’t used to walking in the mountains go, it will take quite a bit of time.

Since that’s the case, we have to give up on the hot springs.

How unfortunate.

While Claude took an interest in learning from the Dwarf, he held himself since he still needed to come back to help Mike and the Arbalest.

“Well, I can go back later anyway…”

That is what he said while waving a new sword to Eris, which she delightfully took from him.

The Holy Sword Highway entered into the Blue Dragon Mountain Range.

It was a path with a width that only about two carriages could pass through at once.

It was cutting the mountain in half.

The bottom of the valley.

However, maybe thanks to the divine protection of Milis, it seems that rock slides rarely happen.

If this path didn’t exist, you’d have no choice but to take a massive detour to get North.

Even though there are seldom any Blue Dragons in these mountains, there are many monsters, so it would be pretty dangerous if you tried to pass through them.

There’s a shortcut created in such a place where not a single monster will appear.

I understand the reason why Saint Milis is worshiped very well.

After three days, we passed through the valley.

Just like that, we left the Great Forest and entered the territory of the human race.



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