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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 14


“London Bridge is falling down… falling down… falling down… eh, wait… why do I sing this song again?” while walking that narrow passage, Claude nonchalantly sang a song he knew from one of his memories.

“Tatakae! Whooo Hooo, die you retarded Bunny!!!!” he shouted as he swam within the Vorpal Rabbit’s Sea, a rabbit with an agile body and blade-like horn.

Each one of them is graded as C-ranked monster while in a swarm. Not even Paul can defeat them alone uninjured, not to mention Claude.

As he got out of the Vorpal Rabbit swarm, a finger of his was missing, and he bathed in blood. His and the Bunnies…

Thankfully, his regeneration Spell worked wonderfully within the Dungeon and slowly regenerated his lost body parts.

Even so, the hump of the left arm had yet to be fully recovered.

Yes, within only a month since he was dropped to the Dungeon, he had already lost his left arm. Even his Weapon box was barely intact.

It didn’t even have a tenth of its weight anymore, and Claude just brought the weapon box like a backpack.

“Kill all Titan! Leave none alive! Argh!” Claude said while losing a leg while battling against a troll.

Thankfully it’s only a single troll he fought at this time. With 7 meters in height, the monstrosity had just fallen after having a hotblooded battle with Claude.

The monster was strong.

Not to mention Claude, even 5 A-ranked adventurers Paul won’t bring it trouble.

The regeneration of a Troll that can be said godly shows its prowess. Every time Claude sent a destruction spell, the wound would regenerate.

It took Claude 4 days of guerilla warfare using the surrounding area as his stepping stone to attack all the vulnerable areas of the Troll. He slowly whittles the Troll’s HP and sanity.

As the Troll was exhausted by Claude’s tenacity, Claude was mortified in dealing with the scary force of Troll’s regeneration.

Thankfully, a Troll’s blood can be used the same way as a health potion worked.

Each time he wounded the Troll, he tried to drink some of the Troll’s blood to replenish his body and wound.

Even if the Troll had a high regeneration, it was still quickly exhausted and had minimal time to eat and rest. The Troll started to lose its sanity.

An idle monster suddenly attacked by a rabid dog surely will be infuriated at the start, but its idleness in the past creates a gap in his stamina.

The bigger its body was, the easier it got tired.

Unlike Claude, who can revive from drinking the Troll’s blood, the Troll can’t do the same. Even as he bites Claude’s leg, all he got was a stomachache.

Heck, what is this thing? Is this even edible? His eyes said when he spat the leg that tasted like poison.

“F*ck, you chomp it for free, and you dare to complain?! Urghh…” Claude annoyedly said while using Fire Palm to stop the bleeding on his leg, then ran as far as possible from the Troll.

His healing spell worked miraculously and slowly regenerated the lump in his leg, and his left arm healed from all the Troll blood.

As he didn’t have the time to heal his leg, he took a blade from his weapon box and made it like a crutch, thus attacking the Troll again.

He won in the end but couldn’t move far away from the Troll’s corpse.

For a week, he just awakes to drink some of the Troll’s blood. It might be working, but the blood tastes like Sh*t.

His body can move again in the second week, and his stomach wants to eat meat. Magically, the Troll’s flesh isn’t spoiled, so he let a condiment out and cooked the meat after washing it using water magic.

He drank the water from his spell delightedly, washing all the troll blood’s taste from his mouth.

Thus, the 4th month since he entered the Dungeon ended with him resting and having a feast of Troll and Vorpal rabbit meat.

“Yah, this is truly an odd gourmet I had…”

“Sigh… how long will it take to go out of this place? I wonder how on earth does this place get this big…”

“Cr*p, it must be a year already since I’ve entered this place.”

As he goes deeper into the Dungeon without any sun source, Claude is unable to gauge the time.

While it’s only 4 months in real-time, he spent every day in a life-and-death manner. It’s not weird for him to lose sight of time within this enclosed space.

The world outside was still in chaos as Rudeus was still in the Demon continent.

Mike, spearheading the search party, felt older by the day, as this 12-year-old boy had more white hair than even those older than him.

As the day passed, Claude’s condition got better.

By the time he had already healed to the prime, he had used the Troll’s skin to create clothes and the bones to make another weapon.

The emptied weapon box was again filled with all kinds of bone enchanted weapons.

“Who would’ve thought that in this life and death occasion I’d be enlightened to create more enchantment and weapon design… sigh, so this is why the main character in the story get better once they prevailed death…”

“D*mn this plot armor…”

“I wish I can get more docile plot armor where I don’t lose a part of my body… sigh…”

As he sighed, he also thought of giving up and living in the more accessible side of the Dungeon. He doesn’t want to head below and see a more terrifying monster than the Troll he had fought.

“Cr*p, will there be a flock of Troll next? I really am scared to go down… having my leg chomped isn’t a great memory, even if it grew back…”

He got scared and refused to go down.

Thus, for another 2 months, he was wandering within that last floor.

Caressing the weapon box, Claude stares at the grave he creates for the Troll.

It was a tombstone where ‘Trolly the one that chomp my leg’ was written there.

As he already did all he could and made the place as comfortable as possible, Claude made a stone tablet then wrote all his skills.

-Claude The Handsome-

-Peak Advance rank 4 attribute Magician

-Peak Advanced Rank North, Sword, Water God swordsmanship

-Low Advance Enchanter

-Master Smith

-Intermediate Time and Space Magician

-The most handsome in the world


As he categorized his skill and mastery in the tablet, he stood up and dragged the already 2-ton Weapon box that had a weapon inside it and the material of the monster he gathered.

Fear that encroaching him can be felt from the bottom of his heart. The foot that stays on the ground feels so heavy.

His breath got heavier as his eyes wavered.

His sweat gathered more and more, but his determination stayed strong.

Albeit a slight movement, he moves forward.

His PTSD started to unchain itself.

The fact that he could move back to this floor made him feel a little bit safer, but the fact that a stronger might be waiting for him made him shudder in fear.

“Move Claude, you’re the handsome and amazing Claude not some futuristic Cat that fear a mouse!”

Thus, he slowly goes deeper below.

As his step echoed the stairway, he stood at the last stage and said…

“D*mn it…”


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