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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 13

[Claude POV]


This handsome Claude feels confused right now…

The terrain here isn’t good…

As expected, I’ve arrived here again, huh…

As I tread the path, I can see the light of the monsters’ eyes. They eerily targeted me from the darkness.

While I tread the path carefully, I can’t push away the nostalgic feeling I had.

The fear and dread seeking out of my soul and the coldness of the interior of the Dungeon.


I once again arrived at the Dungeon where I died…


That day, the light of teleportation appeared so suddenly.

While it feels like forever, the things happened in an instant.

That light teleported everyone covered by the light and left nothing in the path.

I can feel my body being disintegrated by the light. I also see the body of my parents being decomposed by the light.

I hope they’re safe.

Once I awake, I’ve arrived at the Dungeon again.

The place where my memory of the future ended horribly.

Even until now, I never know the name of this Dungeon since there’s no future where I am out of this place.

However, Mushoku Tensei’s story tells me more about the outside world.

Since I already know what will happen in the future, I’d be the only one who dies here as the other will either be in the wilderness or another continent or Kingdom.

There’s also Zenith that is stuck inside the mana stalactite.


I can only be grateful for my fast-learning ability.

As I move forward, the monster will continue to attack me.

Dragging the weapon box I created before, I slowly move forward, leaving the trail of monster blood in my surroundings.

A weapon box is an item I create to store all the weapons I’ve made along with the whetstone and anvil, and hammer within a single space.

Although I could make the size smaller, the weight was still the same.

This box of 3×5 meters isn’t really a box, but more like a coffin. Weighted more than 1 ton, it’s making my movement slower.

However, what can I say?

It’s not like I can drop it here and leave it since I am surrounded by monsters in all directions.

As expected, my body can put up with dragging a thousand and something kg of weight while swinging my swords.

I sat atop the weapon box and stared toward the stairs.

I don’t know why the heck did these stairs heading downwards, but from what my memory entails about this Dungeon. I can already deduce that there’s something weird about a dungeon by itself.

The memory about Dungeon in Mushoku Tensei is a Cr*p.

There’s almost none.

I can only count on Zenith Rescue when you talk about a Dungeon in Mushoku Tensei.

While it was a big question mark.

From the book I read.

A dungeon is a nature’s creation, a god’s will.

Something that’s outside of human intellect.

Several artifacts can only be received from a dungeon, a powerful artifact that enables one to protect or destroy a country or two.





Once I rest well enough, I again move forward and dissect a monster.

I’m so stupid that I didn’t include food and water inside my weapon box, so I drank monster blood and ate monster meat to satisfy my thirst and hunger.

They taste bad!


If only I had a good source of water…

It’s been 3 days since I arrived here. The trail of the weapon box got thinner as it passed one floor after another.

As the weapon box got less heavy, a weapon would be breaking without repair, and I could only throw it away.

It’s only later that I realize I can create water from magic and drink from it, then make a fire to cook the monster’s meat.

Urgh, I am so stupid…

I took 7 days to realize this and got my stomach aching so badly…



[Mike POV]


Hi, Mike here.

“it’s already been a month, and you said that we’ve yet to find all the Buena Villager and our Merchant group?”

“Y, yes…”

“Sigh… I already am expecting this, but counting it…”

“We’ve found about 70% of the Buena Villager, and 40% of our Group…”

“With more than 10% casualties huh… sigh… even with all that preparation, we are still unable to save them all… so be it, continue the search, the tracking monitor should be used more…”

It took a while for me to gather my wit. Even with Paul and the help of the others, we can’t complete our search.

It’s thanks to Claude’s training that more children can be saved. But, even so, there are still those being captured by the slavers.

Until this day, Claude’s whereabouts are still unknown.

The casualties of this tragedy can’t be counted. The Roa Region suddenly vanished in a blink of an eye. While the world was in utter chaos, the Kingdom searched for a scapegoat.

Thus, Sauros Boreas Greyrat becomes the person to kill.

He’s still missing, though, so they put the execution on hold until he was found.


Ugh, Sh*t, that old man sure is noisy.

“Can you shut up, old man?”


Should I just let this old guy be executed? I mean, can we even save him from being executed in the first place?

I don’t know what Claude thinks to save him in the first place. It’s not like he had any thought about keeping this old man.

A scapegoat was ineffective on this occasion, but there’s a need for one.

I won’t deny that.

But, from what my intel gathered. The Boreas side of the Greyrat family was miles better than the Notos family. Not everyone is terrible, though.


What kind of trouble I am in.

Nobles worlds are something I don’t like. Counting money is the best way. I just need to stay away from politics.

“Just cover his mouth with something, he’s too loud for god sake…”


“Sigh… continue the search if it’s possible. Try to retrieve more Tracking monitor from the dead comrade of ours…”

“Yes sir!”

Since when was my merchant group filled with Ninjas? Uh-oh, Claude… you better be back as soon as possible… I can’t deal with all this Sh*t alone.




While the other was busy thinking a way to save the other. Rudeus, right now, was thinking of how to enter the city safely without endangering his party.

“Ruijerd’s hair was strikingly being hated by the others huh…” Rudeus mumbles.


“Nah, there’s nothing to be sorry about. Eris! Stop playing around, you’ll get missing if you’re playing too far!”

“I’m not a Kid! D*mn you, Rudeus!”

He already thought of using a dye, and it succeeded, so it means that the hair color is the thing that made the curse play in the other’s mind.

It’s the same with Eris in the first meeting.

Just a sight of his green hair makes Eris pee herself in fear.

There’s also the fact that his notorious name from the war 400 years ago is still told in tales. There’s also the truth of his strength that others feared.

“Even though Ruijerd is this kind, how could they hate him?”

“Said the one shaking in fear when she found him for a while…”

“Hmph!” Smacking Rudeus in the head, Eris then throws her head away. She then looks around to see that Ruijerd shave his head clean.

“Whoa! That’s also another way to deal with your curse huh!”

“… is it alright? Ruijerd”

“This is nothing, with this we can easily head out to the city, right?”

“Indeed, it’d be easier for us to enter the city and make a living as an adventurer.”

“Okay, let’s move and go back to Roa!”

“Chill, Eris…”

It’s been a while since they met with Ruijerd, the supardian with a spear in his hand.

It’s been known that the supardian is the nightmare of the children. They are an entity feared by the people because of their conduct in the Laplace war in the past.

Although Rudeus had already known about the green-haired demon that feast on a child, he didn’t really believe them since it’s just a fairy tale told to children.

Knowing fully of his own capabilities, however, he already knows that he can’t survive on his own in this Demon continent.

Well, as Rudeus are pretty dumb. He received a prophetic dream from someone that calls himself a human god and told him to trust the person he would meet as soon as he awakes.

He didn’t really trust the one called human god. He eyed Ruijerd with wariness while judging the person himself.

Later, he trusts the person whole after learning about his past.

As the last of his race, Ruijerd bears the people’s enmity.

He’s also becoming Rudeus and Eris’s teacher while following them to take the children back to the Fittoa region because of their fear of a Supardian.

No one wants to receive him in the city. They were even barred from entry.

Dealing with it takes some time, but in the end, they succeed.

As he continued his journey, all his head was filled with the goal to bring Eris back. He’s being burdened by this goal so much that he stopped thinking altogether.

Rudeus was shortsighted.

Within the month he traveled with Ruijerd and Eris, he never had the time to think more about the teleportation incident.

The tragedy leaves an innumerable number of Casualties in Fittoa Region, Asura Kingdom.



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