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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 34

[Claude POV]


This is Claude, the handsome.

As we entered the Capital, I could already feel the surrounding.

“Hey, Claude, what are you doing?”

Rudeus called me, and I just ignored him. Knowing the 3rd Claude Memory situation, I already know he would somehow or another be fighting with Paul.

There are several things that I want to change while we are on our journey.

However, I can’t.

Somehow or another, the story will be focused on the main time line.

There’s some kind of path already there, so I need to follow. There will be some change but not so much.

I don’t know what Rudy is obnoxious about, so I Grab his mouth and glare at him.

“What?” I said, irritated.

“Wibe arribed at the ibb already!”

Oh, we’ve arrived at the inn already. Sigh, I need to focus more on my surroundings and stop minding Geese.

He’s not a threat right now, and he’d be a source of information where Zenith will be. Eris and Ruijerd entered the in as I let Rudy go while Geese suddenly said.

“You two are close.”

“Well, he’s my childhood friend, after all. There’s no way I will be distant with him.”

“Not many of the childhood ties can last, you know? Even my party member was all living on their own life after the party disbanded…” Geese said with a bit of sadness.

“Well, that’s what life is. Partings will be another kind of bond by itself. As long as you still maintain a good relationship with the other, you can still meet and greet new people along the way. Won’t that be more amusing?”

“Hahaha, I sometimes doubt you were a child, like Rudeus and Eris”

Geese suddenly said.

“want to try being sent to a Dungeon for 7 months and survive there?” I said teasingly

“Hah, no thanks. Surely, I will die on the 1st night…”

He’s someone nice.

I know that, but someone like him is easily used by the bad guys…



[Somar POV]


Holy Milis Kingdom.

I am Somar.

Out of the 3, I am the most normal.

I should be your average mob if I am inside a story.

Well, leaving that aside.

After we bullied Sylphy and counter attacked by Rudeus, we are back to our home. But, my mother used that timing to get close with Paul and blame him for Rudeus’s fault. Well, the fact that my mom injured me the most is the fact I can’t deny.

Leaving aside Claude’s after-effect, it was until Paul was found cheating with his maid when mother stopped her lingering affection for Paul and started to get closer to my father.

Even if he is a villager, my father is a person that cherish my mother.

He’d do anything for her and often neglect me.

After the incident, thought, he spent more time with me.

Well, his affection for my mother didn’t stop, but he restrained himself. My father didn’t want to make my mother feel neglected, but his disappointment stopped him from doting my mother.

Thus, leaving her alone and spending more time with me became his way to forget that disappointment.

Later, when Claude suddenly became the youngest Village guardian, I felt my own lacking.

Then, I started to learn more about my father job as the village carpenter.

Several month later, in the name of training. Claude started to bully the kids in the village including me.

“Run! Claude is here!”

While ordering the children older and younger than me, that is what I said.

We all run from his training.

His training is too spartan.

He told us to run around the village several times.

Then, swinging our wooden sword with our life depends on it.

When we go back, our parents just smiled at us, then treat us while whispering the danger of those slave trader.

Damn it, what did he do to our parents!

The coalition of Buena Village children then created.

We created this group to defy Claude’s tyranny.

Using all we can, we gather information.

I, as the leader, learn about espionage every day. Of course, we learned of it together.

It took us months of gruel training from Claude until we could act according to our purpose.

“Delta, what’s the target current location?”

“He’s currently supervising the road’s construction. He’s been diligently doing his daily schedule… Delta, over”

“Alpha, confirmed. Go and hide now…”

“Delta, confirmed.”

Thanks to Claude’s training, we can act like a weasel.

We’re able to detect him within the surrounding 30 meter.

Using that, we always hid before he finds us.

“Teta, here… HELP!!!”

Kuh… Teta is dead…

“Alpha to all, Run for your life! Claude has got Teta!”

Of course, we do not always succeed…

As we learn, the same with Claude.

The only time we’ve got a break is the day he goes to Roa with Mike.

Even so, every day we learnt new things.

We study zealously of the book Claude wrote, all the things about espionage and hiding from a threat.

Well, it’s kinds of weird for him to suddenly drop a book he write himself.

Then, this book was the perfect thing for us to deal with him.

In addition, he’d drop another diary about our weak point, where he can find us, where it can be improved.

If I think about it more, it was definitely his plan.

His damn mind is too insidious…

To think that he prepared us for this occasion…

That day, the light that engulf us.

I was suddenly teleported to a place I didn’t know off.

Then, while wandering around the place. I can see more people gathering in my surrounding. It seems that I’m being teleported to the middle of a town.

Using my experience from dealing with Claude in the village.

The first thing I did was together more information.

This place is a town where a crime is every day thing.

A criminal town in Holy Kingdom Millis.

I can see my subordinates being held in the slave market. There’s also another crying children.

As expected from my subordinate, he looked so calm.

Using our code, we converse with each other.

It seems code name Beta has succeeded in infiltrating the slavers’ hideout and gathering more information about what happened.

Using the weak point we’ve found on the slave market, we succeed in wreaking havoc in the criminal city.

It took us a while, but we’ve safely rescued everyone that was getting caught by the smuggler. We can also see several beast race people. They said that they were kidnapped from the Great forest by the smugglers.

Well, leaving that aside, it took us 3 month to wreak havoc within the criminal city. At that time, we also learn the Beast god Language.

Information is knowledge.

Knowledge is power.

Know thy enemy, and yourself, you can win every battle.

It was the word we read in Claude’s book.

Using that as our guide post, we continue to learn and became better every day.

It took us another month to create an information guild within the criminal city and save more people within the criminal city.

As the day passed, almost every kids from Buena Village was here.

Even until now, we still gathered information and saved more people.

Thus, creating larger information networks while slowly controlling the criminal city from the shadow…


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