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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 12




The yell of madness reverberated within the dark place.

The boy holds a toddler’s lifeless body while filled with blood pouring from his wounds. The surrounding area was filled with gore and blood.

As he continued to cry, the boy then lifelessly stood and moved towards a clean place within the Dungeon.

There, tombs were erected.

Each one of them had a name and years of death. It can be seen that every tomb erected there was of toddlers.

Not one of the tombs had years span of more than 5 years.

“I failed… I’m failing… A…”

The boy’s body stays haggard as his lifeless eyes search for a scope to dig a hole for the lifeless toddler.

He continues to dig deeper into the ground lifelessly.

As he dug 8-meter-deep underground, he put the toddlers’ lifeless bodies within the hole and covered them.

After so, he plopped on the ground without tending any of his injuries.

Laying lifelessly on the ground, he slowly loses consciousness and becomes paler every second.

The blood slowly covered the clean area as the blood scent permeated the surrounding area, monsters within the Dungeon started to gather towards that place.

As they saw the bloodied Claude, they started to assault the boy.

Thus, ending his life.



[Claude POV]

It’s a rare dream.

This Claude feel weird.

It’s been several years since I received the memory of another inside my head.

Yes, I’m not reincarnated person like Rudeus is. I’m a Miko.

When do I realize it?

It’s by the 2nd year after I received that memory.

I can feel the incongruity within the memory, like that I don’t even remember my own age. Then, the fact that 2 things happened within a day, like the time I watched Mushoku Tensei. It occurs at the same time as a thesis session of mine.

Then, another memory of me being civil worker pieces entered my brain.

Yes, they are mine, but not strictly mine.

By the memory I read of watching Mushoku Tensei, those like me is called Miko.

The ability receives a memory of me from another future or from another timeline.

What does that mean?

It means there’s a multiverse in this world.

The main universe was the one from the film, as this one would be another different universe.

However, every universe that sent their memory to me had a bad ending where they died in the Teleportation incident.

Or later…

I am the original, while others like Rudeus.

The fastest person to die is the one who watched Mushoku Tensei, then the one already a psychology doctor.

Thus, as the day followed, memories filled in my brain after another.

As I could only gather the bits of pieces, more would vanish from my head as days passed.

However, their feelings of grieve and regret stay inside this tiny chest of mine.

It etched deeply in my soul, so much that my body always move by itself.

Each life of the three is short but deeply etched within their soul. Their inability to save the villager creates the power of Miko residing within me, and the world that should continue to sacrifice humans on this incident started to revolve to a better end.

I hope so.

Can I create a better end for the people within the village?

I wonder about that, but these regrets send to me…

I wish I would never feel them again within my own memory. Let the bleak future be something the past feels.


As I woke from the melancholy, I washed my body and started my daily exercise.

“Move! Move your body!”

I said while shouting towards the toddlers.

I can’t save them all without them training themselves.

While the toddler doing an essential exercise while playing tag, the others my age and above were challenged by me.

I mock them, treat them with disregard and try to make them furious, then beat them with a small margin to make them wish to be better and deal with me better performance the next day. Those that refuse to fight with me will be beaten till they start to fight back.

No matter where you hide, you can’t run from me.

This is a small village; the parents all know me. Knowing what I do will make their children better. They didn’t stop me.

Well, I bribe them with something or another to turn their head away from this bullying of mine.

Which was a traumatic experience for the children.

1 month left, and I try my best to gear the children up.

Each one of them was trained to at least be able to beat a ragtag group of goblins in the outside world.

They need to be able to defend themselves at least.

The toddlers are trained to run at least 5 km long with a breath, and the boy was taught to beat the goblins at least.

Thus, creating more survival chances for themselves.

As I continued to create more weapons, I gave more time to increase my enchantment, thus allowing more daggers with better performance. Leaving it to the boy and girls for their safekeeping, either to defend themselves against the goblins or humans.

As I trained them rigorously. I also don’t forget to instill cautiousness within their mind.

Always doubt in an emergency. Never lower your guard against strangers.

Thanks to that, I learn mimic spells to change my form and disguise myself as another.






I wish my letter arrived safely, and please take care of Mother, Lilia, Aisha, and Norn too… Paul, you better take care of my little sisters well, or I will smack you in the head!

Yours truly, Rudeus”

“Hey, I didn’t read the last part before!”

“What? You don’t believe me now, Paul?”

“Oops, my son just calls me Paul! He got cheekier by the day!”

“Yessss! He’s an exact copy of yours! Right?”

The ladies chuckle at my word and stare towards Paul in pity.

He can’t deny my statement since he was worse than Rudeus is. Just look at Lilia…

“Sigh… It pains me when you said that his bad habits were my inheritance, I hope my daughter wouldn’t be like me…”

“Well, I can see the future where Rudeus actually had 3 wives though? So, he’s better than you in a way…”

I said, then receiving glares from Zenith, the Millis religion believer.

“Tomorrow is the 22nd day of the 11th month, right? I hope your gift will safely arrived there…”

“Yeah… Slyphy’s also gave him one, though, I must thank you for the drawing you gave us… Aisha and Norn took a liking to it…”

“Well, he’s weaker than I expected. Though I’m somehow disappointed, my fight with Ghislaine make me better…”

“Haha, you cheat sure is outrageous… when I thought my child is already a monstrous prodigy, someone even better suddenly shows up in front of me… sigh… this old bone is hurting…”

“Hah, that’s why you should train more and have less time with the ladies in your early days.”

He sighed dejectedly, unable to deny my accusations. While Lilia and Zenith will surely doubt him, they know that I’m a monster by myself.

The preparation was all done. I hope the day after tomorrow will not come and our practice will be wasted…

I genuinely hope so.



I’ve Edited all the chapter before using [- Person POV] for those that didn’t realize, the N is Narrator

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